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Ginger the Taupe Polish Chicken


The Custom Lilac Irion
Owner: Yoshi

Age: 10 years, 9 months, 3 weeks

Born: October 29th, 2008

Adopted: 3 years, 1 month ago

Adopted: July 22nd, 2016

Pet Spotlight Winner
February 9th


  • Level: 35
  • Strength: 78
  • Defense: 67
  • Speed: 83
  • Health: 54
  • HP: 54/54
  • Intelligence: 103
  • Books Read: 98
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Pawnbroker

You can change the world around you

Name: Precious
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 3'8" (quad) 5'8" (human)
Species: Standard Griffin
Orientation: Homoromantic Asexual

Precious holds true to her namesake, being nothing short of sweet and caring to anyone she speaks to. She tends to have a nervous air about her, as if sometimes unsure of talking to people. This soon melts away upon knowing someone, and she's professionally able to hide her timidness when working among other nurses and healers. She is a loving and gentle griffin, who can be horrifying to come across the few times she is angry.

She harbors insecurities about her acceptance and how her community views her. The slightest reluctance from people creates yet another countless scar on her self esteem. Although friendly and welcoming to all, she oftentimes feels she is being judged. Only those she is close to know of how severe her dysphoria is.

Growing up in a small town with steampunk technology would be fun in theory, if Precious’ childhood memories didn’t consist of her being too afraid to leave her own house most of the time. Ever since she was young, she always felt different, and it didn’t take long for other kids in her hometown to notice this. Constantly beaten and bullied by boys especially, Precious had feat instilled into her at a young age. Oftentimes, Precious had bouts of social anxiety, preferring to stay home indoors versus playing with anyone her age. Her only friends and family were stuffed animals, for she didn't even have the support of her real family.

Precious was forced to participate in public schooling under her dead name which she despised. This often created conflict between her and her parents. This lack of validation made it difficult for Precious to introduce herself to anyone she met. Most of the time she was depressed, having nobody that would acknowledge who she really was. She didn't gain the courage to come out of her hardening shell until a new student one day was enrolled at her school. Nervous and hesitant, she introduced herself to the new boy before anyone else had a chance to tarnish her reputation.

Luvinie's loud and brash nature was quite the contrast to Precious’ softspokenness. Regardless, the two grew to be close friends. Precious' gender identity was a silent and firm understanding between the two of them, without her now good friend ever questioning her. Since the two only had each other to rely on in school, Luvinie often fought off bullies and anyone else who would give Precious a difficult time. It wasn't until later down the line (and many school fights later), that it was revealed that Luvinie had been posing as a male to gain a public education. Due to complications, she could not be evicted from the school system after attending for so long.

As time passed on, Precious gained some of her self confidence back. She grew to have a gentle and supportive nature, which proved to mean everything on the day that her dear friend lost her leg and eye. Shortly afterward, Luvinie's mother was murdered as well. It was then deemed by the bolder of the two women that their town was unsafe for either of them to live in. She proposed that Precious come with her and leave to somewhere, anywhere, and to this Precious agreed without hesitation for she had nothing to lose.

For some time they wandered on what she felt was a wild goose chase, seeking out a clan of witches that was only rumored to exist. Precious thought that they were looking for this clan for Luvinie’s safety. It was due to being a witch herself that the woman lost her leg and eye at the claws of her so-called father. This wasn’t quite the case; for it was Luvinie who wanted to find sanctuary for Precious. Months of wandering eventually led them to a valley, the very place where the clan known as Vivere was located. It was within an instant that Precious knew that from now on, this would be her home. She was accepted as a citizen in no time, and for the first time in a long time, Precious felt at ease.

Living in Vivere, Precious was able to open up and blossom into the caring woman that had been hidden away for so long. She was willing to do whatever she could to help out within the clan, wanting to show her gratitude for being offered a home and sanctuary. Although she lacks any magic abilities, she often volunteers to gather supplies and assist healers when need be. Becoming an assistant nurse to the guard witches that protected Vivere, now including her friend, was what she thought was the best way to show her thanks. Precious still has difficulty meeting people, more or less because of Luvinie's overly protective behavior. This doesn’t stop her from one day becoming well acquainted with a new guard later down the line...

Above by Dakota Riley


You're so much more than anyone gives you credit for. Please, don't be so hard on yourself, I'll always love you for who you are.


You don't have to act so tough anymore. We're safe here now... and you're scaring everyone.


You're so sweet, it's no surprise Luvinie loves you so much! You're going to be an amazing healer, and I'm excited to learn from you.

Profile, overlay, story, and artwork (unless otherwise stated) by Yoshi. Background from ColourLovers.

Pet Treasure

Trans Pride Sash

Three French Hens

Which Witch Purple Bow

Vanilla Lavender Bubbly Fusion

White Silkie

Black Frizzle Chicken

Tawny Polish Chicken

Purple Vintage Bird Plushie

Amethyst Bird Figurine

Peachy Flower Vase

Alexandrite Honeysuckle

Dusk Lace Flower Crown

Baking Starter Kit

Darkside Compound Butter

Homegrown Riverside Vanilla

Bamboo Cutting Board

Abalone Salad

Tea Party Treat Tray

Violet Infused Oil

Pink Rose Cake

Strawberry Daisy Petit Fours

Decadent Strawberry Poundcake

Pink Assorted Box of Chocolates

Sweet Petal Tea

Fireside Blackberry Spice Soup

Lavender Iced Tea

Lavender Fizz

Hibiscus Spritzer

Dried Pink Roses

Enchanted Flower Vase

Lavender Tea Rose Necklace

Lavender Floral Sash

Professor New Antique Rose Vest

Rose Floral Shortdress

Lavender Rose Garland Tank

Large Midnight Silk Shawl

Secret Love Letter

Wisteria Witch

Peony Flower Pressing

Scrapbook from a Lifetime Ago

Fun with History: Atebus

Fun with History: Riverside

Berry Long Headscarf

Romantic Love Potion

Lavender Scented Jar of Bath Salts

Prettily Framed Flower Picture

Large First Aid Kit

Anatomy: Descriptive and Applied

Hydrocortisone Cream

Antibiotic Ointment

Ice Bag

Tension Bandage (Arm)

Tension Bandage (Leg)

Tongue Depressor

Purple Stethoscope

Regular Strength Pain Pills

Purple Nitrile Gloves

Suture Kit

Bag of Blood

Blue Arm Cast

Wheelchair with Verdant Blanket

Basic Walking Cane

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