Cel has a minion!

Ink and Paint Dept. the Artistic Blob Kitty

Legacy Name: Cel

The Scribble Sheeta
Owner: Pinocchio

Age: 5 years, 9 months, 1 day

Born: September 21st, 2018

Adopted: 5 years, 9 months, 1 day ago

Adopted: September 21st, 2018


  • Level: 33
  • Strength: 78
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 153
  • Books Read: 149
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Ardent Art Archivist

I'm rather quite drawn to you.

Pet Treasure

Purple and Yellow Streaked Paintbrush

Orange and Black Streaked Paintbrush

Green and Blue Streaked Paintbrush

Pink and Purple Streaked Paintbrush

Rusted Pumpkin Morostide King Film

Blob Kitty Magnet

Magical Love Paste

Big Headed Luna Sticker

Siren Cardinale Paint Pot

Euphoric Worm

Happy Muffin

Beaming Sun Puffy Sticker

Mister P


Pencil Art

Big Headed Paralix Sticker

Pumpking Paint


Edible Finger Paints

Living Paint Splotch

Paint Splotch Beanbag

Fluffy Alien Sticker

Blue Tigrean Rubber Eraser

Blush of Winter

Marshmallow Cat

Keeto Magnet

Jolly Star Sticker


Rose Volume Goop

Pinkee Ink

Cute Blake Steele Sticker

Watercolor Matter Painted Canvases

Paint the World Sticker

Silver Pot of Enamel Hobby Paint

Gold Pot of Enamel Hobby Paint

Yellow Pot of Enamel Hobby Paint

White Pot of Enamel Hobby Paint

Red Pot of Enamel Hobby Paint

Purple Pot of Enamel Hobby Paint

Green Pot of Enamel Hobby Paint

Black Pot of Enamel Hobby Paint

Blue Pot of Enamel Hobby Paint

Lilac Hobby Paint Kit

Twilight Hobby Paint Kit

Sun Hobby Paint Kit

Marsh Hobby Paint Kit

Golden Hobby Paint Kit

Field Hobby Paint Kit

Dusk Hobby Paint Kit

Dawn Hobby Paint Kit

Arid Hobby Paint Kit

Black Artist Acrylic Paint

White Artist Acrylic Paint

Violet Artist Acrylic Paint

Dark Blue Artist Acrylic Paint

Light Blue Artist Acrylic Paint

Green Artist Acrylic Paint

Yellow Artist Acrylic Paint

Orange Artist Acrylic Paint

Red Artist Acrylic Paint

Red Pot of Acrylic Hobby Paint

Gold Pot of Acrylic Hobby Paint

Silver Pot of Acrylic Hobby Paint

Yellow Pot of Acrylic Hobby Paint

White Pot of Acrylic Hobby Paint

Purple Pot of Acrylic Hobby Paint

Green Pot of Acrylic Hobby Paint

Black Pot of Acrylic Hobby Paint

Blue Pot of Acrylic Hobby Paint

How to Draw

Love You! Sticker

Jaxon Skelly Magnet


Valiant Jelly Bean

Block Dragon

Chibi Fruit

Happy Lizard Minion Sticker

Lovely Experiment 7777 Sticker

Dry Bovyne Sticker

Pardice Sticker

Snug Sticker

Snoweater Sticker

Froby Sticker

Cute Hustler Sticker

Cute Shinwa Sticker

Cute Oracle Sticker

Cute Maleria Sticker

Cute Esther Sticker

Cute Wesley Sticker

Melody Under the Mistletoe Sticker

Oddtu Sticker

Cute Laure Sticker

Cute Wizard Sticker

Smiling Atebus Fairy Sticker

Duality Sticker

Adorable Melody Sticker

Happy Pirate Sticker

Stone Peas in a Pod Sticker

Big Headed Bhakoru Sticker

Big Headed Chai Sticker

Big Headed Kerubi Sticker

Lovely Experiment 3485 Sticker

Candy Cane Fairy Sticker

Sky Stuck Kitty Sticker

Cheery Sun Sticker

Minion Love Sticker

Doofy Snowman Sticker

Hey! Celinox Sticker

Hey! Feli Sticker

Howdy! Kumos Sticker

Booh Sticker

Black Fuzzy Bat Sticker

Yarrr! Sticker

Avast! Sticker

Ladybug Sticker

Dumbo and Mushroom Sticker

I Love Reading! Sticker

Lovely Tasting Taco Sticker

Aeanoids Rock! Sticker

Bebe Baaaaaa Sticker

Rawr! Sticker

Smile Sticker

Milk Sticker


Small Inanimate Blob

Big Headed Chai Sticker

Chibi Pet Rock


Musical Note

Keith Paintbrush

Puke Green Paintbrush

Jack Cardale Paintbrush

Calvin Blackmoon Paintbrush

Green Paintbrush

Red Paintbrush

Black Paintbrush

White Paintbrush

Blue Paintbrush

Yellow Paintbrush

Purple Paintbrush

Brown Paintbrush

Orange Paintbrush

Mister Paintbrush

Artist Brushes

Blue Painters Brush

Black Painters Brush

Brown Painters Brush

Yellow Painters Brush

Turquoise Painters Brush

Red Painters Brush

Purple Painters Brush

Pink Painters Brush

Orange Painters Brush

Green Painters Brush

Traditional Bamboo Kumos Hairbrush

Traditional Bamboo Sheeta Hairbrush

Traditional Bamboo Detail Brush

Sui Eyeshadow Brush

Sui Foundation Brush

Pherret Hair Calligraphy Brush

Devonti Hair Calligraphy Brush

Telenine Hair Calligraphy Brush

Artist Round Brush

Artist Rigging Brush

Artist Mop Brush

Artist Flat Brush

Artist Filbert Brush

Artist Fan Brush

Artist Bright Brush

Artist Angle Brush


Golden Palette Set

Brass Gear Paint

Silver Gear Paint

Ebony Gear Paint

Gold Gear Paint

Navy Gear Paint

Olive Gear Paint

Crimson Gear Paint

Cream Gear Paint

Burgundy Gear Paint

Blue Paint Can

Brown Paint Can

Green Paint Can

Red Paint Can

Orange Paint Can

Purple Paint Can

Black Paint Can

Silver Paint Can

Gold Paint Can

Twilight Metal Paint

Field Metal Paint

Sun Metal Paint

Dusk Metal Paint

Dawn Metal Paint

Marsh Metal Paint

Lilac Metal Paint

Cream Metal Paint

Golden Metal Paint

Arid Metal Paint

Black Paw Paint

Red Paw Paint

Pink Paw Paint

Green Paw Paint

Gold Paw Paint

Blue Paw Paint

Pumpkin Face Paint Kit

Delphi Souvenir Paint Set

Courtly Edible Body Paint

Intense Edible Body Paint

Passionate Edible Body Paint

Pure Edible Body Paint

Romantic Edible Body Paint

Young Edible Body Paint

Spilled Ritual Ink

Black Inkwell

Blue Inkwell

Red Inkwell

White Traditional Ink Stick

Traditional Ink Stick

Mineral Blue Traditional Ink Stick

Blue Traditional Ink Stick

Mineral Green Traditional Ink Stick

Cinnabar Traditional Ink Stick

Rouge Traditional Ink Stick

Gamboge Traditional Ink Stick

Umber Traditional Ink Stick

Indigo Traditional Ink Stick

Vermilion Traditional Ink Stick

Kain Sticker

Red Ink Ballpoint

Lovable Aljex Sticker

Black Ink Ballpoint

Blue Ink Ballpoint

Twilight Vandal Spray Paint

Cream Vandal Spray Paint

Dusk Vandal Spray Paint

Bloodred Vandal Spray Paint

Dawn Vandal Spray Paint

Field Vandal Spray Paint

Arid Vandal Spray Paint

Lilac Vandal Spray Paint

Gold Vandal Spray Paint

Yellow Paint Can

Glow Paint

Amateur Cabin Painting

Strong Opinions About Paint

Vibrant Purple Spray Paint

Vibrant Yellow Spray Paint

Vibrant Blue Spray Paint

Vibrant Green Spray Paint

Watercolor Set

Color Reversal Concoction

Orange Food Coloring

Green Food Coloring

Yellow Food Coloring

Red Food Coloring

Blue Food Coloring

Purple Food Coloring

Pink Food Coloring

Pet Friends