Polyphox has a minion!

Lustris the Lumimoth


The Galactic Illumis
Owner: Zephyr

Age: 1 year, 3 weeks

Born: July 27th, 2021

Adopted: 1 year, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: July 27th, 2021

Pet Spotlight Winner
July 3rd


  • Level: 45
  • Strength: 77
  • Defense: 34
  • Speed: 25
  • Health: 78
  • HP: 26/78
  • Intelligence: 626
  • Books Read: 625
  • Food Eaten: 80
  • Job: Ardent Art Archivist

black vector imageGalaxy Guardian. Interdimensional Goddess. Time-keeper. Most commonly known as 'Mother Moth'.

As far as she knew, she'd always been here. If she thought too much about her past, it was a blur of faces, events, scenery.... nothing tangible, nothing to really grasp. There was so much. Too much, really. She had been here so long... She floated through the cosmos in a way similar to her memories floating through her mind. After all, when you have the power to control time and space itself, what meaning is there in remembering?

That's why it was easier to just exist, and be, and not question too much. Questions required answers, and answers required thinking, all of which made for an endless cycle of questions that just didn't have an answer. And she had to be ok with that. There is no origin story when your existence transcends the very fabric of reality. Polyphox knew deep down that with great power came great responsibility... and even greater loneliness.

Phox was certain of a few things, however. She was powerful. She was capable of anything, defying what humans would call 'physics'. These laws were merely toys to her, no different than a child tinkering with parts and pieces. She was the mother of millions of creatures, some known and unknown, things hard to describe or even consider. But in all those universes and galaxies, her favorite creature of all was the humble insects called 'moths' in human tongues. She had chosen long ago to resemble her physical form after these creatures, combining elements of the cosmos with these simple yet beautiful beings.

She didn't have many answers to the questions of the universe, instead choosing to just accept and be. And she found a similar mentality in the existence of these moths. They started their life as a caterpillar, ravenous with hunger, existing in bundles of leaves and branches. Their mantra was eat, move, eat, grow, eat, move, repeat. Until nature took over and an invisible force pulled them to their calling. Sort of like how Phox just knew how to transcend time and space, appear in the right galaxy or dimension and create life, design existence. There was no guidebook. There is no answer. The caterpillar knows not why it wraps itself in cocoon, a chrysalis encasing everything it was and will ever be. The caterpillar has no idea it will disintegrate into a mysterious goo, giving life to a brand new form radically different than prior. How could the caterpillar know? How can they imagine a life of hunger turning into flight? How could Polyphox ever put into words the power of the universe, the power of life, of creation?

Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason. The chaos of the universe will not be controlled, determined, or 'understood'. But one thing is certain: life is as magical as it is terrifying.
"There is nothing in the caterpillar that tells you it's going to become a butterfly."

Profile by FallenSamurai
Story by me Zephyr
Quote by R. Buckminster Fuller
Moth Image from Pixabay
Background photo: When Worlds Collide by Dave Morrow

Pet Treasure

Cloud of Nebulous Space Dust

Inverted Galaxy Orb

Galaxy Orb

Plummeting Pallasite

Mini Meteor Souvenir

Starlight Telescope

Pocket Watch

Commemorative Saherimos Hourglass

Sands of Time

Illumis Galactic Fan

Illumis Lilac Butterfly Swords

Illumis Golden Harp

Humming Haunt Moth

Atlas Moth


Golden Goddess

Golden Illumis Plushie

Simple Glade Illumis Figure

Moth-Eaten Book of Moths

Luna Moth

Field Illumis Plushie

Lantern Moth

Saheric Sand Moth

Snow Crystal Moth


Dusk Lifelike Illumis Doll

Lilac Illumis Plushie


Wrapwing Moth


Replica Moth

Paper Cocoon Moth

Fox Moth

Death Head Moth

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