Legacy Name: Oceana

The Aqua Mahar
Owner: Iridescent

Age: 14 years, 6 months, 2 weeks

Born: July 17th, 2008

Adopted: 3 years, 6 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: July 17th, 2019


  • Level: 5
  • Strength: 12
  • Defense: 13
  • Speed: 14
  • Health: 15
  • HP: 15/15
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed


Overlay of.

She was one of many children born to Father Time and the Goddess of the Hearth. They were a large but tight-knit family and each child was taught that they were special. The winter solstice brought their powers to full bearing and they used much of this to send blessings to the land. They used magic to create a special breed of winged deer that could fly and carry many times their weight to bring supplies to villages that might be suffering during the harshest time of year. The pair were loving, but like all gods they had to put their duties before their family, teaching them that discipline must go hand in hand with passion. Of course the 2 boys and 3 girls did end up looking after one another, especially when winter reached it's peak and their parents were busy doing magic for the world. They had everything anyone could have wanted and were encouraged to be the best at everything they did.

They lived and went to school with the other kids in the remote but busy town. Some of them knew magic but most didn't and were just normal, mortal people. No one was treated any differently for being gifted or other or human, it was a very special and ancient place high in the snowy mountains. The children seemed naturally competitive and excelled at their studies and were wildly talented. The eldest girl was Penny, the next was Coral, and two of them were best friends. Eventually their parents helped them use magic to teleport them to another world where they could pursue their dreams. They lived together for years as they honed their talents and skills. Penny was a skilled magician and singer, not to mention she was beautiful, blonde with blue eyes and a country charm to her smile. Her magic was breathtaking and dramatic. Coral was a red-head, a skilled swimmer, and horse-woman. She joined the local swim team and began to learn how to take care of her own garden. She was delighted to discover she had a natural green thumb.

Penny and Coral shared a house for many years. They began as all did, in a small apartment but they were determined to make it and they did. Penny became famous, doing magic at large venues and for celebrity clients. She became a star and even had papparazzi following her around. They remodeled a beautiful large house in the hills and Penny ended up dating their interior decorator. The two married and had a child before they decided it was time to move. Coral was world class chef, using food she grew herself in her recipes. They were both famous by that point, (and Penny's wife a remarkable real estate agent), and were very wealthy, which while advantageous could also be very limiting. It didn't feel right to have to raise their children or live their lives behind fences or being followed by strangers. It was especially unsettling after the solitude and wholesomeness of their own childhood. It was a hard decision but Coral decided to use the move as an opportunity to leave the safety of her sister and her family and follow her dream of living on an island. It would be scary but if not now, when? she asked herself.

After much thought and planning the two decided to leave their world behind once more. Penny was a very strong magician by then and understood her sister's need to venture out and find her own adventure so she agreed to use her magic to help. Coral was going to another world.

She arrived in the morning, the magenta glow of the sunrise lit the sandy dunes and as she turned she saw the ocean, vast and dark. Birds were calling, the breeze was warm, and she watched the sun come up and turn the water indigo and sky blue. She only had herself to depend on now, no one would know her or her family here, she could be anyone she wanted. She smiled as she began the walk into town. Time to buy a boat, find a job, and a place to stay.

Coral fit into the island world easily. People were always visiting and moving to and from the multiple islands and she was just one more city girl come to live the island life. She loved it! Right away she learned how to scuba dive and started out making a living collecting fish for vendors, selling sea shells, and harvesting kelp for mermaids.

The first time she saw a mermaid she was diving around a popular tourist area. The mermaid was a frequent visitor and was used to people approaching and starting conversations, even encouraging Coral to come talk to her. She was small with pale blue skin and a darker tail with glimmers of gold catching the light. She was very enthusiastic and bubbly, she loved talking to the tourists and exchanging stories. As Coral got better at diving she began to explore other dive spots and ended up meeting quite a few different mermaids and mermen. As the years passed she proved to herself that she could make it on her own.

Over time she'd become a part of the fabric of the archipelago of islands she dove around and she felt that the locals had accepted her as one of their own. She thought about her past, her own earthy kind of magic, and the magic of her family. The mermaids had their own kind of magic. They had let on that there were secret islands and hidden sunken ships that only mermaids could see. She'd heard stories of treasure chests filled with gold and she knew she wanted to find them all.

Coral was diving for shells when she noticed a shark prowling the area. A nearby merman was collecting kelp nearby and didn't see the shark. Coral took a deep breath of the oxygen tank air, she had an idea. An idea that could go terribly wrong. Before she could think about it too long and change her mind, she called upon her magic. She felt the earth magic embrace the life-filled water around her. She turned towards the shark and sent out a gentle nudge for him to look over his shoulder. It turned and seeing the mermaid began to change direction.

The shark was closing in on the merman who had entered an underwater cove of coral. The deep seaweed obscured the entrance. When he saw the shark he yelled and Coral rushed from her spot outside. Using a harpoon she kept for emergencies she drove the shark away.
The mermaid helps her find a long lost map that can turn her into a mermaid. Once she's mermaid the rest of the world will be revealed to her.

Pet Treasure


Great White Shark

Pet Friends