Getoff has a minion!

Flutter the Verdi


The Glade Blob
Owner: Lypsyl

Age: 11 months, 1 week, 2 days

Born: April 22nd, 2022

Adopted: 11 months, 1 week, 2 days ago

Adopted: April 22nd, 2022

Pet Spotlight Winner
March 15th


  • Level: 480
  • Strength: 1,200
  • Defense: 1,200
  • Speed: 1,195
  • Health: 1,200
  • HP: 1,181/1,200
  • Intelligence: 1,173
  • Books Read: 1112
  • Food Eaten: 3
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

Many seasons ago, old Getoff had a real name, but no one remembered it. Not even himself. All he really remembered from those early years was fear. He was so tiny and delicate and those feet were so big and clumsy. He enjoyed being admired from afar, but as those feet got closer and closer he got more and more fearful, until he couldn't stand it anymore and yelled at them:

"Get off my lawn you clumsy kids!"

Now every season when he bloomed they called him Getoff and laughed and ran away. Leaving him alone on his pristine lawn.

Story by: Lypsyl
Profile by: SubetaLodge
Gnome Image by: KiaArra

Pet Treasure

Special Fantastical Grass

Blade of Grass

Blades of Grass

Turf Pad

Mowed Blade of Grass

Long Blade of Grass

Long Coiled Hose


Liberated Garden Gnome

Horticulturists Tools

Wheelbarrow Farm Tool

Luna Moth

Pet Friends