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Xamon has a minion!

Mischief the Ickulaww


The Chibi Mallarchy
Owner: Teardropfallen

Age: 11 years, 4 months, 2 weeks

Born: January 16th, 2009

Adopted: 11 years, 4 months, 2 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: January 16th, 2009 (Legacy)


  • Level: 37
  • Strength: 41
  • Defense: 35
  • Speed: 34
  • Health: 96
  • HP: 96/96
  • Intelligence: 3
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

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Adopted from squiby Adopted from

My Mom was watching the news, and the moment she saw there is a new Chibi pet she just had to have me. She was well due for an afternoon nap and was very tired. So she went to lay down, but she could not rest, she was just keep thinking of me how she fell in love with me the moment she saw me. She stood off of the couch and turned the computer back on. She had to buy a Mallarchy elixir. After that, I became a dusk Mallarchy. Now she was on her way to the Millionaire center and spent most of her subeta points on me to buy a Chibi potion for me. In a few minutes bingo I was this cutest ever adorable little creature. Whoever drew this kudos to her or him very amazing art. My Mom tells me, every time she looks at me she giggles.

Xamon says, thank you so much Nic for getting me my little Mischief. I just love her we both are a bit mischievous aren't we?

Xamon also says, thank you Nick so much for being such an awesome and kind friend for my Mom, she keeps telling me how lucky she knows you, and cannot thank Laurie enough for introducing you to her during the Vesnali event in 2009. She feels like she knows you forever. She said you are like a soul mate for her, she can talk about anything to you and you always listen. Mom says, Nic you can make her smile even on days she wants to cry!

Well, I am a big mouth when it comes to fight with my sisters and brothers and with Mom. I always get what I want though. Oh and that Egreva sister of mine will never ever be number one in this house till I breath. I am the number one. Period! Nobody can take that place from me.

Oh and I can hardly wait till I can throw some sad eggs and some nice sad toilet papers on one of my Mom's friend Giselle next year. Can you imagine she had Duck Plate for thanksgiving supper!

Oh Nic, and Inga is just so adorable, thank you for telling Inga to be my friend, we have so much fun out there. Just yesterday me, Inga, you, Cie, CieEyes and Mom we went for a bike ride to the Metallica concert. It was trully an awesome day. We had picnic in the nearby park, and since then almost every week me and Inga goes for a walk in the park.

Mom said to me, she not deserve your friendship yet, but she will work hard on deserving it.

Mom telling me I am the favorite. Please, do not go now and tell that to my brothers and sisters they would be sad and they would run away. Duh, Mom duh, waves fingers. How can you be favoring one kid over the other? That is not nice of you!

If you are wondering why I have angelic profile, well because I can be an angel, when I want to that is it!

Pet Treasure

Yellow Chickadoo Figure

Blue Chickadoo Figure

White Chickadoo Figure

Purple Chickadoo Figure

Tan Chickadoo Figure

Pink Chickadoo Figure

Green Chickadoo Figure

Black Spring Duck Plushie

Yellow Spring Duck Plushie

Blue Spring Duck Plushie

Pink Spring Duck Plushie

White Spring Duck Plushie

Orange Spring Duck Plushie

Purple Spring Duck Plushie

Red Spring Duck Plushie

Yellow Little Duck Balloon

Orange Little Duck Balloon

Blue Little Duck Balloon

Black Little Duck Balloon

White Little Duck Balloon

Pink Little Duck Balloon

Red Little Duck Balloon

Green Little Duck Balloon

Black Rubber Ducky Sticker

Purple Rubber Ducky Sticker

Blue Rubber Ducky Sticker

Yellow Rubber Ducky Sticker

White Rubber Ducky Sticker

Pink Rubber Ducky Sticker

Red Rubber Ducky Sticker

Green Rubber Ducky Sticker



Chick Hand Puppet

Golden Mallarchy Plushie

Yellow Bird Beanbag

Chicklet Puff Plushie



Chicklet Puff

Cream Flower Bird Plushie

Squashy Chick Plushie

Yellow Chicklet

Green Masked Mardi Gras Rubber Ducky

Purple Jester Mardi Gras Rubber Ducky

Green Jester Mardi Gras Rubber Ducky

Lonely Chick Beanbag


Lonely Chick Love Sticker

Golden Mallarchy Beanbag



Solid Gold Bird Trinket

Vesnali Chick Stuffie

Yellow Vesnali Bird Clip

Rubber Ducky


Cream Irion Plushie



Shinwas Birdie

Golden Mallarchy Elixir

Birdie Plushie

Golden Irion Plushie


Mallarchy Crossing Road Sign

Wind-up Duck Toy

Survival Yellow Memory Flower

Voldo Plushie

Chicken Cookie

Sleepy Yolk

Lilac Rubber Duck

Hydrus Rubber Duck

Angelic Rubber Duck

Spectrum Rubber Duck

Dawn Rubber Duck

Field Rubber Duck

Twilight Rubber Duck

Festive Duck

Gingerbread Duck Cookie

Blue Marshie Chicklet



Gate Keeper Egg




Gallic Rooster





Decorative Egg Light

Walking Wind-up Cybill Egg Bomb

Egg Seed

Egg Gourd

Egg Seed

Ghostly Egg

Little Egglet

Festive White Chicklet

Festive Purple Chicklet

Festive Blush Chicklet

Festive Aqua Chicklet

Birdy Love





Angelic Mallarchy Cookie

Glacier Mallarchy Plushie

Gulliver Plushie


Angelic Mallarchy Cookie

Bottled Duckie


Crazy Bird Plushie



Pet Friends

The bestest friend ever

Piece of my heart