Rusty has a minion!

Carter the Spyte


The Nightmare Bhakoru
Owner: Henry

Age: 11 years, 1 month, 2 weeks

Born: December 6th, 2008

Adopted: 5 years, 6 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: July 6th, 2014


  • Level: 136
  • Strength: 340
  • Defense: 341
  • Speed: 338
  • Health: 341
  • HP: 341/341
  • Intelligence: 21
  • Books Read: 19
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Pet Treasure

Ombre Short Sleeve Button-Down

Drunk and Drunker: An Alcohol Safety Guide


Lumberjack Coffee

Book of Very Interesting People

Ripped Teddy Bear Plushie

Fulvous Whistling Duck

Fulvous Whistling Duck


Fulvous Whistling Duck


Chilled Rodent Poison

Directors Chair

Movie Camera

Wooden Playing Cards Case

Guide to Bluffing

Black and Red Plaid Hunting Jacket

Frustrating Carved Pumpkin

Whiskey Sour

Flashback Material Girl Prayer Beads

Freshly Caught Grilled Fish

Rusted Pumpkin Morostide King Film

Edited Script

Garbage Fire Beanbag

Tortilla Chips with Salsa


Orchard Grass Hay Bale

Plain Matchbook

Dark Shady-Shades

Signature Steakhouse Marinade

Caring for Calves

Pitchfork Farm Tool

Rake Farm Tool

Shovel Farm Tool

Spade Farm Tool

Wheelbarrow Farm Tool

Water Trough

Gilded Drinking Flask

Basic BBQ Spice Rub

Farm Ear Tag

Tall Fescue Hay Bale


Alfalfa Hay Bale

Timothy Hay Bale

The Haze

Mosquito Coil

Black Bear

Clover Hay Bale

Insect Repellent

Grumpy Rooster

Fallen Fallacy Faith Bandage

Severed Goat Head

Saherimos Prayer Book

Biography: Joe Schmo

Hobo House


Ornate Caged Raven

Small Cage Necklace

Engraved Heart Lock

Cogwork Key

Electric Piano

Upright Piano


Burnished Acoustic Guitar

Dearly Beloved Electric Guitar

Sunburst Ukulele





Black Drum Kit


Krampus Crude Idol

Common Earthworm

Hangmans Noose

Infested Apple

Sneak Thief Pick Set

Free Beer


Wood Bourbon

Velvet Whiskey with a Gray Bag

Bloody Mary

Bloodthirsty Mary

Severed Evil Tentacle


Lengua Soft Tacos


Riverside Burrito

Wavy Athame

Useless Rusty Knife

Hand Plushie

Crazy Eights Deck

Nine of Clubs Playing Card

Nine of Spades Playing Card

Nine of Diamonds Playing Card

Nine of Hearts Playing Card

Black Dice Shaker

Not A Gym Bag

Jersey Devil Plushie

Black Opera Fedora

Bootlegger Fedora

Grooms Jacket

Black Military Pea Coat

Black Autumn Parka

Black Casual Tie

Skull and Crossbones Tank Top

Plain Black Button-Down

Silk Dressed to the Nines Shirt

Lost Schoolboy Plain Shirt

Dressed to the Nines Purple Attire

Dressed to The Nines Brown Attire

Dressed to the Nines Black Attire

Silk Dressed to the Nines Pants

Professor New Overkill Shoes

Black Steel-Toed Boots

Black Unlaced Combat Boots

Brown Unlaced Combat Boots

Blue Phone Touch

The Beauty of Graveyards

Ominous Tombstone

Spooky Tombstone

Who Dat Tombstone Plushie

Cross Tombstone

Stone Skull Totem

Rusted Milk Can

Jerkied Bilge Rat

Pet Friends

My beloved.