Vyrus has a minion!

Maverick the Telerok


The Custom Nuclear Popoko
Owner: Tiffanythethingthing

Age: 7 months, 3 weeks, 3 days

Born: December 20th, 2021

Adopted: 7 months, 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Adopted: December 20th, 2021


  • Level: 63
  • Strength: 134
  • Defense: 123
  • Speed: 119
  • Health: 120
  • HP: 120/120
  • Intelligence: 148
  • Books Read: 138
  • Food Eaten: 343
  • Job: Seamless Seamstress

illustration drawn by phoenixsoar on deviantartName: Vyrus (pronounced Vee-roos)Surname: N/AGender: Cis MaleEye Color: Orange with black scleraHair Color: Raven BlackHeight: 94 cm Weight: 34 lbs.Age: 7 (physically 18-20)Sexuality: PolysexualRace: Thing-ThingStory: heh... I've been through a horror story myself, this is gonna give me an anxiety attack for me to tell the story!fine! i'm so not gonna like it... here we go!once, i was created in Systems Corp. Genetics Research Building A where the pain suffering and misery has started, they yanked me and restrained me in that chair that gripped me so hard that i'm unable to break free as i got forced to watch that heap of propaganda on the TV which eventually brainwashed me to become one of the mercs, and here i am following orders like i'm a mindless pawn who is enslaved and manipulated until at one pointTHIS IS A WIPCredits:background by wallpaper accesstext color by colors dot arty click

Pet Treasure

Homemade Green Pea Soup

Small Wooden Keg

Mini Kilt Novelty Pouch

Limey Hard Candy

Poopile Snowball


Dung Fruit

Crappy Plushie

Petrified Turd

Pink Elephant Plushie

Likes To Battle Statement Tee

Likes Boys Statement Tee

Likes Girls Statement Tee

Polysexual Pride Sash

Large Folded Polysexual Pride Flag

Polysexual Pride Flag

Dinkle Flower



Instant Crunches Muscle Tonic

Bite Me Sticky

Japanese Textbook

Russian Textbook

Sad Face Eraser

Angry Face Eraser

Happy Face Eraser

Mighty Fine Booty Sticker

Evil Love Sticker

I Heart Green Sticker

They Them Pronoun Sticker

He Him Pronoun Sticker

Blue Magnifying Glass


Metal Workers Kit

Lilac Hobby Paint Kit

Golden Metal Paint

Twilight Metal Paint

Marsh Metal Paint

Box of Golden Scrap Metal

Bottled Skele-Bits

Bottled Duckie

Bottled Cream Quill

Bottled Alien

Bottled Spaceship

Bottled Moon Rock

Bottled Vacuum

Clear Glass Bell Flask

Empty Corked Glass Bottle

Clear Glass Square Bottle

Purple Sand B Gone Soap

Blue Sand B Gone Soap

Pink Sand B Gone Soap

White Sand B Gone Soap


Green Dangle Dice

Green Polka Dot Fashion Mask

Nostalgic Zasaba Toy

Montre Air Freshener

Red Sunglasses

Blue Mirrored Ray Buns

Blue Sunscreen

Nettle Fluffmuffs

Plain Black Cap

Field Visor

Olive Fur Hooded Jacket

Cozy Black Pants

Black Subeta Sweatpants

Dark Wash Flood Jeans

Black Cargo Shorts

Blue Worn-Out Belt

Striped Belt

Small White Mesh Boxers

Small Lime Mesh Boxers

Small Orange Mesh Boxers

Small Navy Mesh Boxers

Small Gray Mesh Boxers

Small Teal Mesh Boxers

Golden Cheetah Bottoms

Orange Cheetah Bottoms

Brown Cheetah Bottoms

Dusk Kanis Slippers

Black Strapped Boots

Green Comfy Flipflops

Green Fluff Boots

Ex Stompin Shoes

Black Plastic Shoes

Single Blue Sheeta Sneaka (Right)

Green Snowshoes

White Mid-Calf Socks

Plain Gray Knee Highs

Turquoise Fingerless Gloves

Slate Spiked Gloves

Teal Striped Gloves

Tattered and Toothy Bandana

Green Neckerchief Bandana

Green Square Scarf

Orange Leopard Print Scarf

Black Cropped Jacket

Black Boxy Cropped Jacket

Green Tie-Dye Shirt

Blue Alien T-shirt

Red Get Mugged Logo Tee

Dead Squid T-shirt

Berry Layered Shirts

White Carni Shirt

Gray Flood Jeans

Medium Skinnies

Slate Hiking Backpack

Gourmet Chive Cream Cheese

Hot Sauce Packets

Relish Packets

Sweet and Sour Sauce

Medium Salsa

Black Raspberry Soda

Delicious Raspberry Tea

Iced Purple Pus Tea

Blueberry Pie Soft Drink

Blood Mint

Unfinished Dessert



Chinese Take-Out

Fried Rice

Steamed Rice


Fried Fester

Turkey Sub


Seagull Bait

Half-Eaten Sandwich

Sad Empty Basket

Stained Napkin

Call Me Sticky

Flip Cup

Flying Beer Pong

Beer Pong

Cask of Rum

Beer Keg

Wine Glass

Empty Beer Bottle

Empty Champagne Bottle

Green 2010 Fancy Glass


Dirty Martini

Commemorative Freyalise Stein

Veta Lake Collectible Stein

Beer Flavored Ale

Dry Gin




Red Wine

Dark Elegance

Regular Bleer

Regular Stale Ale

Stained Glass Whiskey Glass

Shot of Whiskey

Fruit-Infused Rum

Homemade Dark Rum



Distilled Rum

Six Pack of Pilsner

Velvet Whiskey with a Teal Bag

Ice Bag

Ad for Racer Headset (Left)

Bad Taxidermy Fawn

Natural Rustic Bricks

Handmade Clothespin Caddy

Wooden Clothespin

Wall Mountable Bottle Opener

Decorative Chopsticks

Bucket Hat

Poop Toilet Paper

Broken Arid Light Bulb


Sodden Origami Bird

Mantikitten Kibble

Singed Green Carpet Scrap

Useless Wires

Used Bottle Cap

Used Cotton Swab

Green Bauble

Fancy Painted Planet Ornament

Candy Skull Ornament

Field Bunny Ornament

Green Koi Fish Ornament

I Love Aliens Turquoise Pennant

Old CD Case

Bairin Pence

Rice Flour Straws

Ruby Birthstone Collectible Mug

Toothy Mug

Turquoise Alien Mug

Traditional Teacup

Circuitboard Mug

Rain Scented Candle

Purple Gradated Love Candle

Twilit Beach Bumbuswax Candle

Cog Candle Holder

Gourd Witch Misty Incense

Cinnamon Incense

Spring Oil Diffuser

Copper Incense Burner

Chestnut Incense Burner

Rabbit Novelty Pouch

Tiger Novelty Pouch

Monkey Novelty Pouch

Snake Novelty Pouch

Third Leg Novelty Pouch

Stallion Novelty Pouch

Stinging Crop

Raucous Blindfold

Rowdy Night Bit

Rowdy Night Cuff

Rowdy Night Bulge

Rowdy Night Modesty Tape

Magical Duct Tape

Strawberry Slippy Gel

Vanilla Slippy Gel

Sweet Mint Slippy Gel

Cinnamon Slippy Gel

Coffee Slippy Gel

Cool Neon Handcuffs

Dusk Box of Tissues

Spider Clock

Wastepaper Bin

Black EyeScream Sleeping Mask

Anxe Pillow

Fleece Swirl Throw


Steamwork Radio

Black Oil Lamp

Field Subeta Shampoo

Field Subeta Conditioner

Lilac Subeta Shampoo

Lilac Subeta Conditioner

Cherry Stylist Shampoo

Green Soap

Sea Spray Scented Jar of Bath Salts

Artisan Banana Soap

Green Shower Puff

Cybill Sponge

Orange Towel

Nail Clippers

Minty Toothpaste

Green Mint Toothpaste

Green Toothbrush

Bamboo Fiber Toothbrush

Toilet Plunger

Twilight Toilet Paper

Common Toilet Paper

Dawn Toilet Paper

Lilac Toilet Paper

Field Toilet Paper

Dusk Toilet Paper

Recycled Toilet Roll

Bamboo Toilet Roll

Spotless Toilet

Cinnamon Subreze

Grapefruit-Scented Natural Cleaning Spray

Wooden Piggy Bank

Purple Jump Rope

Nodding Kumos

Mini Gelatin Figurine

Super-Deformed Cadogre Doll

Super-Deformed Fester Doll

Simple Bloodred Xotl Figure

Orange Lava Lamp

Fire Extinguisher

Green Household Broom

Pedal Bin

Flaming Dishwasher

Replica Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Wood-Fired Pizza Fuel


Iron Kettle

Twilight Mini Blender

Hand Juicer

Cocktail Shaker

Corn Sugar

Malt Extract

Scoop of Hops

Seasonal Bottle of Eggnog Syrup

Get Mugged Irish Cream Syrup

Pump Bottle of Pineapple Syrup

Cherry Flavored Syrup

Small Bottle of Orange Syrup

Honey and Lemon Tea Bag

Peppermint Tea Bag

Tin of French Vanilla Hot Chocolate

Cinna-Blob Cereal

Cork Screw

Blue Place Setting

Plain Chopsticks

Snap Chopsticks

Bamboo Chopsticks

Bonito Furikake

Vegetable Furikake

Salmon Furikake

Egg Furikake

Soy Sauce

Blue Beer Helmet

Cringing Constrictor



Celestial Bookmark

Naptime Beanbag

Neon Hand Woven Afghan

Turquoise Tangerine Ear Buds

Radio Headphones

Portable DVD Player

Black Game Controller

Red Rad Wireless Controller


The Joys of Bra Collecting

Index of Viruses

Guide to Reading Maps

Stories of Despair I

Stories of Despair II

Scary Tales

Covering Hickeys

Ai no Torrey Koibito

Dealing with Hangovers

Twilight Radio-Controlled Car

Snowflaik Snow Globe

Twilight Montre Plushie

Paranoid Pig Plushie

Green Snake Plushie

Gray-Brown Saber-Toothed Tiger Plushie

Silly Black and White Kitty Plushie

Red Derpy Puppy Plushie

Marsh Terracoon Plushie

Hamster Plushie

Navy Old Kitten Doll

Hydrus Aeanoid Plushie

Twilight Mortiking Plushie

Twilight Love-Me-Lots Chai Plushie

Tainted Pirate Teddy Plushie

Green Space Bunny Plushie

Twilight Lasirus Plushie

Silver Dragarth Plushie

Dark Abomination Charlie Plushie

Demented Field Torrey Plushie

Blacklight Warador Plushie

Dusk Tigrean Beanbag

Spider Mooshiboi

Demonic Plushie

Red Gas Mask Zombie Plushie

Nostalgic Cadogre Toy

Grinning Blob Doll

Rubber Mallarchy

Clouds Deck Box

Censored Trow

Zombie Action Figure

Future Zombie Victim Action Figure

Loyal Dog Action Figure

Spiffy Cardboard Box

Game Clutter

Subeta Tribune

Finger Pet Toothbrush

Double-Sided Pet Toothbrush

Bovyne-Flavored Pet Toothpaste

Torrent-Flavored Pet Toothpaste

Mallarchy-Flavored Pet Toothpaste

Ruffie Food Bowl

Mallarchy and Carrots Wet Dog Food

Beaubell Buffet Canned Dog Food

Endless Seas Dry Dog Food

Medium Dog Dental Sticks

Large Dog Crescent and Bone Biscuits

Bonealicious Candy Ruffie Bone

Ruffie Squeaky Bone

Turf Pad

Holiday Doggy Sweater

Bones Retractable Leash

Bloodred Pet Harness

Bell ID Tag

Green Rad Game System

Green Plastic Bottle Opener

Professor New Heartbreaker Forgotten Tech

Bottled H2O

Bubble Gum

Crisp Apple Quick Energy Bar

Fruity Hiking Trail Mix

Jerkied Beef

Chocolate Dipped Biscuit Sticks

Sesame Seed Senbei

Bag of Chips

Innards Zucker

Bubble Gum Lollipop Bundle

Random Candies

Groovy Grape Subar

Apple Fruit Chews

Black Candy Bar

Rugged Solar Charger

Green Wireless Ear Buds

Green Tangerine Keyboard Phone

Aqua S-Pod

Field Gamepet

Teal SGreat Bottle

Elmos Flask

Weathered Sailors Flask

Silver Bullet

Sneak Thief Pick Set

Plastic Feli Keychain

Clear Glass Vial

Empty Vial

White Arm Cast

Suture Kit

Steel-Handled Scalpel

Butterfly Bandages

Professor New Heartbreaker Nose Plaster

Round Striped Bandage

Sticky Bandage


Green Bunny Adhesive Bandages

First Aid Kit


Surgically Clean Bandage

Large First Aid Kit

Hydrocortisone Cream

Antibiotic Ointment

Insect Repellent

Extra Strength Pain Pills

Regular Strength Pain Pills

Acetaminophen Travel Pack

Pink Bismuth Travel Pack

Ibuprofen Travel Pack

Aller-Away Double Pack

Booger -B- Gone

Green Stethoscope

Digital Thermometer

Tongue Depressor

DIY Breathing Kit

Bag of Blood

Bag of Plasma

Field Feli Hot Water Bottle

Black-Lens Gas Mask

Light Gray Food Tubby

Dark Gray Food Tubby

Iron Pot

Iron Saute Pan

Large Iron Pan

Fish Fry Mix

Garlic Butter Marinade

Omen Islands Obscured Cavern Scouting Gear

Romero Shipwreck Map Divider

Tactical Utility Shovel

White Tied Hiking Stick

Romero Shipwreck Compass

Black Flashlight

Brass New Year Lantern

Instant Nutrition Packet

Collagen Sausage Casings

Homemade Tomato Soup

Homemade Butternut Squash Soup

Deluxe Survival Kit

Rugged Survival Kit

Basic Survival Kit

Camping Stove

Portable Camping Stove

Spatula of Pete

Cheap Fishing Pole

Fish Hook of Guilt

Blue Bobber

Can of Worms

Yellow Tackle

White Tackle Box

Bed Roll

Forest Mummy Sleeping Bag

Dusk Dome Tent

Mosquito Coil

Field Oven Mitts

Copper Saute Pan

Metal Tongs

Analog Meat Thermometer


Slots Spork

Heavy Duty Metal Tent Pegs

Simple Metal Tent Pegs

Rubber Mallet

White Battery Backup System

Green Mouse Pad

Graveyard Mouse Pad

Green Tangerine Egg Mouse

Turquoise Tangerine Laptop

Black Laptop

Can of Dust Killer Spray

Computer Polish

Green Wireless Router


Purple Webcam

Retractable Cable

Infrared Scanning Chip Mask

USB Memory Stick


USB Adapter



Surge Protector






Blank CD

Magical CD

Professor New Heartbreaker Cryptic Square

Purple Floppy Disk

Green Floppy Disk

Yellow Floppy Disk

Blue Floppy Disk

Red Floppy Disk

Advanced Yellow Floppy Disk

Advanced Gray Floppy Disk

Advanced Blue Floppy Disk

Advanced Red Floppy Disk

Triple Arrow

Camouflage Bombs

Little Escarcha Favorite Baseball Bat

Dual Flintlock Pistols

Plasma Grenade Launcher

Sawed Off Double Barrel Shotgun

Dusk Six-Shooter

Hearts Revenge Gunblade

Turquoise Thug Plastic Raygun

Charlie Crossbow

Bot-Blaster V013

Green Bone Hook

Flaming Vampyre Cocktail

Pepper Spray

Hand-honed Miniature Sica


Spiked Mallet

Chaff Grenade

Pirate Cave Bomb

Explosive Flopit Figurine

Slicing Light of Dark Doom

Cutesy Funnel

Marble Mortar and Pestle

Strange Stained Yellow Nitrile Gloves

Essence of Toxic Love

Jar of Dried Deadly Nightshade

Necrotic Throwing Vial

Mutagenic Throwing Vial

Acidic Throwing Vial

Sweet Toxic Science Shot

Toxic Love Potion

Orange Liquid-Filled Rounded Flask

Orange Liquid-Filled Glass Beaker

Poison Apothecary Bottle

Toxic Apothecary Bottle

Acid Apothecary Bottle

Eau De Toxic

Strange Glowing Vial

Death Perfume

Chilled Rodent Poison

Fester Poison

Gourd Witch Earthen Liquid

Toy Chibi Graveyard Potion

Toy Chibi Bloodred Potion

Squid Ink

Bottled Sewer Water

Dusk Sheeta Toe-Jam

Small Bottle of Liquid Shadow

Fake Bloodred Potion

Bowl of Ebola

Dire Worm Eggs

Rot Powder

Orange Tincture

Green Tincture

Blue Tincture

Yellow Tincture

White Tincture

Black Tincture

Brown Tincture


Hemlock Poison Vial Kit

Ricin Poison Bottle Kit

Pet Friends

what impressive media she made here! :D

what a nutty kid

she maybe cray-cray and unstable, but she's cool *scared of her a bit*

we used to be foes here and now we have our regrets hating on each other

show off... :unamused:

no hard feelings, right?... :confused:

dayum kid, where are your parents!? 0xo

Somebody has the heart to not discriminate and misunderstand me like everyone else ^_^

such a badass around here :]