Tovarisch has a minion!

Storozhevoy the Mister Shady Guy


The Nuclear Endeavor
Owner: Atomic

Age: 12 years, 1 day

Born: July 10th, 2008

Adopted: 12 years, 1 day ago (Legacy)

Adopted: July 10th, 2008 (Legacy)


  • Level: 769
  • Strength: 1,922
  • Defense: 1,922
  • Speed: 1,920
  • Health: 1,922
  • HP: 1,912/1,922
  • Intelligence: 794
  • Books Read: 736
  • Food Eaten: 16
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

Tovarisch: Russian for "Comrade"; term used to address fellow Communist Party members

The Motherland still calls in my memories, always and forever

Please take a moment to remember Comrades Petrov and Arkhipov. Whoever you are, wherever you're from, these men probably saved (or enabled) your life.

Original photo credit: Reuters/Alexander Natruskin
Pet and Minion overlays made by Atomic
Missile image credit: tiger head @

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Pet Treasure

Caring Havarr Plushie

Rusty Submarine Model

Shimmering Coin

Luminaire Star

Stained Glass Cookie

Plas-Tek Winged Toothed Sickle Blade

Rock Sculpting Hammer

Intrepid Soldier Automatic Rifle

Intrepid Soldier Model Tank

Wild Ace Model Airplane

Plumes of Rose Train Smoke

Rocket Launcher

Romero Post Mortem Warhead

Love Rocket


Two Panel Satellite

Little Laika Doll

Space Monkey

Professor Spaceman Action Companion


Gold Medallion Trinket

Elegant Brass Pocket Watch

Black Ushanka

Blood Officer Cap

Black Military Pea Coat

Black Laced Combat Boots

Red-Lens Gas Mask

Army Jacket

Khaki Green Buckle Polishing Kit


Assault Luminaire Tank

Star Gazer Meter Reader

Red Knee Star

Burning Star Rod

Red Saheric Small Star Lantern

Red Twinkle Earrings

Red Star Balloon

Star Pin

Red Glow-in-the-Dark Temporary Star Tattoo

Red Star Belt

Sugar Coated Cherry Star

Brown Hibearnating Plushie

Birch Cross Section

Bark of Birch

Sheaf of Ripe Wheat


Buckwheat Groats


Shot of Vodka

Jar of Pickles

Artisan Marble Rye Bread



Black Dark-Soled Ice Skates

Hockey Stick

Hockey Puck

Hockey Net

Old Wooden Nesting Dolls

Autumn Nesting Dolls

Red Ytiva Stacking Doll

Orange Ytiva Stacking Doll

Yellow Ytiva Stacking Doll

Green Ytiva Stacking Doll

Blue Ytiva Stacking Doll

Purple Ytiva Stacking Doll

NPC Matryoshka Dolls

Pet NPC Matryoshka Dolls

Pet Matryoshka Dolls

Minion Matryoshka Dolls

Nestler Nesting Dolls

Major Drills Badges Of Honor

Gold Panzer Hydra Medal Replica

Silver Panzer Hydra Medal Replica

Bronze Panzer Hydra Medal Replica

Brass Panzer Hydra Medal Replica

Veterans Medals

Red Ziaran Honors Medal

Gold Ziaran Honors Medal

Purple Ziaran Honors Medal

Blue Ziaran Honors Medal

Green Ziaran Honors Medal

White Ziaran Honors Medal

Black Ziaran Honors Medal

Royal Blue Ziaran Honors Medal

Red Decorative Medal

Blue Decorative Medal

White Decorative Medal

Purple Decorative Medal

Orange Decorative Medal

Yellow Decorative Medal

Green Decorative Medal

Red Atebus Revolution Medal

Gold Atebus Revolution Medal

Purple Atebus Revolution Medal

Blue Atebus Revolution Medal

White Atebus Revolution Medal

Black Atebus Revolution Medal

Royal Blue Atebus Revolution Medal

Green Atebus Revolution Medal

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