Legacy Name: Scruffy

The Spectrum Feli
Owner: Shay

Age: 3 years, 7 months, 3 weeks

Born: September 24th, 2018

Adopted: 2 years, 5 days ago

Adopted: May 16th, 2020


  • Level: 15
  • Strength: 37
  • Defense: 37
  • Speed: 37
  • Health: 37
  • HP: 13/37
  • Intelligence: 61
  • Books Read: 61
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Loves: rabbits, catnip, treats
Hates: being brushed, bullies, cold, rain

Scruffy's the name and ratting is my game! If you have a mouse or rat problem I'm your girl! I'll gladly dispose of 'em in exchange for some treats and praise. If you have rabbits, well, sorry, but they're delicious! I just have to eat 'em up!

WTF!? Why can't a girl decide to snoop around a garage at her leisure without everyone freaking out? I mean, how was I suppose to know someone was going to close the door locking me in? I hid in the loft area because I was scared of the human who would come inside the garage from time to time.
The first day wasn't that bad. I had all those new things to smell and I looked for mice. The second day I was bored and wanted to leave but no one entered the garage. I started to panic but no one heard me. The third day I was really freaking out because I was starving, there were no mice in there! And I had no water. The human had the door open for a bit but I was scared. He was making a lot of noise and I couldn't make a break for it. The forth day the human was back but again was scaring me by making noise. I thought for sure this was the end for me. The fifth and sixth day I was resigning myself that I was going to never leave this garage when I heard a familiar voice coming from outside in the alley.
It was my human! I started to meow as loud as I could but they didn't hear me. So I moved closer to the big door and kept meowing. Then I heard my human call out my name! I was heard! But they couldn't figure out where I was at. I didn't lose hope and kept meowing when suddenly their voice was right on the other side of the door. They found me!
But then they left me. I kept calling out in a panic but I heard no reply. I didn't know why my human left me and I started to cry but then the smaller door was opened by a strange human. She was talking to someone then I saw my human at the door. I was so happy! After my human reassured me it was safe and the strange humans who had no clue I was in there weren't going to hurt me I ran to my human and was taken out of the garage.
Then the six most horrible words I never wanted to hear was said by my human, "You're now an inside only cat."
But don't tell my human, while I'd love to go back outside to run free, I kind of like it in here. Well, other than the two smelly annoying dogs. I like knowing I have a bowl of food I can eat out of whenever I want and I get treats before bedtime too! And no trying to keep warm when its so freezing cold and the snow is deep.

Shay note: Scruffy's misadventure happened in the beginning of Oct, 2020.
Scruffy was actually my neighbor's cat. The combination of dogs and young teens going in and out meant no one tried to keep her inside after she got out for like the millionth time. She ended up an outdoor cat for a few years and I befriended her. I didn't know at the time who she belonged to. All I knew was a cat showed up on my porch hungry and scared. After some time I ended being the only person she'd come to and she was scared of everyone else. Her time outside made her a really good ratter.
One day when I was walking the dog I saw her down the alley from my house I mentioned that she hadn't brought me any rats lately. When I came back home an hour later she had left two dead rats on the porch. The next morning she left two more. I only tolerated the rabbit killings because she ate them.

Background by: petechacalos on Pixabay

Profile template by Lea.

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