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Thorn the Mister Snugglekins

Legacy Name: YarrowBrightsinger

The Scribble Demi
Owner: KitsuneNoUta

Age: 16 years, 6 months, 2 weeks

Born: July 8th, 2005

Adopted: 16 years, 6 months, 2 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: July 8th, 2005 (Legacy)


  • Level: 6
  • Strength: 11
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 55
  • Books Read: 55
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Kennel Cleaner

"The Lord Warden has appointed me Ugly Inspector of the Feywild and surrounding holds.
I regret to inform you that you are well over quota and must be brought to justice!"

ImageImageImageAchievements Unlocked

Character & Story
Half the Title - Finish a dungeon
The Other Half - Kill a dragon
St. George You Ain't - Flee a dragon
How to Train Your Dragon - Make friends with a dragon
Can You Do Me a Solid? - Ask a deity for a favor
We're On a Mission From God - Receive divine direction
I Speak Jive - Act as the party translator
I Must Not Tell Lies - Catch a fellow PC lying
One Mustn't Tell Lies - Call out a lying NPC
Thank You For Being a Friend - Help another player out during a character-specific arc
Brother From Another Mother - Become family with a fellow PC
Word on the Street - Have a reputation
Dobby is Free - Team up with an NPC sidekick
Sexual Tyrannosaurus - Seduce an NPC
Little Fuzzy Animals With Big Sharp Teeth - Encounter a deceptively dangerous NPC
Does He Look Like a Bitch? - Successfully interrogate an NPC
Your Mother was a Hamster - Taunt an enemy to get their attention
Clue-by-Four - Ignore a plot-critical NPC
This is Bat Country - Take drugs in game
Breaker of Chains - Free 20 captive people
Through the Rabbit Hole - Travel to another plane
I Hope the Other Me Has Suntan Lotion - Travel to an alternative reality
Putting Down Roots - Stay in one place for more than five gaming sessions
Suck It, Boromir! - Simply walk into a well-guarded place
The Cardinal Sin - Split the party
Safety First - Discover a trap before it discovers you
She Turned Me Into a Newt - Experience a transmutation
My Precious - Retrieve a MacGuffin
It Belongs in a Museum - Take an artifact from a dungeon
20% Cooler - Get a better set of armor
Holla Holla Get Dolla - Amass 1000 gold pieces
I Solemnly Swear... - Get a map

Crush Your Feeble Mind Like a Grape - Use an attack with 'Psychic' as a keyword
God of Thunder - Use an attack with 'Thunder' as a keyword
Drive Back the Darkness - Use an attack with 'Radiant' as a keyword
BAMF - Use an attack with 'Teleportation' as a keyword
Way of the Ninja - Teleport 5 squares
It's Super Effective! - Trigger an enemy's vulnerability
Avengers Assemble - Have the party gang up on a single enemy
That Ain't Falco - Perform a combo with a fellow PC
Friendship is Magic - Save a PC in need
Live, Damn You! - Stabilize a dying character
Coming Outta The Goddamn Walls - Be adjacent to at least 5 enemies
You Merely Adopted the Dark - Hit an enemy in complete darkness
Sorry About the Mess - Kill someone in a public place
Are You Not Entertained? - Finish an encounter within 10 rounds
Feel My Wrath - Kill an enemy with a crit
Nuke It From Orbit - Deal 20 overkill damage to 1 enemy
Finesse - Kill an enemy with no overkill damage
Maybe We Can Reason With It! - Defeat an enemy using only social skills
Dungeons and Diplomacy - Talk your way out of a major battle
Fucking Hippie - Deal no damage in an encounter
Flawless Victory - Don't take damage in an encounter
Untouchable - Go the entire game night without taking any damage
I'm Okay! - Survive a crit
Just a Flesh Wound - Take more than half your hit points in damage from one hit
Life, Uh, Finds a Way - Survive an encounter with 1/4th HP
Not Today - Come back from 0 HP
Rasputin - Have 3 types of impairing conditions at once
I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up - Remain prone for 3 consecutive rounds
Non-Action Hero - Go through an entire gaming session without spending an action point

Dice Rolls
Single-File Solar System - Roll 2 20s in a row
Never Tell Me the Odds - Succeed only because you rolled a 20
The Power of One - Make a success/fail difference with a +1 buff
The Broad Side of a Barn - Miss on 4 attack rolls in a row
Imperial Marksmanship Academy - Score 3 ranged misses in 1 encounter
It's Levi-OH-Sa - Roll a 1 on a spell cast
Does That Mean I Go First? - Roll 1 on an initiative roll
A Bird in the Hand - Get a worse result on a reroll
Who Needs Rules? - Go a full session without touching your dice

A Wizard is Never Late - Be the first person to the game
Tardy - Be the last person to the game
You Make the DM Sad - Fail to come to a game
I Think It Might be the Plague - Miss a game with a major battle/plot point due to illness
Go On Without Me - Leave a game early
Prop Master - Bring a campaign-related prop to the game
Get On With It! - Talk out of character for a full minute
She's Going To Start Throwing Things - Have out-of-character chatter for 20 minutes
Dragon Fashion Show - Get distracted and play with figurines instead of gaming
Bardsmack - Get threatened with violence by GM or group due to incessant singing/bad puns
What Are You, Psychic? - Mix player and character knowledge
Mind Like a Sieve - Forget an important plot point
Rocks Fall and Everyone Dies - Accidentally screw up the DM's massive plot
Numbers Fail - Do the math wrong for an attack
All the World's a Stage - Roleplay your character exceptionally
Gender Bender - Play a character the opposite gender from you
Hail to the Chef - Make dinner for everyone during game
Where's the Mountain Dew - Leave the table during combat for a drink or snack


We'll dance to the tune of the nightingale
And follow the call to the open trail

Dungeons and Diplomacy - Longtooth Shifter Bard-barian/Designated Healer
"Birds of a Feather" music & lyrics by Cecilia Eng

Pet Treasure

Game Master Compendium

Game Master Screen

Voynich Manuscript

Gold Twenty-sided Die

Emerald Twenty-sided Die

Blue Topaz Twenty-sided Die

Onyx Twenty-sided Die

D10 of Destiny

Green Ten-sided Dice

Blue Ten-sided Dice

Black Ten-sided Dice

Ivory Ten-sided Dice

Pink Large Damage Counters

Red Large Damage Counters

Orange Large Damage Counters

Yellow Large Damage Counters

Green Large Damage Counters

Purple Large Damage Counters

Delicate Damage Counters

Blood Damage Counters

Flame Damage Counters

Flora Damage Counters

Ocean Damage Counters

Royal Damage Counters

Wind Damage Counters

Silver Flipper Coin

Brown Mahogany Papasan Chair

Brown Oak Papasan Chair

Blue Oak Papasan Chair

Cream Whitewashed Papasan Chair

Rogue Miniature

Dwarf Miniature

Giant Enemy Crab Figurine

See the World

Turkey Feather Quill Pen

Bronze Quill

Book of Puns

Traditional Alegarten Songbook

Unorganized Sheets of Music

Dancer Arm Drum

Blue Button Accordion

White Rhino Horn

Acoustic Guitar

Pan Pipes


Ocarina Pendant

Dark Matter Ocarina

New Years Bell

Green Kazoo



Hiking Safety Kit

Shepherds Pie



Iron Lock Picks

Familiar Watch

Blasphemous Shards

Dragon Breath

Dragon Blood


Pet Friends

Tiefling, Sorcerer, sometimes Student, sometimes Co-conspirator, always Brother, always Friend