Legacy Name: Kordia

The Cherry Blob
Owner: Knight

Age: 2 years, 5 months, 1 week

Born: August 10th, 2019

Adopted: 2 years, 5 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: August 10th, 2019


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

CWs released by me

Jet Wings of the Screaming Bird
Jet Wings of the Prankster Bird
Jet Wings of the Fanboy Bird
Jet Wings of the Sharpshooter Bird
Jet Wings of the Genderfluid Bird
Jet Wings of the Independent Bird
Jet Wings of the Buzzing Bird
Jet Wings of the Exploring Bird
Jet Wings of the Unknown Bird
Jet Wings of the Mystery Bird
Jet Wings of the Blank Bird
Jet Wings of the Liminal Bird

Scavenged Badge of Tyranny
Scavenged Badge of Heroism
Scavenged Badge of Mourning

Backstabbing Bird Crown

by Ozo

Jar of Hardcore Punk Jam

Grimoire of the Shy Rose Fiend
Grimoire of the Lovely Fiend

Red Rose of the Evil Contessa

Riot Red Rose Band
Riot Vapor Rose Band

Bubble Gum Star Clips
Vaporwave Star Clips

Ornament of the Daring Rogue

Mystifying Ruby Roses

Mysterious Ruby Roses

by hell

Purrfect Precious Purse
Purrfect Princess Purse
Purrfect Perplexing Purse
Purrfect Pretentious Purse
Purrfect Princely Purse
Purrfect Purrple Purse
Purrfect Predatory Purse

Beary Adorable Strawbeary Sweater
Beary Adorable Spooky Skull Sweater
Beary Brave Sweater
Beary Smart Sweater
Beary Sly Sweater
Beary Loyal Sweater
Beary Birdy Sweater
Beary Chill Sweater
Beary Rainglow Sweater
Beary Lime Sweater
Beary Expresso Sweater
Beary Sweet Sweater
Beary Sunny Sweater
Beary Scary Skull Sweater
Beary Scary Sweet Skull Sweater
Beary Scary Toxic Skull Sweater
Beary Watermelon Sweater
Beary Pineapple Sweater
Beary Grape Limeaid Sweater
Beary Birdy Purple Sweater
Beary Bluejay Sweater

by Violin

Dark Dagger Uniform Cloth
Backstabbing Dagger Uniform Cloth
Contrast Dagger Uniform Cloth
Emerald Dagger Uniform Cloth

by Vindoweld

Eye Catching Graphic Dress Bundle
Abducted Graphic Dress Bundle
Boo Bee Graphic Dress Bundle
Extra Cheese Graphic Dress Bundle
Electrifying Graphic Dress Bundle
Neon Graphic Dress Bundle
Dayglo Graphic Dress Bundle
Yeet Fleet Graphic Dress Bundle
Basic Black Dress Bundle
Basic White Dress Bundle
Blue Gradient Dress Bundle
Colorful Graphic Dress Bundle
Dreamy Graphic Dress Bundle

by dollipop

My First Demon Summoning Kit
My First Devil Summoning Kit
My First Deermon Summoning Kit
My First Nykur Summoning Kit
My First Daimon Summoning Kit
My First Wolpertinger Summoning Kit
My First Hellish Summoning Kit

Malfunctioning Void Beast Bones
Null Void Beast Bones
Virus Void Beast Bones
Malware Void Beast Bones
Unstable Void Beast Bones

Gift from an Impish Friend
Gift from a Cherubic Friend
Gift from a Secretive Friend
Gift from an Golden Friend
Gift from a Romantic Friend
Gift from a Mysterious Friend

Blessing of the Onyx Qilin
Blessing of the Golden Qilin
Blessing of the Silver Qilin
Blessing of the Gilded Qilin
Blessing of the Rose Qilin
Blessing of the Pure Qilin

Gilded Ornamental Antlers
Icy Ornamental Antlers

Mask of the Daring Rogue

by Akita

Curious Jet Black Ponytail
Curious Ruby Ponytail

Black UFO Chaser Undercut
Beachy UFO Chaser Undercut

by Kel

Ensnared Snowy Sky Charms
Ensnared Inky Sky Charms
Ensnared Celebration Sky Charms
Ensnared Minty Sky Charms
Ensnared Peachy Sky Charms
Ensnared Dreamscape Sky Charms
Ensnared Joyful Sky Charms
Ensnared Icy Sky Charms
Ensnared Roiling Sky Charms

Celestial Sage Onyx Brassiere
Celestial Sage Golden Brassiere
Celestial Sage Vapor Brassiere
Celestial Sage Silver Brassiere
Celestial Sage Amethyst Brassiere
Celestial Sage Ruby Brassiere
Celestial Sage Metalic Brassiere
Celestial Sage Minty Brassiere
Celestial Sage Venom Brassiere
Celestial Sage Rose Brassiere
Celestial Sage Sky Brassiere
Celestial Sage Lilac Brassiere
Celestial Sage Midnight Brassiere
Celestial Sage Peach Brassiere

Gunpowder Gaze of the Daring Rogue

Jet Black Take Flight Cut
Pink Take Flight Cut
Diamond Take Flight Cut
Brilliant Take Flight Cut
Golden Take Flight Cut
Sanguine Take Flight Cut
Toxic Take Flight Cut
Minty Take Flight Cut
Snowy Take Flight Cut
Expresso Take Flight Cut
Lavender Take Flight Cut

Smallest Snoot
Smallest Blep
Smallest Nibble
Smallest Nippers

Gilded Billy Horns
Glitchy Billy Horns
Yellowjacket Billy Horns
Toxic Billy Horns
Lavender Billy Horns
Regal Billy Horns
Sweet Billy Horns
Minty Billy Horns

Black Seer Dress
Overcast Seer Dress
Grape Seer Dress

by feral

Cat Attack Rose Stockings
Cat Attack Vapor Stockings
Cat Attack Crimson Stockings
Cat Attack Minty Stockings
Cat Attack Pastel Stockings
Cat Attack Manslaughter Stockings
Cat Attack Edgelord Stockings
Cat Attack Violet Stockings
Cat Attack Bluebell Stockings
Cat Attack White Stockings
Cat Attack Killer Stockings
Cat Attack Ace Stockings
Cat Attack Cyber Stockings

Cola Soda Pop Pony
Strawberry Cream Soda Pop Pony
Blue Raspberry Soda Pop Pony
Blackberry Soda Pop Pony
Unicorn Soda Pop Pony
Cotton Candy Soda Pop Pony
Creme Soda Pop Pony
Aluminum Soda Pop Pony
Peppermint Soda Pop Pony
Grape Soda Pop Pony
Lime Soda Pop Pony
Blood Orange Soda Pop Pony
Pistachio Soda Pop Pony
Riftberry Soda Pop Pony

Golden Sneaky Snaky Strands
Brunette Sneaky Snaky Strands
Fiendish Sneaky Snaky Strands
Caring Sneaky Snaky Strands
Inky Sneaky Snaky Strands
Rainbow Sneaky Snaky Strands
Mythical Sneaky Snaky Strands
Sable Sneaky Snaky Strands
Cherry Bomb Sneaky Snaky Strands
Sweet Sneaky Snaky Strands
Bubbly Sneaky Snaky Strands
Snowy Sneaky Snaky Strands
Sunset Sneaky Snaky Strands
Candy Heart Sneaky Snaky Strands
Peachy Sneaky Snaky Strands
Hopeful Sneaky Snaky Strands
Lime Sneaky Snaky Strands
Raspberry Sneaky Snaky Strands
Fresh Sneaky Snaky Strands
Scarlet Sneaky Snaky Strands

Punk Pincushion Spikes
Imperial Pincushion Spikes
Glitched Punk Pincushion Spikes
Pink Punk Pincushion Spikes

Magical Leopard Transformation
Magical Neon Leopard Transformation
Under the Dark Leopard Transformation
Magical Snow Leopard Transformation
Magical Dream Cat Transformation

Pure Gerbil Frills
Dusk Rose Gerbil Frills
Trickster Gerbil Frills

Ginger Laser Chopped Locks
Platinum Laser Chopped Locks
Aqua Laser Chopped Locks
Pink Laser Chopped Locks
Black Laser Chopped Locks
White Laser Chopped Locks
Espresso Laser Chopped Locks

Pirate Queen Regalia
Pirate Queen Boot Laces
Pirate Queen Tricorn Plume

Heroic Honeybee Hat
Angry Honeybee Hat
Nasty Honeybee Hat
Hip Honeybee Hat
Honorable Honeybee Hat

Blush Dream Faerie Crown
Virtual Dream Faerie Crown
Candy Heart Dream Faerie Crown
Night Dream Faerie Crown

Blush Dream Faerie Wings
Virtual Dream Faerie Wings
Candy Heart Dream Faerie Wings
Night Dream Faerie Wings

Deer Me Gold Lashes
Deer Me Olive Lashes
Deer Me Scarlet Lashes

Strange Boombox
Eerie Boombox
Deceptive Boombox
Misty Unknown Planet
Perfect Cuppa
Curse of the Old Gods
Curse of the Digital Gods

Boots of the Daring Rogue
Boots of the Cyber Rogue

Well Used Punk Rock Eyeshadow

Black Bunnylita Dress
Glitchy Bunnylita Dress

Black Bunnylita Ribbon
Glitchy Bunnylita Ribbon

Text Message of Love

by Emyon

Turtally Radical Disguise

Treasures of the Daring Rogue

Original Character Glitchy Ears
Original Character Glitchy Booty

by BAT

Red Slider Paint

Lovingly Wrapped Black Melon Fabric
Lovingly Wrapped Death Melon Fabric
Lovingly Wrapped Proud Melon Fabric
Lovingly Wrapped Cute Melon Fabric
Lovingly Wrapped Vapor Melon Fabric
Lovingly Wrapped Skelly Melon Fabric
Lovingly Wrapped Galactic Melon Fabric
Lovingly Wrapped Mysterious Melon Fabric
Lovingly Wrapped Panda Melon Fabric
Lovingly Wrapped Ruby Melon Fabric

Classic Number 2 Roller Derby Skates
Classic Number 7 Roller Derby Skates
Classic Covered Roller Derby Skates
Digital Covered Roller Derby Skates
Skelly Covered Roller Derby Skates
Honeybee Roller Derby Skates
Medic Roller Derby Skates
Perfect Pink Roller Derby Skates
Spectrum Roller Derby Skates
Violet Roller Derby Skates
Lucky Roller Derby Skates
Visitor Roller Derby Skates

Classic Skater Crop Top
Classic Yellow Skater Crop Top
Medic Skater Crop Top
Perfect Pink Skater Crop Top
Violet Skater Crop Top
Cyber Skater Crop Top
Lucky Skater Crop Top

Raiments of the Daring Rogue
Raiments of the Revolutionary Rogue
Raiments of the Mysterious Rogue
Raiments of the Pure Rogue
Raiments of the Cyber Rogue
Raiments of the Boney Rogue
Raiments of the Vampiric Rogue

by Bastit

Pink Petal Soft Silk
Digital Age Silk
Candy Heart Silk
Manslaughter Silk
Imperial Ruby Silk
Rosy Blooming Silk
Midnight Rosy Blooming Silk
Imperial Sapphire Silk
Rainbow Blooming Silk
Summer Breeze Silk
Midnight Pale Blooming Silk
Raw Black Silk
Holographic Silk
Spooky Skelly Silk
Scary Skelly Silk
Lazy Petal Soft Silk
Sky Petal Soft Silk
Mint Petal Soft Silk
Pastel Candy Heart Silk
Imperial Onyx Silk
Unique Blooming Silk
Ruby Blooming Silk
Breezy Floral Silk
Darkest Blooming Silk
Monochrome Heart Silk

by Maskros

Tattoo Artist Jet Top
Tattoo Artist Violet Top
Tattoo Artist Scarlet Top
Tattoo Artist Pink Top
Tattoo Artist Blessed Top
Tattoo Artist Super Star Top
Tattoo Artist Cyber Top

Black Strawberry Studded Shorts Cake
Red Strawberry Studded Shorts Cake
Denim Strawberry Studded Shorts Cake
Summer Night Strawberry Shorts Cake
Wild Night Strawberry Shorts Cake
Midnight Strawberry Shorts Cake
Lilac Strawberry Shorts Cake
Teal Strawberry Studded Shorts Cake
Fairy Night Strawberry Shorts Cake
Cyber Strawberry Studded Shorts Cake

Classic Vampire Treat
Sweet Vampire Treat
Regal Vampire Treat
Bloody Vampire Treat

by YueXing

Overflowing Rosehip Silk
Overflowing Blacklight Silk
Overflowing Cloudberry Silk
Overflowing Opulent Silk
Overflowing Reverse Silk
Overflowing Inverse Silk
Overflowing Bloodred Silk
Overflowing Vapor Silk
Overflowing Traveler Silk
Overflowing Spectrum Silk

Faded Lace of the Calligrapher

Classic Wash Bootyful Bun Huggers
Black Bootyful Bun Huggers
Acid Wash Bootyful Bun Huggers
Peachy Bootyful Bun Huggers
Pink Bootyful Bun Huggers
Bleached Bootyful Bun Huggers

by jerr

Blonde Maltese Mop
Snowy Maltese Mop
Serene Maltese Mop
Incognito Maltese Mop
Brunette Maltese Mop
Vaporwave Maltese Mop
Purple Maltese Mop
Peachy Maltese Mop
Jet Maltese Mop
Digital Dream Maltese Mop
Neon Sunset Maltese Mop
Pastel Fade Maltese Mop
Lovely Maltese Mop
God Crusher Maltese Mop
Candy Maltese Mop
Mulberry Maltese Mop
Cinematic Maltese Mop
Satanic Maltese Mop
Pinkish Maltese Mop

by Sonatine

Summer of Love Sunny Daisies
Summer of Love Blush Daisies

Silver Veined Dream Imbued Fabric
Ivory Dream Imbued Fabric
Midnight Dream Imbued Friends
Ivory Dream Imbued Friends
Silver Moon Dream Imbued Charm
Ivory Moon Dream Imbued Charm
Smoky Dream Imbued Cosmetics
Ivory Dream Imbued Cosmetics

Vapor Brave Bun Vest
Pure Brave Bun Vest
Pumpkin Juice Brave Bun Vest

Candy Heart True Love Potion
Sweet True Love Potion
Classic True Spook Potion
Cutie True Spook Potion
Spoopy True Spook Potion

Flippant Cut of the Daring Rogue
Flippant Cut of the Pure Rogue
Flippant Cut of the Cyber Rogue

Beloved Obsidian Tails
Beloved Precious Tails

by Cathii

Amber Glasswing Butterfly Charms
Quartz Glasswing Butterfly Charms
Onyx Glasswing Butterfly Charms
Lapis Glasswing Butterfly Charms
Rose Glasswing Butterfly Charms
Digital Glasswing Butterfly Charms

by Recondite

Stabby Crimson Shadow
Stabby Onyx Shadow
Stabby Snowy Shadow
Stabby Amethyst Shadow
Stabby Pink Shadow
Stabby Seafoam Shadow
Stabby Toxic Shadow
Stabby Lilac Shadow
Stabby Jester Shadow
Stabby Glitched Shadow
Stabby Silver Shadow
Stabby Bronze Shadow
Stabby Banana Shadow
Stabby Pumpkin Shadow

by Tartelette

Frog Prince Pure Tunic

by Celestial

Clear Luscious Unicorn Balm

by Muerte

Trousers of the Daring Rogue
Trousers of the Revolutionary Rogue

by Kabbalah

True Companion of the Daring Rogue
True Companion of the Scrappy Rogue
True Companion of the Fiery Rogue
True Companion of the Cyber Rogue

by Keet

Ivory Asymmetrical Lace Stockings
Vapor Asymmetrical Lace Stockings

Pale Mortuary Rose
Deceptive Mortuary Rose
Ruby Mortuary Rose
Liminal Mortuary Rose
Pink Mortuary Rose
Obsidian Mortuary Rose

by dude

Best Brat Neon Cut
Best Brat Vapor Cut
Best Brat Jet Cut
Best Brat Chaotic Cut
Best Brat Almond Cut
Best Brat Silver Cut

Neon Cosmic Kitty Laser
Morostide Cosmic Kitty Laser
Sunset Cosmic Kitty Laser


Pet Treasure

Pet Friends