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Foodie the Axsan


The Blacklight Fester
Owner: operationivy

Age: 11 years, 10 months, 2 weeks

Born: July 17th, 2008

Adopted: 11 years, 10 months, 2 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: July 17th, 2008 (Legacy)


  • Level: 36
  • Strength: 28
  • Defense: 39
  • Speed: 14
  • Health: 17
  • HP: 17/17
  • Intelligence: 51
  • Books Read: 47
  • Food Eaten: 3034
  • Job: Private Shopper

My love for fine food started when I was a mere infant. You see my Mother would feed me delightful things even when I was still on a bottle. Mother had this marvelous way to puree thing and make them taste divine!! When I got to be a tiny tot, she was making all types of delicacies for me from shellfish to amazing and exotiic dishes from places like the Omen Island and Atebus. I knew I was a food junkie when I was only 1-year-old!! Food delighted me and everything was so delicious, tempting and tantalizing! Even as a young toddler my Mother would have me in our gourmet kitchen with her and she would let me help her with simple things with her creations. This made me so happy to be in my favorite room of our home, helping to create scrumptious things for the family to eat!!When I was 5-years-old my Mother signed me up for gourmet cooking classes for children and this was so EXCITING for me of course as food had always been my passion!!! I was so happy to meet other young people that were just as enthusiastic about food as I was!!! The teacher, Mr. Turnipseed said I showed great promise and he said I was one of the most talented students he had ever taught and this made my heart AND stomach jump for joy!! Things were turning out great for me and I was loving every second of it. To make things even better our teacher Mr. Turnipseed told us about a cooking contest and there would be prizes and even a cash prize and of course a glorious trophy. I made a delightful caramel cappuccino shuffle and a tropical fruit salad and some kiwi-mango tarts that just blew the judges away and I was able to get first place and I was so jubilant and I had tears of JOY when they announced that I had won!! It was not MY FAULT that some of the other contestants had ruined their dishes with mistakes and some of the others had burned their dishes and just didn't season them properly. Not to sound stuck up, but I had to play to win of course!!! My parents were so ELATED to hear that I had won first place and they INSISTED on putting on trophy and first place certificate in our living room so they could brag about their talented child!! I didn't mind one bit, as I enjoyed all the attention of course!! I was a very good student but I was not athletic or popular like lots of the other youngsters, so being a young gourmet cook was my happy place in my young life. Since my Mother was an executive chef and my Dad was as CEO of a large corporation they always asked if I would mind cooking up gourmet delights for their parties and of course I was always happy to oblige them and to spend all day in the kitchen, cooking to my heart's delight. I enjoyed the OOH's and AAH's from our guests during the soiree's too and they always asked for my recipes and of course I was willing to share them with fellow foodies!!!!

Pet Treasure

Sweet Petal Tea

Overly Sweet Pastry


Mint Eleflower Plushie

Lime Pot Pie

Bovyne Steak

Homemade Dried Fruit

Watermelon Swampie Fetus Gummy

Shengui Guo Luminaire Apples

Pork Roast

Mocha Frap Get Mugged Pint

Small Iron Pan

Heart Shaped Salad Set

Coffee Fireside Teacake

Large Iron Pan

Chocolate Chip Waffle

Pickled Pie

Fresh Scallops

Basic Rolling Pin

Manual Meat Grinder

Coffee Caramel Trifle

Glass Pastry Stand

Black Truffle

Heavily Garnished Salmon Steak

Mixed Herbs

Champagne Chocolate Truffle

Filet Mignon with Wine Sauce

Wooden Spoon

Pie Pan

Metal Tongs


Pet Friends

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