Eric Fancypants has a minion!

Moonion the Lunar Rabbit

Eric Fancypants

The Galactic Kumos
Owner: spiralgalaxis

Age: 8 months, 3 weeks, 4 days

Born: December 25th, 2018

Adopted: 8 months, 3 weeks, 4 days ago

Adopted: December 25th, 2018


  • Level: 28
  • Strength: 36
  • Defense: 68
  • Speed: 31
  • Health: 32
  • HP: 32/32
  • Intelligence: 5
  • Books Read: 5
  • Food Eaten: 165
  • Job: Graveyard Shift Errand Runner

She called and called for her friends but they didn't answer. Everyone thought she was just howling at the moon.

WIP, note to self: she is calling her friends. they are on the moon (atebus). they're not answering any more. it's a thing people (especially girls) do aged between 11 and 15. the same people you had sleepovers with become your nightmare. they know all the secrets you told them while you were all in your pyjamas eating sugar cookies at night. now the whole class knows. She hang around the library rather than out with her "friends". she read about other worlds. worlds where no-one knew all her embarrassing secrets like the fact she writes warrior cats slash fic and still sucks her thumb when she sleeps sometimes. She researched a lot. She hung out with Cinthia for tips on how to build stuff. After years of research, testing, broken bones and enduring more crap from her "friends" than most of us would put up with from our enemies, she finally had a working prototype.
Eric and Cinthia standing on the edge of the pier known as ziara raceway. probs waiting for better weather conditions
cinthia "Who builds a runway as a pier anyway? what were they thinking?"
eric "not much margin of error"
c "eric, you really havent thought this through. It's not safe. The navigation's basically nonexistent. Where are you even going? You don't even have a helmet, this needs years more testing." and general concernedness
e "I don't have years. I got to get out of here now"
c & e *various arguments and goodbyes n stuff*
c: *acknowledges she can't stop eric going* "ok. you go then. I cover you"
so eric gets into the potato of a rocket they've built down the raceway to take off. Cinthia stays back with a huge anti-aircraft gun, shooting down all the pirates who are trying to bomb eric from the air. single manly tear, even though she is a small girl.
idk. eric's rocket really isn't safe. it's a wonder she even landed at all on earth/subeta (is subeta a planet?) it took her ages, she'd run out of fuel, probably damaged her brain a bit in some impact, really hungry. I guess to be living with me, she might've crash landed near me. I guess I'm look after her and stuff.
she really likes music, especially chill stuff like lo-fi. i think she mostly likes lo-fi for its comment sections though.

ok... this thing has the potential to maybe be good after a (hundred) few redrafts.

She also needs a new name. As soon as I can think of a better one, I'm adopting her out and transferring her story over to a different pet. I think I'll make the new one into a galactic kumos as well. Kumoses already have a connection to the moon, and they look kinda sad.

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