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Heart Throb the Lovetron 3000


The Sweetheart Harvester
Owner: Tammynoneed20

Age: 2 years, 3 months

Born: March 8th, 2021

Adopted: 2 years, 3 months ago

Adopted: March 8th, 2021


  • Level: 217
  • Strength: 203
  • Defense: 45
  • Speed: 42
  • Health: 45
  • HP: 45/45
  • Intelligence: 1,332
  • Books Read: 1311
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Editor in Chief

(Temporary profile)

Pet Treasure

Promo Harvester Trading Card

Promo Holographic Bloodred Ghostly Trading Card

Steamwork Harvester Schematic

Harvester Poncho Pouch

Lilac Harvester Bouncy Ball

Twilight Harvester Bouncy Ball

Sun Harvester Bouncy Ball

Golden Harvester Bouncy Ball

Field Harvester Bouncy Ball

Dusk Harvester Bouncy Ball

Dawn Harvester Bouncy Ball

Chibi Harvester Bouncy Ball

Arid Harvester Bouncy Ball

Cream Harvester Bouncy Ball

2011 Harvester Beanbag

Harvester Carved Pumpkin

Nostalgic Harvester Instructions

Harvester Keydagger

Harvester Scythe of Doom

Harvester Glasses

Harvester Adoraboots

Graveyard Harvester Beanbag

Shadowglen Harvester Beanbag

Simple Storm Harvester Figure

Gummy Harvester and Ghostlies

Luminaire Sweater Harvester Plushie

Bloodred Harvester Beanbag

Old Harvester Doll

Super-Deformed Harvester Sticker

Steamwork Scribble Harvester Sticker

Harvester Cloak of Darkness

Dawn Harvester Raincloak

Arid Harvester Raincloak

Sun Harvester Raincloak

Dusk Harvester Raincloak

Bloodred Harvester Raincloak

Marsh Harvester Raincloak

Twilight Harvester Raincloak

Lilac Harvester Raincloak

Cream Harvester Raincloak

Golden Harvester Raincloak

Field Harvester Raincloak

Common Harvester Raincloak

Harvester Embellished Cloak

Sun Harvester Elixir

Golden Harvester Elixir

Field Harvester Elixir

Dawn Harvester Elixir

Twilight Harvester Elixir

Arid Harvester Elixir

Cream Harvester Elixir

Dusk Harvester Elixir

Lilac Harvester Elixir

Golden Harvester Plushie

Dawn Harvester Plushie

Lilac Harvester Plushie

Arid Harvester Plushie

Sun Harvester Plushie

Bloodred Harvester Plushie

Common Harvester Plushie

Field Harvester Plushie

Twilight Harvester Plushie

Golden Lifelike Harvester Doll

Lilac Lifelike Harvester Doll

Cream Lifelike Harvester Doll

Dusk Lifelike Harvester Doll

Twilight Lifelike Harvester Doll

Cherry Lifelike Harvester Doll

Nuclear Lifelike Harvester Doll

Arid Lifelike Harvester Doll

Sun Lifelike Harvester Doll

Silver Lifelike Harvester Doll

Marsh Lifelike Harvester Doll

Dawn Lifelike Harvester Doll

Field Lifelike Harvester Doll

Common Lifelike Harvester Doll

Dusk Harvester Beanbag

Dawn Harvester Beanbag

Cream Harvester Beanbag

Arid Harvester Beanbag

Marsh Harvester Beanbag

Twilight Harvester Beanbag

Sun Harvester Beanbag

Common Harvester Beanbag

Field Harvester Beanbag

Golden Harvester Beanbag

Lilac Harvester Beanbag

Sweety Dead Harvester Plushie

Sweetheart Harvester Plushie

Sweetheart Harvester Beanbag

Harvester Cosplay Skelly Doll

Caroling Harvester Plushie

Super-Deformed Harvester Doll

Chibi Harvester Plushie

Steamwork Harvester Beanbag

Nostalgic Harvester Toy

Simple Nightmare Harvester Figure

Pirate Harvester Plushie


Simple Reborn Harvester Figure

Common Harvester Stocking

Twilight Harvester Stocking

Dusk Harvester Stocking

Sun Harvester Stocking

Pet Friends