Nago has a minion!

Kio the Yarnaby


The Nostalgic Ontra
Owner: kuzi

Age: 10 months, 1 week, 1 day

Born: January 19th, 2021

Adopted: 10 months, 1 week, 1 day ago

Adopted: January 19th, 2021


  • Level: 15
  • Strength: 15
  • Defense: 15
  • Speed: 15
  • Health: 15
  • HP: 15/15
  • Intelligence: 15
  • Books Read: 15
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Unemployed

Pet Treasure

Nostalgic Mallarchy Toy

Nostalgic Lain Toy

Nostalgic Kanis Toy

Nostalgic Kumos Toy

Nostalgic Manchu Toy

Nostalgic Pherret Toy

Nostalgic Jollin Toy

Nostalgic Feli Toy

Nostalgic Legeica Toy

Nostalgic Tigrean Toy

Nostalgic Mallarchy Instructions

Nostalgic Lain Instructions

Nostalgic Kanis Instructions

Nostalgic Kumos Instructions

Nostalgic Manchu Instructions

Nostalgic Pherret Instructions

Nostalgic Jollin Instructions

Nostalgic Feli Instructions

Nostalgic Legeica Instructions

Nostalgic Tigrean Instructions

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Measuring Tape

Salvaged Gray Buttons


Arid Craft Glue

Spool of White Thread

Needle Threader

Royale Ligero Satin Ribbon

Toymakers Guide Book

Marsh Plush Stuffing

Box of White Buttons

Banshee Thread of Fate

Flower Pincushion

Skilled Seamstress Tools

Plushie Makers Kit

Gifted Prodigies Tools

Box of Cream Scrap Metal

Toymakers Tools

Boheme Embroidery Floss

Cream Metal Paint

Sunset Yarn Hank

Oh Deer Knitting

Pink Satin Fabric Bolt

Kore Early Thaw Cozy Yarn

Madder Print Fabric

Bolt of Pink Tartan

Bolt of Black and White Tartan

Rowdy Night Modesty Tape

Black Seam Ripper

Walnut Print Fabric

Vintage Sewing Machine

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Wind-up Duck Toy

Sailor Scout Rag Doll

Golden Ruffie Plushie

Yellow Bunner Plushie

Yellow Handmade Puppy Plushie

Cream Vesnali Cuddle Bunny

Plain Rag Doll

Luminaire Lamb Plushie

Lambi Doll

Knitting Basket

Pastel Crochet Bunny Plushie

Purring Feli Doll

Honey Huggy Bear Doll

Brown Horse Patchy Plushie

Blushing Monkey Figurine

Knitted Feli Plushie

Squashed Stuffed Animal

Pet Matryoshka Dolls

Orange Old Kitten Doll

Homemade Sock Fox Plushie

Kitty Mooshiboi

Patchwork Wyllop Beanbag

Wooden Biplane

Hessian and Lace Bunny Plushie


Nostalgic Ontra Toy

Blue Waist-coated Fancy Bear Plushie

Chibi Lasirus Plushie

Wooden Train Engine

Bow-E Panacea Wooden Bird

Ballerina Music Box

Old Box of Ornaments

Picnic Vintage Antlephore Plushie

Happy Anniversary Marsh Kumos Wind-Up Toy

Red Waist-coated Fancy Bear Plushie

Scab Zombear Plushie

Panzerkatze Plushie

Ripped Teddy Bear Plushie

Corduroy Kit Plushie

Carved Sanguine Cat Trinket

Bashful Monkey Figurine

Patchy Puppy Plushie

Worry Dolls

Cuddleroo Beanbag

Big-Hearted Bear Plushie

Bunny Bear Plushie

Brown Rocking Horse

Royale Verano Maid Doll

Scalshal Pinewood Racer

Living Plushie

Gingham Vintage Kanis Plushie

Oversized Stuffed Kitty

Super Squishy Bunny Doll

Homemade Sock Kitty Plushie

Blushing Huggy Bear Doll

Long-Tailed Kitty Plushie

Corduroy Bunny Plushie

Cute Octo Figurine

Spectrum Pinwheel

Birdie Puppet

Unicorn Pinata Plushie

Pink Old Kitten Doll

Green Yarn Octopus Plushie

Vintage Rhino Plushie

Sustainable Wooden Forest Playset

Autumn Leaf Puzzle

Vetan Survival Remembrance Plushie

Corduroy Bear Plushie

Jaunty Juggling Balls

Curious Little Chloe Doll

Beloved Bunny Doll

Green Handmade Puppy Plushie

Celebratory Green Bunny Plushie

Teal Pull-A-Long Vulture

Soft Focus Vintage Jollin Plushie

Green Old Kitten Doll

Homemade Sock Mouse Plushie

Celebratory Blue Bunny Plushie

Blue Kite

Twins Rag Doll

White Rocking Horse

Knitted Kanis Plushie

Purple Bunny Plushie

Old Bunny Plushie

Sustainable Wooden Geometric Puzzle

Teen Witch Rag Doll


Handmaiden Rag Doll

Red Koala Love Gift

Sustainable Wooden Chef Playset

Vintage Clown Plushie

Dala Horse

Red Ball

Corduroy Hen Plushie

Fun Inflatable Hammer

Happy Anniversary Twilight Kumos Wind-Up Toy

Harlequin Rag Doll

Woeful Rag Doll

Gray Derpy Puppy Plushie

Black Kite

Kitty Rag Doll

Friendly Tin Soldier

Village Idiot Plushie

Not A Robot Rag Doll

Patchy Tabby Plushie

Rainy Day Vintage Popoko Plushie

Unsettlingly Jinxed Monkey Cymbalist

Nestler Nesting Dolls

Painted Owl Rock

Pardice Plushie

Happy Anniversary Silver Kumos Wind-Up Toy

Clockwork Robo-Blob Kitty

Homemade Sock Bunny Plushie

Corduroy Lamb Plushie

White Kissed Bear Plushie

White Bunny Plushie

Fluffy Owl Doll

Tiny Deer Knickknack

Pet Friends