Doctor Rex has a minion!

Rex the Electrocur

Doctor Rex
Legacy Name: Doctor Rex

The Custom Blacklight Endeavor
Owner: STAY

Age: 2 years, 4 months, 1 week

Born: June 12th, 2018

Adopted: 2 years, 4 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: June 12th, 2018


  • Level: 232
  • Strength: 581
  • Defense: 575
  • Speed: 575
  • Health: 575
  • HP: 575/575
  • Intelligence: 594
  • Books Read: 582
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

War. War never changes. Since the dawn of humankind, when our ancestors first discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name of everything: from God to justice to simple, psychotic rage.

In the year 2077, after millennia of armed conflict, the destructive nature of man could sustain itself no longer. The world was plunged into an abyss of nuclear fire and radiation.

But it was not, as some had predicted, the end of the world. Instead, the apocalypse was simply the prologue to another bloody chapter of human history. For man had succeeded in destroying the world - but war, war never changes.



I was the head...then buried...and lived?!
Thought taking up a job as a courier would help fund the meds I need to buy so I could charge folks in need less caps for my medical services. If I had known a damn poker chip, albeit a platinum one, was worth so much trouble I never would’ve taken the job. Only reason I did was because it was small and light; it would’ve left me plenty of room in my packs for scavving on the way to The Strip. Damn my shitty luck…

But God Bless Doc Mitchell. For him to have patched up a shot to the head like I took, it means he is a damn find surgeon. Even better that I am, and that is saying a lot. Guess there really is more education available in a Vault. Speaking of, he gave me his Vault Suit and Pip-Boy! I always wanted one and have been more than slightly obsessed with anything Vault-Tec since I was a kid. If taking a shot to the head is what it took to finally get a working one, then I guess there was a silver-lining after all.

Doc Mitchell mentioned that “a metal fellow” is the one who dug me up, I knew it would be a bot, but a RobCo 2060-B Securitron? What is a rare, high-end bot like that doing out here in the middle of nowhere? It said it’s name was Victor. It also said that it came to Goodsprings about 10-15 years ago, but can’t remember before that. Odd. When I asked around no one knew much, only that it is friendly and mainly keeps to itself. Most of the residents find it as odd and suspicious as I do, but aren’t that bothered by the bot being around. Trudy was able to confirm it’s been here a while, at least seven years ago, and said that it’s possible that it’s owner used to live here some time back.

Between coming back from the dead and helping out Sunny with those Geckos, I am beat. I’ll stop by the General Store in the morning then see what the deal is with Ringo.

Being able to record my thoughts on this Pip-Boy is a small joy in this world of shit.


Chet at the General Store was a wealth of knowledge! Should’ve talked to him first, then I would’ve gone to sleep with a couple less questions rattling around. Although really what I learned just created more questions than it solved. Apparently “Victor” is one of, or at least the same model, of Mr. House’s bots. Mr. House being the authority of The Strip and runner of the Lucky 38 Casino. Thing is, no one goes in or out of the Lucky 38 other than the bots. Chet made a comment about how I was lucky to have Mr. House looking out for me, since Victor was the one who dug me up and wheeled me over to Doc. That model should definitely be able to be remote controlled, even from this distance. I wonder if this Mr. House is looking out for me for some reason. Shit just keeps getting weirder. What did I get myself wrapped up in?

Looks like I’ll be making my way to The Strip eventually anyway since my mystery murderer in the checked suit is a man from The Strip. Vague, but I can work with that. A man who throws his weight around like that shouldn’t be too hard to track down. Hell, if I show up at The Strip he’ll probably come find me. Chet recognized Mr. Checked Suit’s guns for hire as Great Khans. They’re a pretty neutral group as long as you don’t fuck with them. Also they are the chem distributors of the Mojave. I will definitely need to have a talk with them for some info...and supplies.

Fixing Ringo’s Powder Ganger problem didn’t take very long. Told him I’d help him out, then convinced the other townsfolk to pitch in as well. Not that they needed to; fights against a man with a plasma pistol rarely last long, especially one who knows how to use it. After I finish patching up a couple stray bullet wounds, I’ll head back over to the Prospector’s Saloon to share a beer or two and a few games of Caravan with Ringo. Then it’s off to Primm.


There were a handful of Powder Gangers down the road from Goodsprings. Took care of them to give the town some piece of mind, but damn did their explosives mess up my leg. Should’ve taken it as a sign of what was further down the road.I had been hoping to get to Primm quick, but having to stop and patch up my leg got me there at sunset. Was stopped just outside by some NCR Lacky.

“Primm is off limits.”


“Because it’s overrun by Powder Gangers.”

Well, why aren’t you taking care of it?

“The town is outside our jurisdiction, plus we just don’t have the manpower or supplies.”

Typical NCR bullshit. Assholes. I headed over to the town myself to check the outer buildings-- I found the Sheriff and his wife dead-- and make sure the townspeople were alright.

They were holed up in the Vicki & Vance casino, and I was greeted by Johnson Nash, the man who runs the Mojave Express Outpost here in Primm. Told him what happened to me and asked him if he knew anything about the delivery that got me shot. He said it was strange, and boy was it. He opened with “that cowboy robot had us hire six couriers.” I swear my eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. I knew that thing was involved in this. I’ll play along for now; Mr. House, clearly needs me alive for some reason. Probably thinking I’ll try to get the package back? I don’t give damn about that chip. I just want to give that checkered douche a little taste of what getting shot in the head feels like. Also, I think cowbot will be an acceptable moniker for that weird robot.

Anyway. Apparently, all six couriers were carrying something different and have all already completed their jobs. Obviously the others were just cover for the item that was actually valuable: the chip. And just when my loose ends were beginning to get tied together, Nash dropped another mystery in my lap. There was a guy who was going to take this job before me, and he declined after seeing my name. He just turned down a sack full of caps and an easy delivery-- well I know now it wasn’t so easy-- because he saw my name and recognized it. Not much of a mystery how he recognized my name, but why is more my question. Doubt I’ll get any closure on this one. Not that it matters much, I'm just curious.

Also asked Nash about the Eyebot in his place. He said I’m welcome to it if I’m able to fix it. It’s a model I haven’t seen before, which is extremely intriguing. I can’t wait to fix it up! Just need some scrap and time...and a lot less Powder Gangers.

Nash said that Deputy Beagle was keeping notes on Mr. Suit when him and his Khan buddies passed through. Problem is he’s currently trapped in the Bison Steve with the Powder Gangers. It’ll be surprising if he’s not already dead, but Nash seems to believe otherwise.

Currently I’m back over at the NCR encampment, laying on a mattress on the second floor of a bombed out house, about to get some rest before I show these asshats how to protect a town and save a deputy in the process.


Note: There is still a safe I couldn’t crack in the Bison Steve.

After 12 hours of the old Shoot and Loot game I was dead tired. I only woke up because by noon the sun was beating down on me and shining right in my eyes. Last night I barely had energy to make sure their useless deputy, bless him, made it out alright and then sell aforementioned loot to Nash. Wiped the poor man out of caps, and I still have shit to sell. Though he is armed to the teeth now. So, it’s back to Goodsprings to pay Chet a visit and maybe set up a little base of operations for myself in one of the places they aren’t using. I think after yesterday I’ve earned a day of rest. Then it’s time to permanently deal with this Powder Ganger problem by going to the source.

Deputy Beagle asked me to help find a Sheriff for Primm and he said he overhead that an inmate at NCRCF used to be one. Odd recommendation, but I’ll check him out while I’m there as long as he doesn’t try shooting at me. Out of the choices it’s still the best; I’m not handing them over to the NCR for protection.


Just fixed up the Eyebot before heading back, and it was easier than I thought after the glance I took before. With more time and a look inside, I noticed that a few of the primary electronic systems were fully functional and all of the redundant systems were working. Just had to run a bypass on the fried primary systems to let the secondary pick up the slack. After that it was just some superficial repairs. Definitely the relaxation I needed after yesterday’s excitement. It has a little plate on it’s side with ED-E59...or is it 99? The plate has be blasted so it’s hard to make out, but that is probably it’s model. Haven’t come across any info about this companion model of Eyebot. Which is surprising because I make a habit of reading through any RobCo material I can find, or buy, or steal. Shot in the head and I get a Pip-Boy. Cleared out and saved a town from a bunch of criminal assholes and I get a rare companion Eyebot. What will I have to do to get my hands on some Power Armor?


Decided to set up in the cowbot’s shack. Not like it uses it, hell, I don’t think it can even open the door. Even if it can it definitely can’t fit. Besides, if that thing belongs to Mr. House, and assuming that House wants me alive, then sleeping in a shack guarded by an advanced 2060-B Securitron is the safest place in town for me to sleep.

To be continued...
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