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Ocean Buddy the Namta


The Nightmare Tigrean
Owner: SEVEN

Age: 1 year, 6 months, 2 weeks

Born: May 24th, 2018

Adopted: 8 months, 2 days ago

Adopted: April 6th, 2019

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  • Level: 12
  • Strength: 31
  • Defense: 30
  • Speed: 20
  • Health: 30
  • HP: 30/30
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Be my love and passion.
Be grateful to be mine.
Follow my orders and commands.
Intertwine your soul with mine.
Let's melt our love and hate.
Synthesizing into something pure.
I'm crazy about you.

I'll spend my life loving you.
Don't say goodbye, Don't let me die.
Hold on to me, I won't live in a world without you.
In this life and destiny and all,
Give me your love and passion.

Name: Domi

Age: 29 years old

Basic Info:

Domi has high self-confidence. He is direct, decisive and innovative. When there's something he wants, he will stop at nothing to get it. Domi has high standards. He can get bossy often and act territorial. He likes to feel empowered and fears the idea of being lied to. He wants someone to love who can reciprocate such love.

He will find such love.


  • Fix Layout
  • Fill the treasure chest
  • Get a proper minion

Story - WIP

Can you hear that? The silence of the world I mean. How easy it can be to forget everything by being here, with my paws in the salty water and my body on the icy rocks. It's just me and the water intertwining my paws, like holding hands. The cold that seeps through my claws becomes a numbness that makes me forget I exist.

When I look out there, there is only shades of blue. In the night sky above, all the stars twinkle like they are singing a song, the green light shining overhead is the composer and the ocean dances to its rhythm. And it is truly harmonious.

I hear the ice pieces in the distant ocean barely collide and separate again like a soft clap. Not even the wind blows to disturb this performance. The air is dry and calm yet tense and heavy, like its watching beside me the art of nature.

This is peace.

I sigh a puff of grey in content, and it sounds too loud. The calmness of this place fulfills me. Some times I wish love would be this gentle. None of it lasts for too long though. It would only be a matter of minutes before the world would return to the way it was. The green lights would die out, something bright in the horizon would scare off the jewels of the night and the wind would pick up the pace to urge the ocean away.

So I got up and turned away. I dug my claws into the crunching ice with each step, carefully walking back so not to slip. The land was all ice and snow - such is the Artic Frost. No life really lives here, at least not for long. There aren't any plants around and it makes the scenery quite plain. Like a blank canvas waiting to be painted. There was only the base that stood among the emptyness, its metalic panels started to reflect the sun behind me. Usually, I would have stayed out longer to watch the sun rise but today was important. I just hadn't realize how important.

Further ahead the polar tents would come into view. I felt my spirits lower. I shouldn't feel this way, specially not when I'm about to meet someone new. But... There is a melancholy inside I couldn't shake. The frosty wind crossing my fur feels like it understands. It wasn't that I enjoyed being alone or that I feared disappointment, it was just that nothing had ever given me hope like the silence of the night.

Still, I feint a smile as my colleagues stepped out of their tents. I stopped in front of him.

"Back early. Good." He spoke up, "They said 6:20 so should be hearing it any time soon." He went on his way to get things set up for the leave. Of course, I helped as well.

True enough, the plane would be heard before seen in its arrival to take us back to society. "Whoah, look at that plane." My friend stated the obvious. The size of this plane was far larger than any other we had needed before. We looked at each other with curiousity.

Ten minutes later, it landed safely. Slowly, the doors opened and the stairs were set up. The sun blinded my vision from looking at the people coming down, but I could tell there were three instead of one. Once I could get another angle after they set foot on the ice I-



I kept staring.

She was beautiful.

No. Beautiful isn't it.

There was an elegance to her. I could feel pride from her pose but it wasn't the overbearing kind. Her movements were smooth, calm and firm. She was smaller than average but it made her all the more exquisite. Her expression was quiet, she didn't force a smile nor carried animosity, it was like she had nothing to express but not because she was confused or lost. There was just no need to say anything. And truly, was there? She was radiant and her bright cyan eyes could say everything. She was curious. She wanted to meet me.

"Hello," Sebastian, our trusty pilot greeted us, "This is Hachijuu and Kawaisa." They bowed their heads.

Kawaisa. Like Cuteness, but in Japanese.

"I'm Domi." I introduced myself and bowed.

"Call me Lucien." My collegue said.

"They've come a long way to release an Arcti back into the wild. They rescued it from the black market." Sebastian explained.

"It shouldn't take too long." Hachijuu spoke. They turned away and went to bring a cage out of the plane. My eyes left her face to absorb the vibrant colors of her lustrous fur. It was like watching a cherry blossom tree sway with the grace of the wind as its petals delicately fell. Then I noticed her darker pink stripes gathered around her back to form a heart shape. It was lovely. She was lovely. I wondered if her royal fur felt as silky as it appeared. It put my coffee and black hide to shame.

Moments later, we joined them to help carry the cage. Our shoulders met as we lifted the cage between the four of us. Her fur was so soft I almost didn't notice it. How silly, but it took my breath away.

We took the creature far away from the plane. Truthfully, I think the cage was heavier than the Arcti. My collegue and I stood back. The two Japanese opened the cage and waited for it to leave. I saw her smile. It was tender and kind, and it filled me in a way like the calmness of the night ocean did.

It was the spark of hope I had craved for so long. With it, came fear. People are always disappointing and predictable. But are you?

We returned the cage to the plane and finished packing our things into the plane as well. We got to our seats. She sat in front of me. So I waited for her atention.

"Hey," I gave a charming smile.

Suddenly, she placed her paw on mine and for the first time, I froze and my eyes glimmered. She looked back at me with a simple smile. Slowly, she took her paw back.

Hachijuu glanced over, "Domi, right? Kawaisa is mute. She comunicates with an old style, ears and tail." He explains.

"Oh." I nodded at him. "Appreciate it." I looked back at Kawaisa as the plane starts to take off. Its noise was certainly the thing I hate the most about the trip as it lacked a muffler. Yelling over that noise seemed improper so I decided to hold my words for a while.

We arrived at the nearest continent two hours later. All the while, I was enchanted by her. More over, her posture didn't indicate that she minded my gaze. "Hey," I repeated once we got off the plane. I needed to get to know her. "Would you mind meeting for coffee in the morning? I know a really good place around here."

She smiled and nodded deliberately. It pleased me to see her agree. I couldn't help but wag my tail. I nodded back, "Let's meet at 9 then." I indicated the direction before letting her go on to retrieve her belongings from the plane.

I was truly delighted to know I would see her again. I grinned to myself and allowed the indulgence of the moment.

Other credits:

Background: Maze Black by Peax.

Lyrics: AmaLee

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