Blitzen has a minion!

the Donder

Legacy Name: Blitzen

The Harvest Antlephore
Owner: Pinocchio

Age: 4 years, 10 months, 3 weeks

Born: July 6th, 2019

Adopted: 4 years, 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: July 6th, 2019


  • Level: 75
  • Strength: 122
  • Defense: 118
  • Speed: 117
  • Health: 111
  • HP: 117/111
  • Intelligence: 108
  • Books Read: 107
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Navigational Hero

Blitzen gets coal in his stocking every year... Not for being naughty, it's exactly what he asks for, along with more blankets and other means of keeping warm. For one of Santa's team, he's more icicle than reindeer when it comes to warmth.

Pet Treasure

Snowy Village Cabin

Below Freezing Icy Blue Hood

Below Freezing Icy Blue Cloak

Blue Fuzzy Pillow

Emo Elf Fairy

Giddy Elf Fairy

Elfin Spaghetti

Sinterklaas Wrapping Paper

Large Blue Scarf

Blue Ruffle Knit Scarf

Baggy Navy Scarf

Navy Plain Cravat

Blue Neckerchief Bandana

Blue Galaxy Wrap

Fur Winter Collar

Log Cabin Quilt

Blue Woolen Shawl

Doll Lady Mismatched Blue and Purple Socks

Dusk Harvester Raincloak

Dual Tone Blue Jacket

Blue Fuzzy Half-Cape

Blue Webwork Sportcoat

Blue Cropped Pocket Jacket

Fashionable Blue Jacket

Navy Autumn Parka

Blue Cuddlie

Winter Hipscarf

Blue Longstockings

Thick Blue Cable Knit Sweater

Blue Knit Arm Warmers

Blue Cozy Arm Warmers

Blue Squishypoof Hat

Blue Cozy Shirt

Blue and Black Snowboarding Jacket

Blue and White Fleece Mohawk Beanie

Blue Knit Pom Pom Hat

Winter Knit Red Rreignbow Beanie

Season O Freezin Sticker

Bundle of Carrots

Blue Reindeer Sticker

Snow Weather Sticker

Blue BB Reindeer Sticker

Window to a White Lumineve Sticker

Ytiva Pet Bed

Sleigh Bells

Large Snowy Silk Shawl

Warm Kumos Paw Hat

Reindeer Snowman

Scarf of Winter

Ice Crystal Scarf

Luminaire Sweater Antlephore Plushie

Cozy Hand Warmers

Neatly Folded Warm Sock

Blue Reindeer Jumper

Snowfall Shawl

Ash and Charcoal Knitted Sweater

Turquoise Leg Warmers

Teal Zebra Knee Highs

Blue Striped Leg Warmers

Uneven Turquoise Leg Warmers

Blue Cozy Socks

Turquoise Arm Warmers

Teal Crochet Sleeves

Aqua No Sweat Wristbands

Green Bunbun Slippers

Blue Towel

Blue Snowsuit

Storm Mummy Sleeping Bag

Snowfall Robe

Evergreen Winter Quilt

Aurora Sequined Quilt

Aurora Sequined Throw

Dusk Knit Mittens

Icy Furry Mittens

Green Extra Long Mittens

Teal Knit Pom Pom Hat

Itchy Turquoise Knit Hat

Plain Teal Cap

Green Squishypoof Hat

Teal Short Veil

Blue Ushanka

Tied Teal Scarf

Hot Cinnamon Tea

Hearty and Hot Fireside Soup

Dark Hot Chocolate

Blooming Nine Patch Quilt

Arctic Frost Timberline Scouting Gear

Happy Coal Plushie

Cozy Comforter

Warm Lantern

Earthy Hand Woven Afghan

Pile of Coal

Chill Chill Chill Sticker

Cozy Evergreen Scarf

Snowdrift Pajama Bottom

Crochet Antlephore Comforter Plushie

Blue Lumineve Candles

Teal Fur Trimmed Vest

Striped Teal Scarf

Teal Pumpkin Hoodie

Teal Cardy

Turquoise Pompom Scarf

Turquoise Button Scarf

Tormirgard Forge

Burning Debris

Burning Embers

BRRR Sticker

Too Cold To Function Sticker

Gizmo Goggles

Fawn Pilot Hat

Ivory Aviator Jacket

Beginning Aviation

Not So Flightless

Gust Scroll

Carrots for the Reindeer

Dusk Knit Scarf

Long Blue Scarf

Big Fuzzy Blue Scarf

Glacier Loose Scarf

Blue Starry Anaconda Scarf

Blue Scarf

Powder Hooded Scarf

Winter Red Rreignbow Knit Scarf

Blue Pocketed Scarf

Baby Blue Silk Scarf

Blue and Cream Fashionable Scarf

Snowflake Scarf

Cropped Aurora Jacket

Blue Checked Fur Hooded Jacket

Frozen Lake Chunky Knit Sweater

Blue Cable Knit Sweater Dress

Blue Hoodie

Blue Goffic Jacket

Navy Track Jacket

Blue Hand Knit Sweater

Navy Buttoned Varsity Jacket

Blue Hooded Jacket

Blue Turtleneck Sweater

Blue Snowman Sweater

Glaucous Heavy Winter Cloak

Blue Winter Coat

Blue Cropped Jacket

Light Blue Winter Coat

Striped Blue Cardigan

White and Blue Snowflake Sweater

Arctic Fair Isle Shawl Cardigan

Winter Camo Hunting Jacket

Large Midnight Silk Shawl

Blue Buckled and Laced Leg Warmers

Blue Knit Leg Warmers

Holly Jolly Jingle Bells

Neon Blue Fauxverly Fluffy Leg Warmers

Fleece Snowflake Throw

Mobile Winter Warmth Canister

Stubby Round Cast Iron Stove

Blue Sweater


Dark Blue Knit Pom Pom Hat

Mysterious Sack

Dark Blue Fur Trimmed Vest

Blue Striped Sweater

His and Hers Hot Water Bottles

Chill Remedy

Hot Apple Cider

Hot Fireside Soup

Hot Cocoa and Marshmallows

Winter Rug

Snowy Village Barn

Cold Feet

Coal Filled Stocking

Flaming Coal


Pile of Dusty Coal

Depressing Coal Present

Lightshow Charcoal Briquettes

Stack of Coal

Clump O Coal Beanbag

Pet Friends