You has a minion!

Naomi the Stained Glasswing Butterfly

Legacy Name: You

The Common Experiment #76166
Owner: Nyarlathotep

Age: 2 years, 3 months, 4 weeks

Born: February 29th, 2020

Adopted: 1 year, 8 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: October 16th, 2020


  • Level: 61
  • Strength: 188
  • Defense: 132
  • Speed: 101
  • Health: 152
  • HP: 43/152
  • Intelligence: 258
  • Books Read: 256
  • Food Eaten: 3
  • Job: Night Shift


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Legacy Name: You

Born: february 29th, 2020

You has a minion!

Naomi the Stained Glasswing Butterfly


I am a shadow.

The true self.



I am you.


- Shadows, Persona 4

"Oh. Hello, Princ—ah. You're not Naomi...are you a guest?"

>The elegant man begins to eye you, suspicious, but his cold gaze barely scans you before he deems you unworthy of his presence.

"I see. You're the quiet type."

>The man scoffs.

"Well, mind yourself, I suppose. Take your shoes off and set them beside the front door there. I've just cleaned these floors, and I would prefer not to clean them again."

>It appears this man is the manor's butler. And he doesn't seem to be in the mood for idle chit-chat. Especially not with you.

>You decide to do what he says. Something tells you not to make this man upset. Perhaps its the eerie golden eyes that are still locked onto you.

"Would you hurry it up? You're standing there, frozen, as if you've seen a ghost."

>"Who are you?"


A wise woman said I'm alive

Nobody's ever told her she's wrong

A paella of space-talking jive

I'm as alive as her beard is long


>"Who are you?" you ask the supposed butler.


>The man gives you an answer, albeit incredibly candid. His straightforward nature seemed to fit his personality.

"Kazuya Toudou. You can refer to me as such. However, If you're the type of child to label others with those repugnant hypocorisms, then I suppose you would call me 'Kazu.' "

>He'll pause.

"...Of course, that is a privilege given only to this household's Mistress."

>The man will halt his work to look at you, a faint smile appearing on his face, but something tells you that it wasn't because he was happy. On the contrary, it seemed he wanted to mess with you. Like a cat teasing a mouse between its paws.

"Since you bothered to ask, I'll answer. I am this household's butler. A servant, but also family...despite most traditions. You may be familiar with my brother, Naoya Toudou. He's the homeowner. The "man of the house", if you will. Also, incredibly famous for his status as The Emperor. Apparently, in the so-called "gaming world", he's considered an icon. And I suppose that's why you came to visit, is it not? To meet him?"

>You find yourself inclined to nod, yet you haven't once taken your eyes off his. That glowing golden aura only served to hypnotize you, and force you to stare into them longer.

"I suppose then, you are wondering...'Why is it that you look exactly like him?' "

>The butler doesn't wait for your response as the smile which graced his lips open shortly, letting out a soft chuckle.

"It is because we are twins, you moron. What other explanation is there? Quiet and stupid...aren't you a real charmer..."

>While the man turns, you will catch a glimpse of his suit's coattails, which ends would shine off the light. They appeared to be made of feathers, small and all cramped together. Giving the illusion that they had belonged to the suit itself. They must have been wings the man attempted to hide, but that couldn't have been right, could it?

>Was he only posing as a human?

>"You have wings..."


NAMEKazuya Toudou
AGEAround 30 years
BIRTHDATEDecember 24th
EYE COLORAmber gold
WEAPONPolearm or bare hands
HOBBYReading (graphic novels)
FAV FOODBiscuits and coffee
ALIGNMENTChaotic Neutral

  • Mischievousness
  • Playing pranks
  • Reading manga
  • Being needed
  • Drinking lots of coffee
  • Chocolate panda snacks...
  • Most vehicles
  • Heavy traffic
  • Being alone
  • Rejection
  • Not being human


I was a victim of magic


catching my breath as I bled on the ground

Somebody called me to follow

I followed

thinking aloud without hearing the sound


>"You have wings..." you mutter, quiet, but it seems like the butler's ears have caught what you said.

>The man will turn, giving you a look. He seemed unamused by the comment, almost as if you had said something that was so obvious, even a child would know it. But, seeing as he was caught in his act, he'll let his wings fall. The large feathered appendages slipping out from their hiding place underneath his suit, and resting against the floor. The black feathers glistened against the lights, their sheen looking so soft. You couldn't help but want to touch it.


>Your hand stops and you look up at the butler, quickly pulling away to appear more innocent than you really are.

>Kazuya was not impressed.

"So. You've noticed. I suppose there's no sense in hiding them now. But I would appreciate it if you kept your hands to yourself."

>The man's smirk that once graced his face was replaced with a sullen frown. He'd maneuver towards one of the small accent tables, beginning to gently brush his duster against a vase, seeming to return to paying you no mind.

>But eventually, he'll break the silence.

"You had every right to suspect me, I suppose. Even if I hold this appearance of a human, I am anything but. I assume my eyes must have given that away."

>He'll sigh.

"When you looked into my eyes, you saw yourself for a second, didn't you? All those emotions you wish to conceal, screaming at you and desperate to be heard. It made you both wary of my presence, and on edge. I have that affect on people. I am, what they call, a shadow."

>His eyes scan himself, reflected off the vase. It was only for a second, but it felt like minutes. Those golden eyes had skimmed every detail of himself, as if taking in the fact that he was, in fact, not human.

>But finally, he'll look back at you, prompting you to stand straight. With this knowledge in mind, it was hard not to become anxious. After all, when was the last time you've confronted a shadow?

>Have you even confronted your own?

What is a Shadow?

In the series Persona, a shadow is described as a creature born from the human heart. Representing the darker, suppressed side of a human's psyche. They are the side of us we wish not to confront, or are ashamed of. Hidden deep within ourselves, yet desire to be seen in the light.

A shadow can be violent, or they can be passive. They can be our worst enemy, or our closest ally. Every person's shadow is unique to themselves.

But remember,

your shadow is always watching you.

Naoya Toudou's shadow

took the form of his brother,

His name was Kazuya Toudou, the eldest twin. Born first, on December 24th, with his brother to follow after. Kazuya was naturally a courageous boy, who often took the lead, as his shyer younger brother hid behind. One could say he was the dominant twin, but cared very much for his sibling. Protected him, even. The two were inseparable.

That was, until, the day Naoya got sick.

On the day Kazuya had an appointment with the dentist, Naoya fell ill with a terrible fever. Although the brother wanted to stay by Naoya's side, their mother was insistent. With much disappointment, Kazuya was forced to give in and go. What child could get their way, anyway? As their mother swore to buy the boy a manga after the appointment, Kazuya would promise his brother that he will let Naoya read it before he does.

This was the last time...

That Naoya saw Kazuya alive.

After the appointment, Kazuya was ever so eager to return home and share his manga with Naoya. Their mother, however, wasn't as anxious. Stopping on their way home to make small talk with an acquaintance. Annoyed and impatient, Kazuya would wander away, determined to head home by himself as he didn't want to wait to cheer his brother up. He'd turn his final corner, and be greeted to the sound of a loud, blaring horn.

Kazuya Toudou was hit by an oncoming truck.

Naoya Toudou

"My "

Name here

"Text here."


Kazuya Toudou (c) Atlus

Profile Artwork by Nyarlathotep

Profile Code by Nyarlathotep

The original character was created by Atlus, but most of the backstory here, as well as the design, are inspired off a long, ongoing roleplay muse of mine, shared between my dear friend. This is a tribute to the fun we've had for years now. Thank you, Lime, for everything ❤

Here's to several more years of writing angst.

And thank you, Trickster, for allowing me to adopt You. The perfect name to suit the perfect boy!

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