Beauwin has a minion!

Minion the Sprinkittles

Legacy Name: Beauwin

The Angelic Velosotor
Owner: RunningWild

Age: 2 years, 3 months, 3 weeks

Born: August 13th, 2019

Adopted: 2 years, 3 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: August 13th, 2019


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed


|The Dreamer|

A young boy who likes pretty things and express himself in dresses. Is very friendly despite his sharp-looking teeth!

Name meaning: Beau French for ‘Beauty’ and Win Old English for ‘Friend'
Age: 9
Birthday: 13th August
Star sign: Leo
Species: Velosotor
Build: Slender
Hair: Short
Eye colour: Gold
Likes: Dolls, pastel colours, dresses, friends, ice cream, sweets, stickers, being able to express himself

Pet Treasure

Dreamy Little Star

Shiny Variety Book

Rainbow Print Bookmark

Really Awesome Cool Fun Person Sticker

Ice Cream Truck Sticker

Cutesy Shooting Star Sticker

Hyperactive Loveheart Sticker

Narwhal Love Sticker

Rainbow Talky Sticker

Adorable Cupcakey Flaopy Sticker

Sweetie Pie Sticker

Happy Cotton Candy Sticker

Squidley Hugs Sticker

Soaring Smiley Snake Sticker

Butterfly Friends Sticker

Good Smiley Sticker

Lovable Aljex Sticker

Cake Sticker

Chalk Flavored Candy Sticker

Strawberry Milk Sticker

Cake Spider Sticker

Over the Rainbow

Sugar World

Friends Forever Notebook

Shared Diary

Crafts for Friends

Paper Flowers: A How-To

A Fairy Tale

Journal of The Pink Fleece

Thoughtful Gifts

Rainbow Journal

Nurturing Friendships

Sweethearts Diary

Blue Sixth Birthday Card

Diamond Color Chart

Chevron Friendship Bracelet

Kumihimo Friendship Bracelet

Beaded Wrap Friendship Bracelet

Best Friends Mugs of Hot Chocolate


Wrapped Cotton Candy Gumball

Bubble Gum Lollipop Bundle

Creamberry Soft Candy

Pie Taffy

Strawberry Striped Candy

Sickly Sweet Bubble Gum

Wrapped Strawberry Swirl Gumball

Chewy Strawberry-Cream Candy

Cute Lolly Barrette

Spectrum Demipop

Candy Candles

Lollipop Bundle

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bar

Cotton Candy Burrito

Unicorn Chow

Confetti Cake Pops

Blue Candy Sticks

Sweet Pastilles

Angelic Birthday Cake

Colorful Mystery Cake

White Marshmallow Wings

Yellow Cotton Kanis Tail

Yellow Candy Sticks

Box of Strawberry Non-Dairy Drink

Fairy Floss Sundae Waffle Cone

Royale Ligero Strawberry Milk

Ice Cream Dots

Confetti Cake Nondairy Ice Cream

Uber Delicious Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cone

Ice Cream with Strawberry Sauce

Carnival Sundae

Melting Ice Cream Cone

Cotton Candy Slushie

Bubble Gum Frozen Yogurt

Strawberry Pieshake

Strawberry and Hemp Nondairy Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream Cone

Unicorn Sundae Waffle Cone

Candy Hearts Box

Vanilla Ice Cream Cone

Classic Sundae Waffle Cone

Pint of Spectrum Sherbet Ice Cream

Candy Hearts

Ice Cream with Blueberry Sauce

Plastic Shooting Star Pin

Shimmering Dawn Fanny Pack

Sweet Ribbon Purse

Magical Rainbow Lolly Goodie Bag

Candy-Shaped Goofy Band

Borrowed Sweatshirt

Carnival Jelly Bean Mix

Speckled Jelly Beans

Striped Rainbow Caramel

Dawn Candy Bracelet

Pink Candy Sticks

Sugar Coated Cotton Candy Star

Ribboned Heart Lolly

Cotton Candy Deceptively Delicious Lolly

Starry Stirring Stick

Gum Filled Strawberry Sucker

Marshmallow Taffy

Peaches and Cream Lolly

I-Love-You Cupcake

Cream Candy Bracelet

Cotton Candy Deceptively Delicious Lolly

Ultra Bubble Gum

Pink Bunny Lolly

Blue Cotton Kanis Tail

Blueberry Taffy Rainbow

Blue Heart Cookie

Purple Marshmallow Wings

Purple Cotton Kanis Tail

Grape Unicorn Cotton Candy

Sweet Candy Fluff

Bag of Angelic Chocolates

Sticky Sweet Rice Treats

Cotton Candy Frosted Dessert Roll

Strawberries and Cream Lolly

Bubble Gum Unicorn Cotton Candy

Pink Fairy Wings Cookie

Yellow Marshmallow Wings

Strawberry Taffy Rainbow

Pint of Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Strawberry Blingpop

Mystical Magical Celestial Lolly

Bag of Spectrum Chocolates

Grape Blingpop

Dino Dreams

Shoebox Of Treasured Memories

Toy Catalogue

Dog-Eared Toy Manual

Overflowing Toy Chest

Colorful Star Balloons

Swirly Lolly Balloon

Sweetie Star

Lola Blob Kitty Novelty Eraser

Harmony Blob Bunny Novelty Eraser

Chibi Chaiki Dress Up Doll


Pink Bunny Toy

Mairzy Doats

Summer Malticorn Plushie

Celebratory Pink Bunny Plushie

Bubble Gum Brat Beanbag

Origami Star

Yummy Lollipop Beanbag

Yummy Wrapped Candy Beanbag

Cotton Candy Cuddlefish Plushie

Too Cute To Eat Cake Plushie

Sleeptight Plushie

Classy Dino Teapot

Birthday Fairy Doll

Sweetie Sheep

Dandy Candy

Purple Bunny Toy

Tacky T-rex Plushie

Dancing Dino

Eddie Bell Sure Bet Cute Popsicle Prop

Fairy Floss Llama



Fourth Anniversary Discarded Candles

Snowlace Strawberry Lip Gloss

Sweet Lolita Cherry Lip Gloss

Mimi Moe Pride Glitter Gel

Swirly Lavender Umbrella

Pastel Button Scarf

Candy Malticorn-Hair Scarf

Tyrannosaurus Dino Love Dress

Blue Sweet Dress

Royale Ligero Pants

Sweet Lolita Poof Skirt

UnicornVomit Mauvicorn Crown

Royale Ligero Collar

Lovely Pink Bow

Sweet Lolita Frilled Ribbon

Blue Sweetie Ribbon

Sweet Lolita Necktie

Snowlace Silk Bow

Steamlace White Rose Bow

Fourth Anniversary Fancy Pink Bow

Pink Empire Ribbon

Radiant Fairy Tale Tiara

Pet Friends