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The Flood

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Age: 2 years, 1 month, 1 week

Born: June 12th, 2022

Adopted: 2 years, 1 month, 1 week ago

Adopted: June 12th, 2022

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  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
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  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

note: This is very experimental writing, I'm not a writer and not everything is supposed to make sense. Make your own interpretation and it will be correct! Thanks for reading~

"what lies beyond
the fringe of the woods?"

Some of us remember the initial flood better than others, due to either age or accessibility. But we can all remember the first time we dipped our toes in the vast, deep blue ocean that is the internet. A vast world of possibilities opening before our eyes, even if sometimes we couldn't see it, see all the possibilities of what lays beyond the cold shore you find yourself into, it all surging like a fountain.

Yet you decided to venture.
The gift of discovery can be overwhelming at times. Where to go? How to proceed? How to navigate?

It's a new world, you are free to leave your old self behind, start anew and pick what kind of diver you will be, how it will show through the crystalline waters or how you'll hide in the murky depths.
If you are here it means you decided to leave your frigid frozen world behind and come with me, letting new ideas and ideals flow liquid. We dived into the flood.

"dust to dust
so we leave for good"

"deep blue diver, with their hopes in your hands
won't you take me with you to another land?"

Do you remember the last time you felt your blood getting cold? That shocking sensation of an unwelcomed, sudden surprise that made your whole body feel a sudden break, almost as if your soul had just escaped through your nose?
I am feeling that now.

The shallow was deeper than I could have ever expected, I took a step forward just to fall for what seemed like hours and hours. Innocent, unprepared, and unarmed, I just jumped to a depth I had never experienced before, the blue light around me becoming dimmer by the second.

This is how I ended up in uncharted lands; it's how we find new experiences; it's how a place that was supposed to be just a fun little pastime slowly but surely becomes a place where I'm immersed in information, new relationships; and fresh new discoveries.
I found a community where I expected nothing, I am no longer the lonely weird kid, I found you, and many others like us. I finally stopped wondering if there's something wrong with me. I found friends, and the words of warning "do not talk to strangers on the internet" from our parents just lost their meaning.

Here, deep down at the internet's base, at it's floor, I'm hunting for more pearls.

"join me
there is nothing we can't do"

"claim my land of frozen soil
rest my eyes on this grand view, making it mine"

Sometimes we do find what we've been searching for, and sometimes it's just too much to handle.

The freshly found place for expression and freedom quickly became overshadowed by impositions and rules that aren't communicated anywhere, but you were required to follow, somehow expected to foresee things no one would've guessed.
Discovering that malice and expectations are still present here, so far down... I just froze.

When you idealize a green field of flourishing flowers you expect it do be, well, evergreen. And when winter comes and freezes everything... It all dies very fast.
But maybe it is a good thing.

After being used to floating in such depths of this liquid world, my mind went in denial when suddenly the so called evil took the form of an ice lightning, touching down the bottom and spreading it's freezing crystals all around it. But I learned that it's ok to freeze, it's ok to lock your ideas and projects in place when the currents become too disruptive for you to persist.

I welcome the frozen vastness, and prepare to blossom once again.

"through all the shallow depths i had to wade
this could have become my darkest hour"

"tap your glass let us see you unfold
shall i tap my glass and give it my all?"

The seasons always change, just like the sun rises and falls from the sky every night. The harshness of the cold will always give way to the melting warmth that radiates through your body once again.

Plans, resolutions, promises... All inorganic, lacking the heart that beats inside of you and me, the unique compass that guides us through our very own journeys, letting us know when the time to share and live has come.

I put this very message you are reading right now inside a bottle, but not of glass, a bottle of information, codes, ones and zeros forming what I see when I look inside myself, this flood of ideals, and what I desperately crave to share through this glass window you are looking at right now. Tap it, let me know you are here.
Although almost everyone sees it as a window, some can only interpret it as a black mirror reflecting the negativity they can see inside themselves, pitch black vague human shapes.
I can see them approaching...

"now will the flood come
swallow down all our sorrows"

"dash the surface for the self to show
displays a vague shadow I should know"

I close my eyes. I want to believe. I close my eyes so the figures will go away.
I open.

I cannot see how a place like this would inspire any malice. I cannot see how a paradise would be ruined just for vanity. I cannot see how once chained people, now free, would become evil.
I cannot see

I rather not see, instead I bask in the warming light of what seems to be a perfect opportunity, one that only comes once in a lifetime.
It has been so cold, but now it's finally warm, it has to be real. It has to be everlasting! I embrace them, I do not see them for what they are. Maybe in the light they can finally see... I will show them.

"across the bottomless blue, seeking the truth I turn to you
reflected back on your shine, I'm making it up, your design"

"our finds beneath the cloak of night
has our minds in control"

Their visage is now nothing but a memory of a past that seems more distant than it could ever be. The black silhouettes are now in me, in my shadow - they follow me wherever I go, ruining my mental and intangible paint of a possible paradise.

Words that are like the claws of a beast, as ugly as blood spilling over the starlit blanket of a night sky, using my ideas and emotions against me. They don't see the possibilities I wanted to show them, their goals and aspirations being violently opposed to my arrogant idea of an utopia.

All I can do now is crawl, obscured by the laughs and pointing fingers of strange figures I can't recall ever knowing - why do they hate me so much? Why do they hate?
I close my eyes as hard as I can, but my ears open twice the size; I hold on thight to my dreams even as they fade. There's nothing to do now but survive.

"we guard them with weary eyes
and we watch them grow"

"We push our heads in the sand
there's nothing here to seek"

Hiatus. A break. Some time off. Call it whatever you fancy, stepping away from things is a necessary part of the life, even for an explorer.
Too much of Eden proved a mistake even for the first humans. Time spoils everything, brings rotting to a pristine place.

This something was becoming a violent bother for you.
Now with your gold under one arm and time in your pocket, you exist outside of the land you once dreamed of conquering.

Stay low, simmer down, and return once your brain is back in place.

"Waste my youth chasing kites
I know you'll blow out of my hands"

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