Echelon has a minion!

Mythos the Gyrephon

Legacy Name: Echelon.

The Reborn Cadogre
Owner: Chrysariel

Age: 2 years, 5 months, 1 week

Born: September 28th, 2018

Adopted: 2 years, 5 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: September 28th, 2018

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  • Level: 97
  • Strength: 203
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 568
  • Books Read: 561
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

The R&D Gaming Wizard

The cave is situated off the coast of Arctic Frost, accessible only to an elite few with the courage to brave icy water and the intricate sensors that make up Echelon.'s top-notch security system. Such precautions are to be expected for the most state-of-the-art R&D gaming command center found on Subeta or any of its neighboring planets. Even the tech gurus of Atebus cannot claim to have better, though agents of Atebus Virtual Immersion Games have made many attempts to get their claws on Echelon's secrets.

Most of the spacious rooms are taken up by enormous electronic systems, scatterings of wires, and hardware for gaming that many gamers have dreamed about but that most consider to be impossible with today's technology.

Every chair and sofa is designed for ultimate comfort, allowing Echelon, his minion, and his engineers to work for hours without so much as shifting the position of a claw. Special customizeable warm jets hidden beneath the cushions keep Echelon and his crew temperature controlled at all times. As a robot he has tolerance for cold, but as a reborn he prefers heat. But he will not leave Subeta's northern continent but for the rarest and most prestigious of occasions. Some of the chairs also have a side section suitable for Mythos to relax on. Echelon's Gyrephon minion rarely leaves his side and sometimes even manages to emerge victorious in their daily virtual battles for first place.

Today's first test centers around the Virtmet, a virtual reality helmet that goes beyond simply placing one in a game. This stylish headband further enhances the gaming experience by reading the emotions of the wearer and adjusting game play to fit the expectations and limitations of the gamer. One player might see a zombie covered in gore while another will see an enormous spider with two heads. The device never presents the exact same scenario twice and has already had a grand total of three sites dedicated to its supposed capabilities on the Subetan Net. Echelon, even though he is a cadogre, has a soul and emotions. With the most intricate sensors and sentient A.I. far in advance of his brethren, his can be read by his sensitive equipment.

It took many fine corrections to get the band's adjustment settings just right. The Virtumet can be worn by pets of any size or species, including the experiments. There is also a special antennae (sold separately) that allows the user's minion to join them in the game.

Zedona's genius with a wrench and pliers are in large part to thank for the final configuration of the headset. The spectrum irion wears colored feathers to signify her mood. Today, the feathers are a rich purple, a warning that the chief engineer is deep in thought on one of her active projects. She sheds the wetsuit that allows her to enter the cave in relative comfort, standing still for the eye scan and placing her talons on the scanner pad to gain access to the main development room. She goes straight to her work station with only a grunt of greeting. Echelon is not bothered in the least. A grunt from Zed is almost a compliment. She is very much a bird of the night.

He enters the world of Centrocalypse, removed from the dark room with its glowing screens and lava lamps to be tossed right into the center of an abandoned section of town where even the garbage cans overflowing with questionable items have a menacing look. He knows this platform too well after working on it for nearly five months. The system has to work a few seconds before it can come up with a worthy opponent from its memory banks.

The troll is not your usual hairy beast that hides under bridges. This thing is fifteen feet of irritability and bad hygiene, its ragged brown toenails leaving actual scratch marks in the asphalt with every heavy step. It bellows in a language based on ancient Saheric dialects, raising a club that drips with blood from the last victim that could not solve the riddle. Echelon gives the wrong answer on purpose, bringing the beast to a charge.

The club descends, catching in midair to shower a spray of pixels that should not exist. Sighing, Echelon gives the quit command and removes the headband.

It is easy for Echelon to lose all track of time when he games. He turns off his internal clock to revel in the experience. However, those that surround him are flesh and blood and require sustenance and the occasional break. Mythos had tapped a talon in a prearranged signal and made lunch for herself and the others. While she and three engineers ate with gusto, the plate next to Zed remained untouched. Muttering a word of thanks to his minion, Echelon blows a warm current of air through a port at his chief engineer while his mind never left the problem of the glitched troll.

Zed is in the middle of making adjustments to the TrackRace Bot. She will not acknowledge Echelon or the food until every bolt is in place. Nothing annoys Zedona more than losing her progress in anything. She has rage-quit more games than she cares to admit for not quite reaching the next checkpoint. Finally she grabbed the plate first and munched her big sandwich, waving thanks to Mythos.

"We've got a glitch in the troll program, Zed."

Zed finished off her meal in three gulps, then took up the Virtumet with a muted mutter of annoyance. "If I'm going to go another round with this beast, maybe you ought to do a little catch-up on that fan mail. The writing desk is starting to look like a post office. Command...troll program...failed"

Most of the letters are the usual fan mail. His preference for seclusion in no way detracts from Echelon's popularity among Subeta's power nerds. His ingenuity has placed him in a position of high respect, while his willingness to scribble out hand-written notes of gratitude has made him a famous figure that is accessible to the average Subetan. He drops a few juicy hints in those letters he is able to write while Zed is running diagnostics.

She unclasps the band but does not remove it, beckoning Echelon over. "It's definitely not an issue with the hardware. I've tried all the usual tricks and those pixels continue to fly. It's looking like you'll need to inspect the code. I can watch for likely points of error."

Echelon's computer is the most powerful machine in a room full of technological masterpieces. It takes only seconds to boot up and even graphic-intense programs load within a minute.

Zed enters the game as Echelon opens the Centrocalypse root file. He sees a likely issue and punches in a few lines.

"That's great if you want to get this game the highest maturity rating in Subeta. The troll now has no skin. I can see every line of muscle and...ew, I don't even want to know what I'm looking at. Definitely not the right line."

Another alteration has Zed laughing.

"You should really consider keeping it like that. I've never seen anybody that can pull off the pink parasol look but this troll is looking fi-i-ine."

Echelon rolls his eyes and pushes a third change. Zed's call of surprise lets him know that this time he has succeeded.

"There's nothing like having your virtual head knocked off to know you're having a good time." Zed pulls the headset free and gives Echelon a wingtip thumbs-up. "This one's going to beat all the sales records, I swear."

The secondary Virtumet is not quite as far developed but Echelon sees this as a perfect chance to get a better feel for its limitations. Zed grins as he clips the headband in place.

"Prepare to get your metallic fins filleted, Echelon..."

She certainly puts up a good fight against the oozing mole monsters that have tentacles in place of feet. Echelon quickly realizes the necessity of adjustments. Zed is eager to join in a discussion of function versus style and how to further decrease the weight of the headband for more delicate brows. The game is forgotten as the mechanics capture their mutual interest. They barely even notice the siren in the third level that leers and juggles flaming cocktails in four scaly hands.

By the time they leave the game world, both are spinning their mental gears and re-organizing their plans for what they will work on tomorrow.

Zed leaves at six as she always does. Mythos flies eagerly to the table that is set aside for props. Echelon's promotional videos have been viewed millions of times across Subeta's various entertainment platforms and always promote the hottest upcoming games. He is paid well for the high quality of his videos, yet the production is so enjoyable, he almost forgets that they are a form of work.

Tonight's project of choice is for the upcoming Velosotor Rampage IV and features a particularly awesome graphic of a bloodred velosotor making short work of a bhakoru herd. Though the video is violent, it is artfully done and is by no means tacky or overly dramatic. Echelon is convinced this will be the game of the summer, outselling the three prior versions by far. His copy was reserved almost before the designers had started shaping the latest raptor pack.

There's much to be said for having an inside track when one is as happy in the gaming universe as in the real world.


Profile Code by: Ringo
Extra Code by: Shantal
Edited by: Chrysariel
Story by: Pureflower
Overlay by: Subeta
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Claw-scratch by: PlusPng
Name Art by: Chrysariel

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HiTech Replacement Cornea

Rift Queen Code Cracker


Underground Dancing

Void Lord Holographic Schematic

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