Futuresynth has a minion!

Minion the Rave Matter


The Blacklight Yaherra
Owner: redteam

Age: 1 year, 11 months, 2 weeks

Born: December 20th, 2017

Adopted: 1 year, 3 months, 6 days ago

Adopted: September 3rd, 2018


  • Level: 29
  • Strength: 72
  • Defense: 16
  • Speed: 18
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 108
  • Books Read: 106
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Awe-inspiring Storyteller

There's magic in the music. A rhythm in the mind. Color in the heart.

Pet Treasure

Origami Star

Pink Craft Glitter

Colorful Gemstone

Blue Pompom Earrings

Graffiti Wall Decal

Blue Mirrored Ray Buns

Neon Aqua Loose Racerback

Pearl Aqua Chalice

Junko Energized Mirrored Visor

Sport Car

Crock Roll

Kumos Sponge

Blueberry Taffy Rainbow

Blue Beaded Bracelet

Blueberry Gummy Lips

Neon PC

Hikei Floating Orbs

Cyan Twinkle Earrings

Cyan Clingy Monkey

Neon Blue Basic Flats

Free as the Ocean Sticker

Lyrical Torrent Large Blue Fabric Scrap

Dusk Light Bulb

Water Arrowhead

Aqua S-Pod

Blue Blob Doll

Moon Plushie

Neon Blue Glow Chalk

Neon Blue Bunny Ears

Cyan Hi-Vis Vest

Cyan Running Tights

Turquoise Party Beads

Cool Neon Handcuffs

Butterfly Wings

Teal SGreat Bottle

Blue Mountain Swallowtail Butterfly

Azure Planet Plushie

Cyan Spark Road Running Shoes

Absorb the Music Sticker

Berry Aqua Chalice

Blacklight Octopus Ale

Prank Caller Helmet

Blue Glowstick

Dillema Pushpin Swords

Purple Blob Doll

Slicing Light of Dark Doom

Small Purple Glasses

Neon Purple Loose Racerback

Purple Glowstick

Purple Twinkle Earrings

Neon Purple Tacky Bracelet

Amethyst Double Anklets

Wild Berry Umbrella Drink

Neon Purple Tacky Bead Bracelet

Neon Purple Tacky Ring

Purple Celestial Flask

Negating Pylonic

Sugar Coated Grape Star

Amethyst Stone

Driving Rain

Lil Glider

Sunset Poster

Breakneck Brew

Ombre SGreat Bottle

Rave Sticker

Sunset Flight Skateboard

Magenta Clingy Monkey

Neon Purple Basic Flats

Twilight Magic Wand

Purple S-Pod

Neon Floral Snapback

Neon Floral Jacket


Onyx SGreat Bottle

Dark Moonrock

Evil Star Rod

Evil Moon Rod

CD Player

Purple Running Shoes

Purple Laced Wedges


Junko Energized Art Print

Sunset Fallen Leaf

Smiley Tropical Juice

Void Lord Reality-Altering Pills

Junko Energized Dramatic Makeup Case

Subeta Tagged Waterbottle

Bold Peka-Boo Sunglasses

Rose Gold SGreat Bottle

Collection of Rubber Bracelets

Hovering Board

Peka-Boo VIP Sunglasses

Harder Better Stronger Faster Sticker

Junko Enhanced Dramatic Eyeshadow Kit

Peka-Boo Musical Tank

Round Peka-Boo Sticker

Peka-Boo KIP Sticker

Sexy Peka-Boo Cocktail

Addition Sticker

Raspberry Umbrella Drink

Neon Pink Loose Racerback

Pink Glowstick

Junko Entropy Blacklight Ink

Rainbow SGreat Bottle

Pink Beaded Bracelet

Neon Pink Tacky Bracelet

Neon Pink Tacky Bead Bracelet

Pastel Mixtape

Neon Pink Tacky Ring

Siren Lyre Anthem Collectible Replica

Sugar Aqua Chalice

Siren Lyre Anthem Sheared Hair Tuft

Salvonic Pylonic

Bubble Gum Gummy Lips

Glowing Star Candies

Severed Pink Tentacle

Zodiac Pig Spirit

Neon Pink Basic Flats

Pink No Sweat Wristbands

Pink No Sweat Headband

Pink Punch Road Running Shoes

Pink Hi-Vis Vest

Midnight Neon Crochet Shopping Bag

Pink Running Tights

Pink-N-Purple Handcuffs

Pink Laced Wedges

Dawn Light Bulb

Pink Fuzzy Pillow

Lovely Smiley Sticker

Pink Grasshopper

Small Pink Glasses

Cityscape Skateboard


Tainted Matter

Junko Enthralled Geometric Art Print

Orange Umbrella Drink

Stainless Steel Souvenir Peka-Boo Bottle

Peka-Boo VIP Lanyard

Unnerving Rooster Mask

Siren Lyre Anthem Bodysuit

Flubkin Jelly

Blown Glass Rooster

Lonely Dino Pair Plushie

Spectrum Beach Bag

Shiny Sticker

Neon Orange Loose Racerback

Orange Glowstick

Caffeeii Plushie

Golden Fallen Leaf


Orange Party Beads

Feli Sponge

Less Than Sticker

Orange S-Pod

Sugar Coated Orange Star

Neon Orange Tacky Bracelet

Magma BattleTech Bracelet

Orange Circuit Card

Orange Taffy Rainbow

Lemonade Aqua Chalice

Yellow Chalk Candy

Neon Orange Tacky Bead Bracelet

Fire Battle Star

Neon Orange Glow Chalk

Neon Orange Tacky Ring

Forgerous Pylonic

Neon Orange Basic Flats

Magma Arrowhead

The Court Jesters Raving Mad Belt Gear

Monarch Butterfly

Orange Hi-Vis Vest

Zodiac Tiger Spirit

Orange Running Tights

Sunny Days Road Running Shoes

Orange No Sweat Headband

Orange No Sweat Wristbands


Starbright Citrus

Roller Coaster Sticker

Pimbi Jelly

Multiplication Sticker

Neon Peacock Road Running Shoes

Verdant Fallen Leaf

Green Beaded Bracelet

Apple Gummy Lips

Green Hair Dye

Earth Arrowhead

MaxHP AA Batteries

Bright Green Grasshopper

Lime Party Beads

Lime Taffy Rainbow

Field BattleTech Bracelet

Regenerating Pylonic

Plastic Molders Kit

Sugar Coated Lime Star

Green Star Beanbag

Green Fuzzy Pillow

Green Drumsticks

Jungle Aqua Chalice

Green Coda Caves Crystal

Glowing Moon Candies

Green Twinkle Earrings

Oofa Jelly

Green Blob Doll


Smiley Pineapple

Rainbow Essence

Pet Friends