Legacy Name: Melusine

The Silver Mahar
Owner: Iridescent

Age: 13 years, 9 months, 3 weeks

Born: April 9th, 2009

Adopted: 7 years, 2 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: November 24th, 2015


  • Level: 39
  • Strength: 95
  • Defense: 29
  • Speed: 21
  • Health: 21
  • HP: 21/21
  • Intelligence: 33
  • Books Read: 27
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Work in progress

She heard a noise in the otherwise quiet room. Tap-tap-tap. There had been a ringing, a man's voice, and then the sound of tapping again.

Phone call and keyboard. Computer.

She opened her eyes and looked outside the fake cave, through the bars of the cage she hung inside. The man was, as she thought, typing on the computer at his desk. She could see the night sky through the large skyscraper windows, it was only blackness. She made a small angry noise deep in her throat, but he didn't notice. She started to feel fuzzy again. It was as if she was always in a dream and needed to wake, except she was awake. It was maddening.

The room slid sideways, darkness flickered into it and out, everything including the man, vanished.

She saw a dark creature crouched among fires and burning rocks. It's black horns curled upwards and smoke drifted off of them into a never-ending fiery abyss. Red, glowing symbols were etched around it. It waved it's black arms in the air and she heard the ringing again. And then a familiar voice.

She came to again, the man was talking on the phone once more. He was angry. She heard a gutteral, grinding accent through the earpiece. It reminded her of ash and dark orange burning.
She burrowed further into her cave. The cage swung slightly in the air at her movement. She needed to sleep. She would feel better if she could sleep.


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Waiting for Vibrant color :)

Melusine is a "pet" dragon of a greedy corporate wizard fighting in the war, on the evil side. Her powers are similar to Mirador's but much more powerful. The embodiment of 'if you can see it, it will be'. i like the idea of her being trapped in the City, unaware of what she is until the spell holding her back starts ebbing and chipping away due to all the magical activity that is happening and her 'owner' is busy making deals with the Harrows and doesn't notice. physical form will change she gets much bigger and her colors, shape etc can change at will, even to any creature. We will see her with the man on his desk. a small bird type dragon. it won't be until over halfway that she escapes. and further than that when she suddenly becomes a major player with intense, vividly colorful spells but with gaps in her memory that cause her ability to use them to be chaotic.
Color scheme:
Delish Gem Headpiece
Delish Ini Shirt
Delish Gem Blush
Delish Gem Necklace
Delish Gem Flowers

Pet Treasure

Torn and Singed Catnip Toy

Realistic Souvenir Model Blue Building

Delish Gem Headpiece

Cherry Blossom Suncatcher

Night Blossom Suncatcher

Magic Focusing Crystal

Book of Tempusmancy

Mini Keyboard

Box of Love Letters

Memory Chip

Magic Doll

Rainbow Essence

Pet Friends