Cher has a minion!

Jin chan the Money Frog

Legacy Name: Templeton

The Custom Glacier Tigrean
Owner: Trickster

Age: 13 years, 9 months, 1 week

Born: August 16th, 2008

Adopted: 1 year, 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: September 5th, 2020


  • Level: 1,545
  • Strength: 3,712
  • Defense: 3,457
  • Speed: 3,415
  • Health: 4,700
  • HP: 4,700/4,700
  • Intelligence: 2,733
  • Books Read: 2327
  • Food Eaten: 9104
  • Job: Director of SAI

All I remember back then was the silence.

Forests painted pure white and the sound of snow crunching with every step I took,

I carried the rifle that my grandfather had inherited from me to hunt food for that winter, a bit of deer meat that, when frozen, could last for months.

Much better than pidgeons, I though.

My fingers held the metal weapon firmly as I entered a path where I knew that deer used to pass,

We ourselves left a hole in the frozen river for the beasts to quench their thirst and give us the opportunity to hunt them.

Because everything in life had a why and a reason,

my grandfather used to tell me that,

You will hunt today but sooner or later something bigger will hunt you, Cher.

Cher ...

I still close my eyes and I remember those moments in our home, a vague memory that sheltered my nostalgic heart. A fire flashing as it burns dry wood and our old hound dog, Tobias sleeping near it.

You were there too.

With a smile always on your face, hanging our frozen jackets to dry while the meat simmered on the stove.

We were supposed to go together that day, but you knew that old man had gone to town without his keys and you didn't want him to stay outside waiting for us.

The snow was beginning to fall again.

I saw a deer, a female, drinking from the pond that we had created.

My rifle was raised carefully, without making the slightest sound, I calibrated the weapon patiently, without haste, even knowing that this could be the last option to feed my family for that winter.

I took a deep breath before preparing to shoot.


Blood stained the snow white as I prepared to quickly clean the corpse.I silently thanked him with each cut, her life will now feeding my family after all.

I put the animal on my little sleigh, ready to go home...

And then, a strange smell tickled my nose, wood burning in the distance

I foolishly thought, that our grandfather had come back from town.


Only fire danced at that moment,

Seducing me while stunned for saw our home burn in flames.

I ran as fast as the snow allowed me

But there was nothing left.


....A demon.

About him

Flintlock Rifle
Golden Vision Rings
Dog Tags
A young and reserved snow leopard who calls himself "Yuuki". With a past related to the ancient snowy mountains and the mysterious death of his younger sister due to an "evil spirit", the boy decides to join a rebel group against the so-called Personas to end the forced awakening. He is currently the right hand of the leader of that rebel organization.
He has good aim at short or long distance, fond of weapons (mainly those used for hunting) He doesn't talk much and usually follows his leader's orders without hesitation. He also likes frogs and apparently is obsessed with them. He named a frog as Jin Chan, usually is always with him.

Art by Trickster
Sprite by Nyarlathotep
Overlay by Nyarlathotep
Background (snowy theme) by Tmhnks @Tumblr available here
Profile created by FallenSamurai

Pet Treasure

Derpy Snow Leopard Tail

Bundle of Forget-Me-Not Seeds

Arctic Anyu-Ruffie

Snowy Mountain Hiking Flannel

Winter Camo Hunting Jacket

Subeta Landmarks Photo Album

Flintlock Rifle

Survivors Pump Action Shotgun

Sawed Off Double Barrel Shotgun

Greaser Switchblade

Golden Vision Rings

Lucky Coin

Jacket of the Hunting Tiger

Army Jacket

Dog Tags

Rebellious Army Stompers

Classic Jacket of the Gunslinger

Oddly Ornate Revolver

Antique Revolver

Gunslingers Revolver

Monochrome Derpy Snow Leopard Tail

Survival Bouquet of White Lilies

Froggo Blub


Frog Royalty

Garden Frog

Squishy Garden Frog Keychain

Spring Froggy Beanbag

Fungus Frog

Thawing Wood Frog

Toad in the Doughnut Hole

Carved and Painted Xotls

Heartback Frog

Froggy Love

Shadowglen Glass Frog

Riverside Mud Frog

Dapper Shadowglen Frog Top Hat


Saheric Storm Frog

Happy Frog Mint Hoodie

Froggy Friends

The Frog

Frogs of Subeta

Ice Stone

Reindeer Ice Rock Totem

Owl Ice Rock Totem

Bear Ice Rock Totem

Rocking Reindeer

Ermine Ice Rock Totem

Froggy Snowball

Snowy Rock

Fox Ice Rock Totem

Lemming Ice Rock Totem

Narwhal Ice Rock Totem

Walrus Ice Rock Totem

Wolverine Ice Rock Totem

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