The Common Experiment #1550
Owner: Bleak_Light

Age: 10 years, 7 months, 4 weeks

Born: March 20th, 2009

Adopted: 9 years, 10 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: December 20th, 2009


  • Level: 100
  • Strength: 250
  • Defense: 251
  • Speed: 250
  • Health: 250
  • HP: 250/250
  • Intelligence: 601
  • Books Read: 597
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Certified Mad Scientist

Since I'm still zapping my pets for TC spaces and saving SP to buy everything, I decided to write down the possibilities I'm considering. Not only to help me remember, but (hopefully) to help me decide. This was the easiest way to keep everything straight. :)

Planned for Volkier:

  • Popoko: Dusk, Twilight
  • Experiment #1550
  • Minion: Astralflaik, Constellation, Trumpii

Pet Treasure

Scroll of The Stars

Glowing Moon Candies

Glowing Star Candies

Green Star Beanbag

Pink Moon Rod

Moon Fruit

Cut Crystal Moon

Sun and Moon Charms

Purple Star Plushie

I Love Aliens Blue Pennant

I Love Aliens Green Pennant

I Love Aliens Red Pennant

I Love Aliens Turquoise Pennant

I Love Aliens Yellow Pennant

Plastic Tree Star

Luminaire Star

Gold Moon Relic

Gold Crescent Moon Relic

Gold Sun Relic

Sun Gem

Moon Charm

Star Mosaic Tile

Moon Mosaic Tile

Star Plushie

Moon Plushie

Patched Moon Plushie

Orange Star Beanbag

Star Artifact Beanbag

Moon Artifact Beanbag

Plump Moon Beanbag

Atebus Plushie

Moon Stirring Stick

Galaxy Mug

Wind-Up Rocket Roller

I-Love-You UFO Keychain

Purple Atebus Locker

Eau De Cosmic

Shining UFO

Atebus Space Suit

Aurora Chalice

Shrine of Apollonia

Galaxy Fruit

Fallen Stars


Blackmoons Cursed Moonrock

Spongy Moonrock

Probed Moonrock

Podulous Moonrock

Dark Moonrock

Black Hole

Galaxy Orb

Inverted Galaxy Orb


Celestium Ore

Moonsteel Alloy

Box of Space Dust

Blue Celestial Flask

Green Celestial Flask

Purple Celestial Flask

Red Celestial Flask

Yellow Celestial Flask

Bottled Harvest Moon

Bottled Dark Matter

Bottled Spaceship

Bottled Vacuum

Bottled Star

Bottled Moon

Bottled Moon Sand

Bottled Moon Rock

Atebus Globe

Star Gazer Meter Reader

Starlight Telescope

Star Chart

Atebus Map

Atebus Rocks Identification Guide

Book of Celestial Bodies

Boundless Horizons

Build Your Own Spaceship

Extraterrestrial Life Forms

Guide to Constellations

Modern Astronomy

Our Neighbor Atebus

The Beauty of Starlight

The Discovery of Atebus

The Flora of Atebus

The Land in the Rift

The Tiniest Shooting Star

UFO Sightings!

What is Out There?

Night Sky Print Bookmark

Pet Friends