The Nostalgic Kanis
Owner: Pinocchio

Age: 2 years, 5 months, 4 weeks

Born: December 1st, 2020

Adopted: 2 years, 5 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: December 1st, 2020


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

It's where she lies, broken inside
--Avril Lavigne's "Nobody's Home"

"Isn't anyone trying to find me? Won't somebody come take me home?"

I will mend their torn and threadbare hearts.

Make anew, mend, renew.


Pet Treasure

Red Well-Loved Red Rreign Plushie

Green Well-Loved Red Rreign Plushie

Patched Moon Plushie

Brown Horse Patchy Plushie

Black and White Patchy Puppy Plushie

Patchy Camel Plushie

Ripped Nightmare Feli Plushie

Teal Patchwork Wreathed Red Rreign Plushie

Scab Zombear Plushie

Armless Unlucky Bunny Plushie

Headless Unlucky Bunny Plushie

Heartless Unlucky Bunny Plushie

Legless Unlucky Bunny Plushie

Plushie Makers Kit

Safety Pins

Pumpkin Patch

Drage Sew-On Patch

Patched Flopit Figurine

Patchwork Wyllop Beanbag

Heart Repair Sticker

Sewn Together

Straight Pins

Banshee Thread of Fate

Suture Kit

Salvaged Purple Buttons

Salvaged Pink Buttons

Salvaged Orange Buttons

Salvaged Green Buttons

Salvaged Gray Buttons

Rugged Bronze Stitch Kit

Graveyard Sewing Tin

Graveyard Not-So-Straight Pins

Spare Stuffing

Panda Do It Yourself Hoodie Kit

Rabbit Yarn Bowl

Snowman Special Button

Bairin Small Blue Button

Large Buttons

Elf Special Button

Jack Frost Special Button

Winter Jacket Buttons

Kanis Safety Scissors

Mildewed Fabric Scrap

Black Survival Scrap Cloth

White Survival Scrap Cloth

Pink Survival Scrap Cloth

Green Survival Scrap Cloth

Blue Survival Scrap Cloth

Torn Green Scrap

Tie Pin and Red Fabric Scrap

Pink Frayed Laces

Graveyard Taped Together Measuring Tape

Fungified Fabric Scraps

Rusted Black Garden Shears

Lonely Forgotten Sack Doll

Angry Red Rreign Pudge Beanbag

Holly Jolly Denim Scrap

Breezy Blue Scrap

Rreign Tamer Linen Scrap

Krampus Kilt Scrap

Rreign Tamer Scalesilk Scrap

Random Scraps of Fabric

Arrow Quilt Scrap

Polka Dot Quilt Scrap

Plaid Quilt Scrap

Chevron Quilt Scrap

Zebra Quilt Scrap

Triangular Quilting Scraps

Gourd Witch Embroidered Red Scrap

Gourd Witch Embroidered Orange Scrap

Gourd Witch Embroidered Olive Scrap

Gourd Witch Embroidered Gray Scrap

Gourd Witch Embroidered Black Scrap

Ripped Teddy Bear Plushie

Bold Floral Scrap of Fabric

Antique Floral Scrap of Fabric

Brown Scrap of Fabric

Plaid Scrap of Fabric

Gold Scrap of Fabric

Red Scrap of Fabric

Striped Scrap of Fabric

Turquoise Scrap of Fabric

Violet Scrap of Fabric

Green Scrap of Fabric

White Scrap of Fabric

Orange Scrap of Fabric

Indigo Scrap of Fabric

Pink Scrap of Fabric

Black Scrap of Fabric

Blue Scrap of Fabric

Stained Silky Fabric

Gingerbread Fabric

Norlander Embroidered Fabric

Damaskull Upholstery Fabric

Natural Print Fabric

Sumac Print Fabric

Spinach Print Fabric

Madder Print Fabric

Walnut Print Fabric

Casket of Luxury Fabric

Junko Entropy Fabric Squares

Snoohok Down Fabric Swatch

Amethyst Draped Shoulder Cloth

Emerald Draped Shoulder Cloth

Onyx Draped Shoulder Cloth

Ruby Draped Shoulder Cloth

Sapphire Draped Shoulder Cloth

Dried Leaf Harvest Pixie Shirt Cloth

Autumn Harvest Pixie Shirt Cloth

Crochet Dolls and Clothes

Saheric Sash

Drage Thigh-Highs

Black Spare Sailcloth

Brown Spare Sailcloth

Slate Spare Sailcloth

Rust Spare Sailcloth

Cream Spare Sailcloth

Marez Itzatul Golden Thread

Boheme Embroidery Floss

Little Blue Ribbon

Crochet Hooks

Tiny White Hair Ribbons

Twisty Blue Ribbon

Two Headed Dysfunctional Teddy Bear Rosy Ribbon

Yellow and Purple Hair Ribbons

Red Windblown Ribbon

Melodys Helper Surplus Ribbon

Orange Old Kitten Doll

Abandoned Pale Sack Doll


Pink and Purple Alpaca Yarn

Snowfall Bow

Giant Luminaire Ribbon

Professor New Heartbreaker Fluff and Fabric

Chocolate Eyes

Jelly Eyes

Single Brown Rubber Cyclopean Eye

Eye Candy

Which Stitch

Sunset Yarn Hank

Rotted Scraps

Lyrical Kanis Ear Accessory

Cute Bunny Discarded Doll Head

Burnt Discarded Doll Head

Lovely Discarded Doll Head

Lil Stuffins

Squashed Stuffed Animal

Scruffy Bear Arm

Autumnal Silks

Length of White Cotton

Felt Luminaire Tree Applique

Patchy Puppy Plushie


Village Idiot Plushie

Old Bunny Plushie

White Ghost Plushie

Loving Hug Zombie Beanbag

Orange Undead Kitty Plushie

Dolly Dreadful Zombie Plushie

Flower Pincushion

Red Utility Band

Do It Yourself Eyeball Necklace

Silver Ribbon

Special Ratty Plushie


Hot Take Old Button

Mismatched Mint Knitting Needles

Skilled Seamstress Tools

Living Plushie


Juicy Eyeballs

Male Dressmaker Form

Decayed Sackcloth (Right Arm)

Right Medium Prosthetic Arm

Sad Right Chest Scar Doll

Yellowed Torn Sleeve Button-Down

Pink Torn Stockings

Dillema Pushpin Swords

Layered Dancer Dress

Purple Patterned Sash

Red Loose Linen Belt

Peach Draped Maxi Skirt

Marez Itzatul Woven Wrap

Tomato Pincushion

Sweety Dead Dillema Plushie

Graveyard Voodoo Doll

Bleached Red Rreign Voodoo Doll

Doll Lady Sheer Blue Hair Bow

Ominous Tan Fabric Burlap Doll

Decapitated Rag Doll Head

Cracked Shadowglen Doll Mask

Stitched Up Undead Jacket

Natural Lace Needle Set

Orange Well-Loved Red Rreign Plushie

White Tailor Chalk

Funky Patchwork Red Rreign Plushie

Ginger Abandoned Yarn

White Handmade Puppy Plushie

Measuring Tape

Complete Guide to Sewing

Combo Brush

Worn Blue Hairbrush

Nostalgic Sheeta Toy

Blush Applicator

Black Hair Dye

Sui Foundation Brush

Individual Lashes With Glue


Deja Vogue Black Hair Extensions

Deja Vogue White Hair Extensions

Deja Vogue Ruby Red Hair Extensions

Deja Vogue Honey Blonde Hair Extensions

Deja Vogue Brown Hair Extensions


Artist Round Brush

Spool of Red Thread

Spool of Black Thread

Spool of Turquoise Thread

Spool of Orange Thread

Spool of Pink Thread

Spool of Indigo Thread

Spool of Green Thread

Spool of Gold Thread

Spool of Brown Thread

Spool of Blue Thread

Spool of White Thread

Spool of Violet Thread

Arid Craft Glue

Tailoring Scissors

Hand Sewing Needles

Vintage Sewing Machine

Black Seam Ripper

Cream Plush Stuffing

Black Cross Patch

Tinkerers Scrap of Worn Leather

Green Bright Leaf Skirt

Worn Picnic Blanket

Ocean Patched and Striped Pirate Shorts

Olive Patched and Striped Pirate Shorts

Singed Purple Carpet Scrap

Black Eyepatch

Red Marauder Eyepatch

Patchwork Trenchcoat

Orange Bat Patch

Patched Jeans

Rust Brown Maliss Patch

Patched White Slops

Black and White Patched and Striped Pirate Shorts

Geek Glasses


Item Hunters Monocle

Straight Antennae

Fake Curly Mustache

Magical Duct Tape

Golden Cat Contact Lens

Creepy Nutcracker Face

Rosy Red Face Paint

Gray Goggles

Single Khaki Rubber Cyclopean Eye

Silver False Eye

Airman Sturdy Goggle Frame

Gray Kerchief Skirt

Blue Kerchief Skirt

Purple Kerchief Skirt

Red Kerchief Skirt

Yellow Kerchief Skirt

Copper Curtain Skirt

Dancing Performance Skirt

Ballroom Fashions Paper Doll Book

Ruffled Rose Drape

Scrap Wires And Cloth

Silver Asymmetric Vest

Silken Golden Fabric

Silken Emerald Fabric

Silken Midnight Fabric

Silken Peacock Fabric

Silken Exotic Fabric

Ivory Flowerbud Veil

Tress of Messy Chestnut Hair

Gate Keeper Peeper

Pair of Plastic Fangs

Obnoxious Pink Bandana

Traditional Black Bandana

Black Hair Ribbon

Blue Hair Ribbon

Green Hair Ribbon

Pink Hair Ribbon

White Hair Ribbon

Blue Gym Headband

White Bunny Ears

Arid Decorative Vesnali Feather

Camo Head Bandana

Rose Hair Pins

Plain Black Head Bandana

Red Head Bandana

Fourth Anniversary Fancy Pink Bow

Chocolate Striped Ribbon

Light Striped Ribbon

White Long Feather

Tiny Pink Hair Ribbons

Tiny White Hair Ribbons

Tiny Purple Hair Ribbons

Tiny Blue Hair Ribbons

Tiny Black Hair Ribbons

Blue Sweetie Ribbon

Purple Sweetie Ribbon

Silver Sheer Bow Headband

Black and White Polka Dot Bow

Pink and White Polka Dot Bow

Brick Half-Blindfold

Charcoal Half-Blindfold

Jungle Half-Blindfold

Plum Half-Blindfold

Slate Half-Blindfold

Cerise Half-Blindfold

Clean Half-Blindfold

Banshee Windswept Locks

Dirty Bandana

Cheap Holiday Antlers

Yellow Present Bow

White Present Bow

Teal Present Bow

Pink Present Bow

Peppermini Bows

Clamshell Tied Hairband

Sage Tied Hairband

Blush Tied Hairband

Red Utility Band

Charcoal Utility Band

White Utility Band

Blue Utility Band

Purple Utility Band

Dust Bunny Ears

Striped Hipscarf

Turquoise Pirate Hipscarf

Flowery Hipscarf

Dotted Hipscarf

Silver Lovely Sash

Pure White Lovely Sash

Deep Purple Lovely Sash

Cornflower Blue Lovely Sash

Large Waist Sash

Grand Waltz Overskirt

Black Empire Ribbon

Blue Empire Ribbon

Pink Empire Ribbon

Purple Empire Ribbon

White Empire Ribbon

Dark Red Waist Ribbon

Black and White Striped Cloth Belt

White Floral Sash

Corsair Sash

Baby Blue Bow Belt

Charcoal Bow Belt

Creme Bow Belt

Mauve Bow Belt

Mint Green Bow Belt

Pastel Pink Bow Belt

Lilac Satin Corsage Sash

Rose Satin Corsage Sash

Silver Satin Corsage Sash

Snowfall Bow

Gray Patterned Sash

Red Patterned Sash

Gold Patterned Sash

Cyan Patterned Sash

Blue Patterned Sash

Yellowish BOLD Patterned Sash

White Braided Belt

Black Braided Belt

Red Loose Linen Belt

Cream Loose Linen Belt

Long Burgundy Patterned Sash

Long Burgundy Sash

Long Green Sash

Long Green Patterned Sash

Long Black Patterned Sash

Long Black Sash

Long Coral Patterned Sash

Long Coral Sash

Long Lilac Patterned Sash

Long Lilac Sash

Mori Bandage

Nori Stole

Black Alegarten Bow

Pink Alegarten Bow

Navy Alegarten Bow

Blue Alegarten Bow

Red Alegarten Bow

White Ruffled and Pleated Shirt

Arms Of Clive

Buttoned Slate Cuffs

Buttoned Cream Cuffs

Sunrise Stole

Maleria Robe

Royale Ligero Satin Ribbon

Crewman Shipwreck Tunic

Pink Flower Speckled Top

Gray Ruffled and Pleated Shirt

Cream Ruffled and Pleated Shirt

Black Ruffled and Pleated Shirt

Rreign Tamer Firesilk Shirt

Blue Towel

Red Towel

Purple Towel

Orange Towel

Green Towel

Purple Woolen Shawl

Elfin Pom Pom

Two Headed Dysfunctional Teddy Bear Wooden Pegleg

Red Jabot

White Jabot

Gray Pompom Scarf

Common Knit Scarf

Dawn Knit Scarf

Lilac Knit Scarf

Twilight Knit Scarf

Red Neck Bandana

Pink Neck Bandana

Green Neck Bandana

Brown Sidestripe Square Scarf

Blue Sidestripe Square Scarf

White Sidestripe Square Scarf

Orange Leopard Print Scarf

Yellow Leopard Print Scarf

Large Steel Gray Scarf

Lavender Silk Scarf

Baby Blue Silk Scarf

Tinkerers Bit of Bent Wire

Olde Tyme Barbers Cape

Red Big Fab Bow

Black Big Fab Bow

Yellow Lucky 7 Scarf

Orange Lucky 7 Scarf

Blue Lucky 7 Scarf

Green Fireside Tucking Napkin

Purple Fireside Tucking Napkin

Anty Cloak

Single Plastic Fang

Rosy Neck Bow

Which Witch Purple Bow

Which Witch Green Bow

North Star Mysterious Pelt

Large Rosy Silk Shawl

Large Snowy Silk Shawl

Large Earthly Silk Shawl

Large Midnight Silk Shawl

Broken Black Zipper

Broken White Zipper

Broken Purple Zipper

Broken Red Zipper

Red Panda Do It Yourself Hoodie Kit

Omen New Era High Priest Cape

Fireside Shawl

Ragged Ribbon

Moon Charm

Black Sunglasses

Breezy Sand Scrap

Breezy Shell Scrap

Breezy Seafoam Scrap

Breezy Purple Scrap

Breezy Orange Scrap

Purple Floppy Sun Hat Brim

Black Pirate Handkerchief

Broken Yellow Zipper

Hot Take Hat Pin

Boheme Unfinished Project

Roaring 20s Silver New Years Jacket Pocket

Large Forest Green Scarf

Green Bustle

Bolt of Black and White Tartan

Purple Satin Fabric Bolt

Graveyard Cloth Warador Footgear

Striped Belly Dolphin Plushie

Green Short Veil

Olde Veta Faire Purple Squire Tabard

Doll Lady Pink and Blonde Puffy Hair Clump

Doll Lady Black and Blue Puffy Hair Clump

Yellow Subeta Banner

Dusty Pink Play Wings

Swirly Heart Temporary Tattoo

Doll Lady Pink and Purple Mismatched Socks

Doll Lady Mismatched Blue and Purple Socks

Ringleader White Necktie


Ringleader Red and Gray Contacts

Fire Leaf Yarn Beard

Gray Sock Red Rreign Plushie

Retro Stitch

Vintage Common Swampie Plushie

Picnic Vintage Antlephore Plushie

Polka Dot Vintage Kanis Plushie

Plaid Vintage Ruffie Plushie

Autumn Vintage Lain Plushie

Vintage Donadak Plushie Fair Prize

Gold Flecked Vintage Jollin Plushie

Vintage Asymmetric Ruffle Skirt

Vintage Rhino Plushie

Vintage Clown Plushie

Dirty Matted Braid

Combed Fancy Honey Cut

Red Twisted Curly Wig

Dirty Locks of Hair

Surplus Melody Locks

Terrseo Clippings

Cavalier Hair

Deja Vogue Brown Braid Headband

Stray Autumnal Locks

Tattered Ancient Strands

Snow Fairy Leg Wraps

Little Punchy

Ytivan Wool Yarn

Fine Evening Jacket Button

Jumbo Spectrum Back Ribbon

Purple Short Veil

Bolt of Red Tartan

Bolt of Blue Tartan

Bolt of Green Tartan

Bolt of Purple Tartan

Bolt of Pink Tartan

Gold Satin Fabric Bolt

Blue Satin Fabric Bolt

Pink Satin Fabric Bolt

Red Satin Fabric Bolt

Fresh Draped Maxi Skirt

Snow Fairy Wig

Fabric Types In-Depth

Bairin Small Piece of Cloth

Lost Locks of Hair

Lacy Shawl

Mess of Extra Curly Hair

Rolly Poly Mingerger Plushie

Torn Flap From A Fishing Hat

Black Poplin Pants

Torn Jovial Harlequin Pennant

Lost 404 Zipper

Blue Loose Linen Belt

Bit of Brown Costume Fur

White Legeica Leg Warmers

Faux Froby Stole

Lyrical Anyu Imitation Anyu Tail

Faded Light Skinnies

Black Kerubi Tail

Melody Faux Fur Tree Skirt

Festive Faux Fur Tree Skirt

Beige Torn Stockings

Simple Red Bow Tie

Retro Striped Ribbon

Combed Fancy H2O Cut

Graveyard Swimming Trunks

Queen Bea Puff

Cool Blue Professional Wig

Broken Bead Chain

Tigrean Voodoo Plushie

Romero Post Mortem Mesh Scrap

Starfish Shipwreck Tunic

Length of Red Cotton

Faded Dark Skinnies

Right Poinsettia Earmuff

Plain Reindeer Nose

Kumos Muzzle

Fake Kumos Nose

Bright Hand Woven Afghan

Large Chunky Knit Rabbit

Burnt Discarded Doll Torso

Odd Blue Kitty Plushie

Corduroy Bear Plushie

Corduroy Bunny Plushie

Tarnished Crochet Hook

Pink Magical Nose

Halcyon Vesnali Button

Feli Voodoo Plushie

Overstuffed Teddy Plushie

Oh Deer Knitting

Magical Special Bear

Double Pointed Knitting Needles

Romero NOVA Replacement Battery

Royale Verano Ruffle

Professor New Evil Eye Eye-Catching Pants

Romero Post Mortem Bandana

Siren Mandarin Bunched Strands

Professor New Heartbreaker Discarded Patches

Corduroy Kit Plushie

Corduroy Lamb Plushie

Corduroy Hen Plushie

Pink Fabric Dahlia

Wreathed Gingham-Accented Red Rreign Plushie

Scrambled Teddy Plushie

Single Blind Rubber Cyclopean Eye

Eagles Beak

Bright Socktopus Beanbag

Homemade Heart Patch

Homemade Star Patches

Homemade Bug Patches

Quilted Cow Beanbag

Diving Vole Plushie

Love Zombie Doll

Handmade Fabric Scraps Experiment 7777 Plushie

Handmade Fabric Scraps Experiment 4423 Plushie

Nostalgic Demi Toy

Ivory Long Tiered Skirt

Festive Plush Antlephore Antlers

Siren Mandarin Belt Snaps

Royale Ligero Ruffle Blossom

Sockimi Plushie

Patchy Gecko Plushie

Greenish BOLD Patterned Sash

Gold False Eye

Knitsy Ann

Umbrus Beanbag

Fake Kanis Tail

Pumpkin Patchwork Cat Plushie

Pumpkin Patchwork Rat Plushie

Cuddly Llama Plushie

Unfriendly Plushie

Lyrical Kanis Lucky Tail

Crochet Turnip Plushie


Lycanthrope Shredded Doll

Dull Red Rreign Plushie

Dark Plastic Toe Talon Set

Glamorous Faux Fur Wrap

Ragged Ruffie Toy Plushie

Sky Draped Maxi Skirt

Professor New Antique Rose Decorative Lace

Susie Beanbag

Comfy Vintage Popoko Plushie

Black Skinnies

Old Root Rot Bear Plushie

Pardice Poncho

Patched Up Pillow

Royale Ligero Fallen Button

Broken Brass Zipper

Lacy Wrap

Jacob the Anteater Doll

Homemade Wreathed Red Rreign Toy

Romantic Dessert Tablecloth


Overused Pirate Pillow

Kitmonkey Playset

Damaged Fish Plush

Lipstitch Needle

Patchwork Creature Plushie

Spool of Skrunkly Thread

Leftover Hair Dye

Self-Defense Training Wraps

Deranged Reject Voodoo Plushie

Toymakers Tools

Scrap of Burlap

Pearl Patched Butterfly Plushie

Blue Quilted Apron Squares

Green Quilted Apron Squares

Pink Quilted Apron Squares

White Quilted Apron Squares

Yellow Quilted Apron Squares

Guide to Sewing Notions

Big Ol Sack of Soft Toys

Sandybag Plushie

Brown Piteous Defective Red Rreign Plushie

White Half-Hearted Red Rreign Plushie

Green Leopard Print Scarf

Professor New Overkill Odds and Ends

Smoldering Silks

Orange Striped Bias Tape

Twisted and Used Stitches

Wiretail Fabric

Flower Power Towel

Hearty Heart Towel

Fishy Towel

Velvet Towel

Dolphin Towel

Killer Whale Towel

Yellow Towel

Vampire Fangs

Brass Brocade Fabric Bolt

Sapphire Brocade Fabric Bolt

Ruby Brocade Fabric Bolt

Onyx Brocade Fabric Bolt

Emerald Brocade Fabric Bolt

Pet Friends