DEVO1 has a minion!

Sugar the Sprinkittles

Legacy Name: DEVO1

The Common Experiment #7507

Age: 13 years, 9 months, 5 days

Born: November 11th, 2008

Adopted: 13 years, 9 months, 5 days ago (Legacy)

Adopted: November 11th, 2008 (Legacy)

Nominate Pet for Spotlight


  • Level: 1,799
  • Strength: 4,484
  • Defense: 4,484
  • Speed: 2,436
  • Health: 4,487
  • HP: 4,442/4,487
  • Intelligence: 2,774
  • Books Read: 2128
  • Food Eaten: 9080
  • Job: Editor in Chief

Devo1 was not always a beautiful, happy Jollin.
Oh no... believe it or not, she was once a very sad goblin!
Oh yes.. tis true, tis true!
Long ago Devo1 was just a plain ordinary Jollin who had been stolen as an infant and raised by goblins.

Because of her young age she had no idea she was not really a goblin, she just knew she was different.
As Devo1 got older she started to question the goblins around her, asking why they did the mischievous things they did.

There were seven goblins in Devo1's hoard.
They were called Rainbow Goblins because theylived on the colors of the rainbows.
They prowled the valleys and highest mountains looking for rainbows.
When they found one they would catch it and suck the color out of it, filling their bellies.
Only one place in the land had never known fear of the Goblins.. Rainbow Valley, where the great arches of color were born.
Protected by Rainbow Fairies, the animals that lived there lived in paradise.
The Goblins had searched for this place for many years. Then it just so happened on Devo1's first hunting trip with them, they found it!

Standing mesmerized, Devo1 was in awe of all the beautiful colors. She was confused, asking herself why were they here?
She soon found out what the goblins did while they were away from home.
Devo1's body shook in horror as she watched the colors fade on the rainbows!
The goblins were eating up all the color!
Slowly everything was turning ugly and gray.
"I cannot let this happen!" Devo1 told herself. "I must stop them!"
Devo1 grabbed a huge stick off the ground and started fighting the goblins, knocking a few off a cliff before she was struck from behind.

Devo1 awoke slowly, head hurting with fuzzy vision.
"W-w-what.. what happened?" She asked, not really seeing very clearly.
A very soft voice replied "Shh! Be still little one.
You are safe now".
When Devo1 started to see more clearly there, fluttering in front of her' were beautiful fairies of all colors.
The Princess Fairy told Devo1 how she had stumbled and hit her head, but not before clubbing a few goblins and allowing time for the fairies to fight back.

They were victorious and Devo1's reward was to step through the magical rainbow and be any color her heart desired.
"Any color?" she asked.
"Yes.. any color." the Princess told her.
Devo1 held her breath and closing her eyes stepped through the rainbow, emerging from the other side causing the fairies to gasp in surprise!
"OH MY!" they murmured amongst themselves.
"Whats wrong?" Devo1 asked.
The Princess Fairy stepped forward.
"You have been chosen!" she said softly, awe evident on her face.
"Chosen for what?" asked Devo1. "The rainbow has chosen you to be its protector.
To reward you the rainbow has blessed you with the full spectrum of colors!" exclaimed the Princess Faerie.
So Devo1 now lives in the Valley of the Rainbows with all her fairy friends, never again to be called an ugly goblin!

story/pet profile by HpyThe idea for this story is taken from the book Rainbow Goblins written by Ul De Rico

Pet Treasure

Baking Starter Kit

Gold Identifiers Ticket

Baking Starter Kit

Rusty Toolbox

Silky Jewelry Cushion

Shrine of the Silver Manchu

Shoutbox Paintbrush

Steamworks Menagerie Fashion Bag IX

Steamworks Menagerie Fashion Bag VII

Baking Starter Kit

Billboard (10k)

Aurora Chalice

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Brown Haircut Coupon

Liz and Squidley Plushie

Glade Potion

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Lifetime Achievement Award

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Miniature Vending Machine

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Aeanoid Seed

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Gold Bag of Steamworks Trinkets

Gold Bag of Steamworks Trinkets

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Gold Bag of Steamworks Trinkets

Gold Bag of Lounge Trinkets

Gold Bag of Lounge Trinkets

Gold Bag of Lounge Trinkets

Gold Bag of Lounge Trinkets

Gold Bag of Lounge Trinkets

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Gold Bag of Steamworks Trinkets

Gold Bag of Steamworks Trinkets

Gold Bag of Steamworks Trinkets

Gold Bag of Steamworks Trinkets

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Gold Bag of Steamworks Trinkets

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Plushie Makers Kit



Plushie Makers Kit

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