Pias has a minion!

Minion the Balrak


The Marsh Tigrean
Owner: Med_Kitty

Age: 10 years, 9 months, 4 days

Born: January 18th, 2009

Adopted: 10 years, 9 months, 4 days ago (Legacy)

Adopted: January 18th, 2009 (Legacy)


  • Level: 366
  • Strength: 652
  • Defense: 443
  • Speed: 396
  • Health: 424
  • HP: 424/424
  • Intelligence: 1,950
  • Books Read: 1,834
  • Food Eaten: 8,350
  • Job: Agent

I am my mom's sassy brat but she loves me. I fight to protect the family from anyone who would dare try and hurt them. I am her one-eyed pirate due to an accident during the pirate and islanders war. I was fighting alongside of my mom and little brother Hermes on the island trying to help the Pirates protect Amy, Charity, and Emma. During the war, I caught an arrow to the face when diving to protect my little brother Hermes from an attack. After all, was said and done mom got me patched up but I never fully healed. Mom prayed to Shinwa and still, I didn't heal. She was beside herself and took the drastic measure of visiting Merana to see if she could possibly help me to fully heal. Merana had watched my plight and even though I was fighting against the islanders she saw my courage and admired it. But of course, she will give something for nothing so she "blessed me" which healed the would that refused to heal. I may not have my full eyesight but I at least can still stand to fight for my family, which has grown from one brother to many brothers and sisters. As payment, I am to wear Merana's colors to show how she can have mercy.

Pet Treasure


Shinwas Bow

Happy Thought

Bewitched Pumpkin

Hydrus Archan Plushie

Hydrus Terracoon Plushie

Hydrus Puffy Hat

Hydrus Montre Plushie

Pointy Hydrus Horns

Hydrus Torrey Plushie

Hydrus Manchu Plushie

Full of Joy Magic Lamp

Hydrus Billiard Ball

The Midnight Watch

Foamy Hand of Perpetual Poking

Hydrus Birthday Cake

Bag of Hydrus Chocolates

Hydrus Rubber Duck

Hydrus Fruit

Tigrean Claw Amulet

Stress Balloon

Pet Friends

Hermes Cat
My brother!!