Dartany has a minion!

Gina's eyes the Constellation

Legacy Name: Dartany

The Dusk Jollin
Owner: Teardropfallen

Age: 13 years, 6 months, 2 weeks

Born: March 20th, 2009

Adopted: 13 years, 6 months, 2 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: March 20th, 2009 (Legacy)

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  • Level: 41
  • Strength: 24
  • Defense: 23
  • Speed: 21
  • Health: 94
  • HP: 94/94
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

I am quite shy first, but once I warm up to friends, I can be more open. I like to hide inside my shell sometimes, it is a very good hiding place where nobody ever can hurt me again.

Once I get to know you I can be quite dedicated to you, and you will be treasured forever. I am always blue, I cannot help it, that is how I was born.

To cheer me up is quite easy though, just send me a comment to say hi from time to time and I am quite happy and content. I do have bad days though when I am very grumpy and do not feel like talking. No worries though, if you are my friend I will still chat up a storm with you if you stop in my den, as my grumpiness is always gone when my friends around.

Music is my passion, you will find me with headphones on my head all day long. I have to be very unwell to find me not listening something.

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Adopted from squiby

Pet Treasure

Well Cobra Plushie

Water Tear Crystal


Ancient Kora Plushie

Sad Smiley Sticker

Yellow and Blue Im Sorry Dog Plushie


Bottled Delirium

Dusk Jollin Beanbag

Happy Songbird

Gate Keeper Gem of Power

Blue Man in the Moon Plushie

Dusk Jollin Plushie

Headache Gee Thanks Bear Plushie

Arctic Shrew

Snowlace Goodie Bag

Forget Me Not Dragon


Espergile Fusion Gem

Pastel Teddy Bear Plushie

Mimi Moe Shia Flower Necklace


Angelic Blob Doll


Filled Deluxe Butterfly Bottle

Blue Blob Doll

Glaciers Kiss

Dusk Wyllop Elixir

Signed Old Wizard Biography

Blue Purdeflowr Plushie

Blue Pacifier

Blue Red Rreign Hug Buddy

The Lost and Found Book

Marshmallow Bumbus



Angelic Puppy


Blue Parrot Puppet

Ontra Floaty Toy

Blue Colored Pencil

Squirreltle Doll


Dusk Malticorn Elixir

Sky Damage Counters

Snowflake Freezewand

Aqua Inflatable Dolphin


Blue Coin

Blue Topaz Twenty-sided Die

Snow Angel

Blue and White Vesnali Cuddle Bunny

Aquamarine Cabochon Ring

Blue Petunia Pup Plushie

Lilac Terracoon Elixir

Raw Opal


Blue Celebratory Firework Vest

Blue Eel Sticker

Raw Sapphire

Bizarre Baby Gate Keeper Beanbag

Dusk Terracoon Plushie

Blue Radio Headphones

Dusk Harvester Beanbag

Baby Keeper

Blue Super Soft Fox Plushie

Rainbow Herb Shield

Dusk Paralix Beanbag

Blue Sixth Anniversary Bear

Navy Long Feather

Dusk Escalade Elixir

Aquamarine-Encrusted Kora Plushie

Guardian of Diamonds

Angelic Antlephore Plushie

Blue Kitty Beanbag


Blue Mothers Day Cupcake

Olde Tyme Barbers Pole

Sea Foam Veil


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