Adorabelle has a minion!

Amado the Lovesabe

Legacy Name: Adorabelle

The Angelic Ruffie
Owner: Nebet

Age: 15 years, 5 months, 4 days

Born: January 9th, 2009

Adopted: 15 years, 5 months, 4 days ago (Legacy)

Adopted: January 9th, 2009 (Legacy)


  • Level: 32
  • Strength: 37
  • Defense: 29
  • Speed: 27
  • Health: 20
  • HP: 20/20
  • Intelligence: 217
  • Books Read: 198
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Candy Maker

Owned CWs

One Love Tattoo Festival Flyer

Fire Potion of Power
Full Moon Potion Wrap

Devilish Feathered Demon Wings
Devious Flying Cat Wings
Gilded Citrine Wings
Golden Constellation Flying Cat Wings
Heirloom of the Dark Horse
Inferno Wings
White Pearled Wings of Constellations
Winged Figurine of the Valkyrie

Artifact of a Looted Tomb
Beauty Moonlit Crystal Bowl
Bejeweled Egyptian Solar Stone
Bejeweled Merry Solar Stone
Black Space Mirror of the Vain Astronomer
Blacklight Swirly Stars
Bloodshot Television Screen
Bottled of Captured Sunrise
Bottled Thunderstorm
Butterfly Parchment Filter
Calling Card of a Friend
Captured Blood Moon Rays
Cheerful Homemade Luminaire Wreath
Cherished Moonlit Crystal Bowl
Clump of Blood Covered Snow
Compelling Gilded Moon
Corrupting Serpent of Fate
Cryptic Cathedral Glass
Dead Flowers
DeuxIcorn Doodad
Dipper Constellation Charm
Dreamy Moon Kingdom Relic
Eldritch Figure of the 9 Horrors
Electrifying Lightning Rod
Enchanted Butterfly Keychain
Evil Wreathed Stone Path
Fragrant Lotus Blossom
Globe of the Cosmos
Golden Flowered Crescent Moon
Halo of a Grim Heron
Halo of the Violent Shard
Haunted House Snow Globe
Hovering UFO
Inky Starscape Projection
Intricately Carved Ancient Desert Civilization Stone
Lapis Mirror of the Vain Astronomer
Midnight Wreathed Stone Path
Moonlit Fragment of Saheric Stonework
My Painted Constellation
Orange Roll of Morostide Wallpaper
Ouroboros Halo
Preserved Egyptian Sunrise
Romantic Shiba Inu Sakura Wreath
Sanguine Lunar Cycle
Serene Moon Photo
Sky Lunar Halo
Somber Gauze of the Light Creature
Spilled Sky of Gemini
Sugary Bakeshop Frosted Shingle
Tempestuous Pocket Sundial
The Wishing Star
Thorns of a Reigning Tyrant
Tuxedo Mocha Winged Latte Feathers
Urban Memento
Vial of Serpent Venom
Wolf Soul Celestial Bottle

Beloved Kilkacite Fox Satchel
Bleached Fabric of the Greedy Dragon
Courtier Gown Of The Lady Of Light
Creepy Butterfly Fabric
Dainty Lolita Dolly
Dark Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Dark Moony Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Egyptian Cotton Rift Cloth Wrapped Planetary Symbol of Love
Eye of Horus Enchained Slip
Feathered Fashionista Fan
Fiery Mermaid Ruffles
Gift of the Pearl Negligee
Gilded Elven Gown
Gold Classical Imperial Gown
Moonlight Princess Fabric
Golden Midnight Imprinted Fabric Rose of True Love
Gorgeous Elven Gown
Greedily Bound Fabric
Love Boxed Princess Gown
Masked Magician Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Monarch Butterfly Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Moony Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Opulent Husky Fabric of the Lily
Pure Husky Fabric of the Lily
Purple Moonlight Princess Fabric
Rosy Fabric of Mercy
Split Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Stardust Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
Starry Boxed Princess Gown
Stormy Magus Markings
Underground Belts
Vampire Blood Fabric of the Sleeping Bunny Princess
White Fabric of Innocence
Wild Butterfly Blue Dress

Celestial Centaur Booty
Chained Goddess Ivory Fabric
Chained Skirt Advertisement
Cottage Gourmet Wrapped Baguette
Coy Black Racer Constrictor Tail
Coy Emerald Boa Constrictor Tail
Goth Pouty Alien Baby Pants
Holy Blood Cloth Armor
Interdimensional Cascading Galactic Fabric
Leaping Lunar Vulpine
Magical Neon Leopard Transformation
Ominous PiXiu Mount
Powerful Pouty Alien Baby Pants
Ride Them Low Black Pants
Rude Chained Skirt Advertisement
Sacred Dreamy Doe
Sakura Wolf Guardian Boots
Studded Goth Potamus Fabric
White Wolf Guardian Boots

A Wild Luminaire Tree
Abysmal Tail of a Fallen Star
Adorable Lacy Bow
Alien Sk8ter Tee
All-seeing Lamb Plush Purl
Ancient Coin of the Sultry Goddess
Ancient Corrupt Fallen Feather Top
Aurora Lolita Smock
Baby Shark Sk8ter Tee
Baroque Bloodred Bonbon
Beaded Coven Chronicle Scrap
Bejewelled Vampiric Dress
Black Seer Dress
Black Sheer Itty Bitty Kitty Knittie
Black Studded Dress of Chaos
Blood Ruffle Doll Dress
Bundled Fabric of the Patriot
Cat Scratched Dress
Chat Noir Hipster Sweater
Cherry Sk8ter Tee
Classic Gothic Bunny Dress
Constellation Lolita Smock
Constellation Sand Elemental Hourglass
Cursed Folded Sweater
Cute Princess Doll
Dark Priestess Wrap
Decadent Vixen Velvet Dress Box
Delicate Dolly Dress
Delicate Floral Bra
Delicious Cake Fabric
Draped Blood Linen
Dreaming Diamond Polishing Cloth
Egyptian Cotton Imprinted Rose of True Love
Emerald Dangling Chains
Fanciful Butterfly Ball Gown
Faulty Supernova Glowstick
Feathered Duster Corset of Wrath
Featherless Duster Corset of Blood
Feeling Retro Sweatshirt
Fiery Moon Goddess Cake Pop Fabric
Funeral Sweetie Frock
Funky Rockabilly Bunny Dress
Galactic Plum Lolita Smock
Ghostly Animal Cracker Box
Glamorous Midnight Pineapple Top
Gold Embellished Sapphire Drape
Golden Lotus Slip
Goth Pouty Alien Baby Shirt
Gothic Princess Tea
Grayscale Witch Companion Crop Top
Grim Fabric of the Siren
Haunted Pure Tunic
Indie Sk8ter Tee
Lace Adorned Brooch
Lightning Travelling Dress
Limited Edition Alien Tee
Lovely Bondage Bear Harness
Lucent Priestess Wrap
Luscious Cake Fabric
Magical Perfectly Pugly Pullover
Moonstone Frilly Frock
Negative Seer Dress
Nostalgic Teachers Pet Tee
Nurturing Galactic Blouse of the Desert Warrior
Otterly Studded Qipao Dress
Powerful Pouty Alien Baby Shirt
Rainbow Unicorn Animal Cracker Box
Reincarnation Ripped Fabric
Reverse Lolita Doll Dress
Rockin It Out Jacket
Scifi Lamb Plush Knit
Sinister Dark Elemental Wisps
Spirited Teachers Pet Tee
Spookcatular Screen Tank
Starry Night Unwrapped Vanilla Shortcake
Studded Black Corset Box
Summer Fabric Wrapped Bonsai
Sweetheart Blooming Faerie Godmother Dress
Temporary Unliving Ink
Trinketed Gilded Corset
Unique Scissors Frock
Vanilla Hearts Frappe Sweater
Viciously Wrapped Cross
Victorian Ruffle Dress
White Cherries Vintage Dress Fabric
White Party Corset Dress

Lost Egyptian Gold Ankh Souvenir
Lost Egyptian Silver Ankh Souvenir
Smitten Kitten Dingle Dangle Kitten Tangle

Back to Black Eyeliner
Cardinal Rose Blusher
Chocolate Compact of the Flower Keeper
Cute Mask of the Kitsune Spirit
Darkened Cloudy Blue Vision Tarot Card
Defiant Lipstick of Truth
Divine Mask of the Kitsune Spirit
DIY Left Butterfly Piercing
Eye of Ra Compact
Gilded Mask of Mischief
Gilded Mask of the Kitsune Spirit
Insidious Serpent Gaze
Mask of the Daring Rogue
Mask Of The Undead
Monochrome Mask of the Kitsune Spirit
Patented Angelic Face Wipes
Patented Galactic Face Wipes
Pumpkin Demon Mask
Sexy Bad Boy Fang
Stabby Onyx Shadow
Sugary Winged Liner Photograph
Tidal Eye Ichor
Tranquil Mask of the Kitsune Spirit
Vengeful Mask of the Kitsune Spirit
Xoxo Peacock Eyes
Yang Kitsune Noh Mask

Blue Ebil Snake Heels
Citrine Gem Bedazzled Heels
Deep Thunder Helium Heels
Fallen Demon Girl Stompers
Gothic Princess Teacup
Hot Cheese Puff Flamers
My Blue Raspberry Heels
Sharp Evil Guy Boots
Sharp Goth Guy Boots
Sharp Sweet Guy Boots
War Tank  Cat Boots
Zesty Strawberry Cherryade Laced Straw

Starry Rose Ring

Amethyst Crystal Totem
Ancient Saheric Skull
Authentic Feline Mummy Bindings
Bashful Bat Buddies
Blood Moon of the Leaping Odango Bunny
Book of a Flying Beast
Designated Xtra Driver
Flying Twinkle Companion
Interrupting Tortie Cat Companion
Lighthearted Little Butterflies
Lunatic Little Butterflies
Midnight Astral Wolf Companion
Picture Frame of Romance
Plucky Wolf Pupper Buddy
Pure Prancing Pony Companion
Rose Adorned Skull of Remembrance
Rose Adorned Skull of Sorrow
Wispy Spectrum Butterfly Companions

Brisk Nap Guardian
Cardamom Sweet Bun Bun
Chipped Stone Anubis Relic
Dark Maneki Neko
Dark Travelling Companion
Discarded Lurbypuff Gem
Ghostly Nap Guardian
Good Health Cat Figurine
Haughty Gothic Fairy Wing
Joyous Cocoa Kitty Companion
Kit of the Endearing Goddess
Kitty Sugar Skull Cookie
Lightning Travelling Companion
Lost Wrapped Fawn Bow
Luminaire Gingerbread Cat Companion
Morostide Kitty Cocoa Companion
Night Red Eyes Fox Companion
Perpetually Spooked Chonk
Playful Fire Fox Puppy Companion
Playful Mirage Puppy Companion
Sakura Meowmein Companion
Shed Horn of the Haunting Unicorn
Shed Horn of the Pure Unicorn
Shed Horn of the Vengeful Unicorn
Shining Psychic Travelling Companion
Super Fetch Chonk
White Kitty Cat with a Cupcake Companion

Artifact of the Welcoming Demoness
Bagged Catnip Strands
Black King Charles Pigtails
Blond Infatuated Locks
Blonde Double Scoop Strands
Blonde Sanguine Strands
Bloody Pazuzu Strands
Captured Strawberry Pearly Strands
Charcoal Gemini Strands
Charcoal Roguish Locks
Cherry Bomb Roll Cake Strands
Cherry Curl Cream
Comb of Darkness
Constellation Jeweled Strands
Cutesy Chamomile Teapot Strands
Dusk Chubby Bunny Tresses
Enchantress Jeweled Strands
Evening Flutterby Pumpkin Strands
Fair Panda Locks
Fiery Split Personality Strands
Fired Up Bamboo Curls
Flaxen Virtuous Mermaid Strands
Fronk Pumpkin Patch Strands
Gold Flaked Charcoal Soft Creme Curls
Golden Fantasy Horned Strands
Golden Roller Brush Locks
Golden Sunkissed Curls
Healing Tarot Twists
Lemon Pumpkin Patch Strands
Locks of the Faithful Mermaid
Lolita Noir Locks
Lovers Over-N-Easy Buzz Cut
Merciless Jeweled Strands
Millionaire Monster Hair
Morostide Luscious Locks of the Succubus
Nightmare Dollface Locks
Priestess Jeweled Strands
Proud Golden Tresses
Resistant Little Hawk
Romantic Honey Tea Tresses
Ruthless Love Note Pigtails
Self Love Monster Milkshake Ponytail
Shadow Jeweled Strands
Siamese Braided Kitty Tail
Sky Wild Curls
Sophisticated Feathery Updo
Split Love Note Pigtails
Starlit Pumpkin Patch Strands
Starry Night Dollface Locks
Steampunk Mug Strands
Trendy Turtilicious Locks
Villainous Orchid Strands
Wheat Blonde Mouflon Tresses
White Wild Blossom Curls
Wine Soft Serve Locks

Butterfly Knife Fashion Glove

Elegant Kitsune Mask
Forgotten Egyptian Goddess Crown
Generous Kitsune Mask
Shocking Kitsune Mask
Spooky Sweet Witch Pumpkin
Voodoo Condor Skull
Wealthy Kitsune Mask

Basket of Tumbling Eclipsed Moons
Basket of Tumbling Honey Moons
Crown of Wild Black Roses
Curse of the Old Gods
Deerly Cherried Bow
Egyptian Lolita Bow
Golden Anubis Headdress
Horns of the Fledgling Hellhound
Lumi Cat Barette
Obsidian Night Time Ale
Ominous Caracal
Silver Anubis Headdress
Suspicious Crumbling Bust
The Black and Red Statue of Anubis
The Golden and Black Statue of Anubis
The Lizza Fronk Statue of Anubis
The Pale Statue of Anubis
Tincture of Bunyoro
Ursa Major Map Of The Stars
Vengeful Werewolf King Crown
Wannabe Tough Bunny Chick

Antique Beaded Ebony Parasol
Bloodthirsty Ho Wineglass
Crescent Moon Goddess Scythe
Enlightened Butterfly Kissed Roses
Evil Butterfly Kissed Roses
Ornamental Bloodstone Dagger
Sparkling Galactic Avian Scepter
Spear of the Thunder Wolf
Spooky Little Parasol
Strangely Verbose Cane Topper
Ultra Friendly Shoulder Companion

Cosmic Lightning Tights
Secretive Star Tights
Sheer Fishnet Pantyhose
Summoning Satan Tights
Sweetly Uneven Stockings

Fiery Moon Goddess Cake Pop Train Fabric
Gilded Heartfelt Whip
Gospel of Asmodeus
Hellfire Laurel Tail
Mephistophelian Charmed Tail
Pharaoh Hidden Cat Charms
Rough Ruby Vine
Sinful Heartfelt Whip

Amber Riviere Trinketed Vase
Edgy Black and Gold Collar
Egyptian Gold Ankh Souvenir
Egyptian Silver Ankh Souvenir
Gold Stolen Moon Shards
Golden Cosmic Necklace
Gothic Bunny Choker
Happy Froggy Happy Headphones
June Birthstone Choker
Regalia of Eternal Life
Simple Bloodstone Pendant
Snug Pet Rabbit Collar

Bat of the Blackout Soldier
Bat of the Romantic Soldier
Bleeding Rose Sweater
Chatty Lunar Messenger Bag
Picky Little Piggy Cherry Sweater
Picky Little Piggy Cosmic Sweater
Picky Little Piggy Lightning Sweater
Picky Little Piggy Nova Sweater
Purrrfectly Pink Spotted Hoodie
Spiky Jacket of Hot Friendship
Versatile I Love Bad Boys Vest
Warm Black Cat Gifted Cardigan
Wings of the Jeweled Bird

Fluttering Embracing Strawberry Creme Shroud
Sanguine Shoulder Spikes

Bad Red Moon Belt
Dark Golden Sash of Eternal Life

Pet Treasure

Heart-Shaped Grilled Cheese

Angelic Birthday Cake

Angelic Bunny Toy

Angelic Mirror

Good Smiley Sticker

Bonealicious Candy Ruffie Bone

Ruffie Bottled Breath

Too Cute To Eat Cake Plushie

Turquoise Handmade Puppy Plushie

Beloved Bunny Doll

Lullaby Torrent Plushie

Hugs and Kisses Charm

My Little Angelic Hikei

Angel Food Cake

Childs Valentine

Raspberry Heart Lolly

Too Cute Candy Heart

Incredibly Creamy Angelcake

Plump Moon Beanbag

I Heart U Candy Heart

Ribboned Heart Lolly

Pet Friends