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Heartwarmed the Splendorous Peacock


The Glade Kumos
Owner: Teardropfallen

Age: 11 years, 2 weeks, 3 days

Born: March 15th, 2009

Adopted: 11 years, 2 weeks, 3 days ago (Legacy)

Adopted: March 15th, 2009 (Legacy)


  • Level: 39
  • Strength: 28
  • Defense: 15
  • Speed: 22
  • Health: 92
  • HP: 92/92
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Well here is the most touching and most amazing story ever I heard. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! What a present, and what a story! You should be writing books! Honestly! No kidding. And reading it I fall for it first thinking you found a kitten! Your friend Laurie has sent you a Pink Giftbox! Check your inventory to see what you got! Lovely Pink BowGina, you're not gonna believe this! The the strangest thing happened to me today. I was busy doing nothing, leaning against the side of my porch when a pretty little kitty came around the corner. She looked around then came up to the porch and sat down, sighing like she'd lost her best friend. I sat down so I could pet her and asked her what was wrong. She said she had been checking out the people of subeta and decided which one she wanted as her pet. I gave her one of those one eyebrow arched looks but didnt say anything. She was so sad, no reason to add to it. She said she lost the directions she had printed out but she was confident that she would remember how to get there. Things looked familiar until she took that left Centropolis, but within 10 minutes she got hopelessly lost. She was going to ask for directions bat the blue building but she couldn't get in. She went to the library but it was closed, and that Saggi guy wouldn't give her the time of day. She was coming from his loft when she saw me. I scratched behind her ears and told her that since she knew who she wanted to belong to, all we had to do was take a tram north to the artic frost. They guarantee delivery to anyone, anywhere - as long as its here. We just need to know how to spell it. I don't think she believed me at first, after such a bad morning who could blame her. She hesitated for a minute then pointed to her collar where embossed in gold were the words Owner: Teardropfallen. That'll do it I said. We walked over to the holiday shop where she picked out a box and some pretty wrapping paper and off we went, which brings me to the here and now. I told her if she wanted to be sneaky about it, we could have them just leaving her on your doorstep with a note that said Surprise! but she didn't want that. She loves surprises but just like her new owner, she wants to know where the surprise came from. No wonder she picked you, you're a lot like her. Laurie, Jake, Kado and co.Lovely Pink Bow!But oh my gosh! That is the little kitten I been wanting since ages! And don't think I have not noticed they do not even sell it anymore!. I have no idea how did I deserve you guys but I am extremely grateful for you and for your friends! That kitten will never leave my side for sure!Laurie you are a very strong MOM and a very giving and lovable person. I just hope too that I can leave up to your and all of my other friends friendship too! The day June 25 will be very memorable for my Mom and I. One of her best friend gave us, a Crystal Ball of Fate. I am so proud of that I will never ever let that out of my little paws ever, it has to be fate that me and Mom found our subeta friends. Thank you so much Kado, not only for my treasure, but for the treasure of friendship you gave to my Mom. She is overjoyed, and very privileged to know you.
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Glade Bunny

Divine Peacock Hairclip

Nuclear Archan Plushie

Emma Plushie

Crystal Ball of Fate

Aqua Esther

Elegant Atebus Mask



Hazels Morning Bell Dolly

Phaloroceas Leaf Charm

Aura of Mortal Terror

Moth-Eaten Book of Moths



Glade Puppy

Glade Bird

Nuclear Legeica Beanbag

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