Abeliath has a minion!

Ah-bel the Iron Terrier

Legacy Name: Abeliath

The Steamwork Kumos
Owner: RaiRetsu

Age: 11 years, 8 months, 6 days

Born: February 18th, 2009

Adopted: 11 years, 8 months, 6 days ago (Legacy)

Adopted: February 18th, 2009 (Legacy)

Pet Spotlight Winner
January 12th, 2012


  • Level: 80
  • Strength: 186
  • Defense: 167
  • Speed: 105
  • Health: 102
  • HP: 102/102
  • Intelligence: 390
  • Books Read: 376
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Hotel Chain Owner

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[i]Ability: Transforming blood into solid matter.[/i]

The simple little noise had been the last you heard before blindness came over. When you awake you find a German Shepard holding a pistol in its jaw as the little blue puppy, your certain she's a dog now, beams a dogs smile down at you while wagging her tail. "Hee-hee! Lets play again! Lets play again!" She hops up and down and Ah-bel, you guess, doesn't play like the little blue pup might. His teeth are bared a glimmering white and you try backing up but find it hard to get very far from such a large dog in such a small space. Then you notice something key. To be exact:
A [i]key[/i].

Lodged into the males spine is a bronze wind up key one would find in an old fashioned toy. Thinking it's what gave Ah-bel his movement you spring to rip it out. Sadly, you are also a born moron. Not only does this not work you forget what had happened previously. Forgotten how everyone had become a dog and you had been tossed to the ground. Another something cold on your neck however stops your body in its tracks. Seems like Abel isn't the only Ah-bel in the room. Instead of a click this time your met with a menacing, and convincing, arf.

Do not worry your story does not end here. You may have grown a little wiser in these sort encounters because you immediately release Ah-bels key to turn around and face his twin. Ah-bell may not be as whole as Ah-bel is. Gears, wires, blood, and flesh drip out of his belly. Screams are caught in your throat and to make matters worse when the 'Abels' touch their bodies merge together. Flesh starts to suck on flesh and become one only to be ripped apart again from the movement of the opposite Abel.

Harmoniously blissful, the twins protect their prized treasure and you, well, let's just say you match both Abels physically.


I don't remember myself. The person I am. The person I wanted to be. My name is lost but there is someones around my neck. Its small but engraved elegantly on the buckle of the collar. I can run my finger lightly against the indents and the letters speak to me saying slowly in a hypnotizing voice, "A. B. E. L. I. A. T. H." They form a word, the letters, then after the word means nothing they form a name. My collars name and my name for now.

Again I don't remember me, but when your eyes open at birth I suppose its rare to even remember coming out of the womb and the look on your mothers face as she holds you. Now though, I'm sitting somewhere. There is a sky above me, a tree behind me, and across my lap something large, bloated, and somewhat furry. Whatever is on my lap reeks badly. There a patches of missing fur all along the bulk of its body. A strange fluid is oozing out of its mouth as flies strike for their meal. They have been biting me too for some time. I can fell their nips along the shell of my ear and along the areas covered in a dried substance I never want to know.

Along with the collar I wear holsters around my waist. Both of them fitted with pitch black guns. I grasp the metal from its sheath and like the collars buckle run my finger over it. There are no letters to indicate any clues or names but methodically I explore it. With knowledge of no background I snap open the barrel and examine the bullets. This can hold 8, there are only five still in the gun. It makes me to wonder where the other three went to.

Finally my nose and brain work together and I retch over the bloated corpse. My legs are very weak but I manage to slip out from under it. Once I've wobbled a little ways away I feel a powerful sensation of loneliness and abandonment. Next thing that hits my unstable mind is a sharpened headache. Almost as if those three bullets were burrowing themselves as deep as they could to the center of my brain. My last memory of this day ended with myself feeling the yelp come from my throat and my body crashing back down to lay with the creature.


Something is touching my hand. I can feel it creeping along my arm, moving toward my chest then down. My eye lids are to heavy to open but I can feel every touch with great detail. Then there's a sharp pain and my eyes are forced open. There's more liquid, bright red this time. Along my stomach a gash has been made. I think I'm panicking since my breathing has once again become labored. The unimaginable happens next. The things corpse that was once near is turning into a black sludge and moving toward my wound. I can't get away. Something is holding me down by the wrist. In the moments I have before the sludge gets to me I look up to see something beautiful. The creature shimmers blue, its eyes are so captivating. When the sludge creeps inside the wound its uncomfortable but I'm held by that gaze. My wound is gone, the black of the sludge with it. All I hear now is "Tee-hee!" And there it was, the first time I ever met [b][url=""]Nanae[/url][/b].


Time has passed as it is meant to do. Nanae and I have become inseparable companions. Though the two of us still have ghosts of our past following us, literally. Beside me is a creature Nanae has named Ah-bel, beside her is something she calls [url=""]Selkiae[/url]. I've never bothered to ask her why that thing follows her. The white-hound is very large and looming even if it does only reach up to my waist line when it stands beside me. The two of us never really connected. Selkiae always seems unfocused, as if it sees something no one else can.

All three of us remained in the area where Nanae had rescued me. The whole layout seemed to look like a community park. The only thing that stood out was the unusually dense forest and the lake that never seemed to end. No sound, nothing here made any sound. This place made it seem like we were the only ones in it, I was glad. Our group was small but in the pit of my stomach fear gnawed away as if gaining any more people would only bring havoc to our group.
Fear wasn't an emotion I felt often.


The day others did come my all consuming fear was recognized. I didn't like them, him to be exact. The ring leader looked so smug with his steel colored tail perfectly coiling around himself and those eyes digging away. My brain felt invaded by them, I had to look down and away. Surprisingly that action alone took a lot from me. As I gazed down I saw Nanae clutching at my pant leg looking so frightened.
I had never seen her like this.

Selkiae bristled beside me and the man began speaking. The tales he wove made him seem like a figure that should be followed, obeyed even, but ever word held a deep imbedded venom that made me want to vomit. I don't know when he got so close to us but he moved his hand out to touch Nanae and I lost control. More it was Ah-bel to attack. The disoriented hound launched himself at Disunity, latching his broken fangs onto the steel-like tail. Only earning Ah-bel a loud growl and a fly simulation as Disunity tossed him away with one swipe. "You know the difference between the peasants and the gods? [i]W[/i]e do[i]n[/i]'t [i]ble[/i]ed." As Ah-bel crashed into the brush I felt his pain, the bruises began to form on my own skin and I unholstered my gun more then willing to point it at Disunity, but I couldn't. Something was stopping me, moving my arm, it wasn't me. Had I lost control of this new self to? Would I lose again?

As the guns tipped aimed at my stomach the tears rolled down. I hadn't shed any since that day, or ever that I could remember. They were so warm, it almost made me happy that I was still capable of such things. My finger began to tighten around the trigger. Every bit of me expected to feel the bite of my own weapon. Then, with great shame to my memory, I saw a red ball fly into the face of Disunity. Next Nanae had grabbed me by the hand and we were off. She moved so quickly it didn't seem possible with my weight and the length of her legs. Selkiae must have grabbed Ah-bel, I wasn't sure what was happening, who was there, only the touches and little blurs of color I could see focused my mind on processing what little it could comprehend.

Nanae stopped, I was nearly flung forward but instead dropped on my knees to the ground. The gun fired harmlessly into the sand. Selkiae dropped Ah-bel besides me. I could see him as discombobulated as I was. Though my hand shook, I pet him, and I recovered. We heard a long hideous roar behind us. I looked at Nanae unable to speak, simply she told me,
"We will find a shelter soon. I promise."[/align]

Other credits:
Renathory - Overlay
Geckos - Fullbody art
User not found: jaydias - profile
RaiRetsu - Story, Pet

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Pet Treasure


Cogwork Key

Small Wind-up Key

Clockwork Heart

Bulky Leather Collar

Police Shoulder Holster

Oddly Ornate Revolver

Pet Friends

-turns head 35 degrees- Processing movements.

Restrain from touch---

Weapon can not penentrate armor, desist use of weapon.

Analyzing configurations...