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Pwime has a minion!

Magnus the Gear Shifter


The Chibi Cadogre
Owner: DunBother

Age: 10 years, 7 months, 1 week

Born: April 30th, 2009

Adopted: 9 years, 4 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: July 8th, 2010

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  • Level: 393
  • Strength: 983
  • Defense: 984
  • Speed: 982
  • Health: 988
  • HP: 684/988
  • Intelligence: 523
  • Books Read: 477
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Really V2, you know coz staff killed off the real Pwime,
Was designed from Lost blueprints, made by Mr. Blackmoon himself, as a secret weapon to fight off his enemies.
Due to the fact that his Original model was destroyed, and all we had left were some smudged up copies of the originals,
he has a new set of issues. We are in constant struggle to become the best!
Though he has a stunted growth and a compact form, he is also blessed with an awesome battle transformation.
Try him if you want..underestimate him please... Coz we would love to kick names and take...well yeah you know.

Welcome Back gifty from my wonderful hero User not found: crashy,Woman owns my soul a million times over now!! Wand PWND to me by Cream Kicking names and taking ...well you know

Pet Treasure

Junior Archaeologist Tool Kit

Brewski Brand Brewski


Magical Key

Discarded Cogs

Calvins Cadogre Toy

Blackmoons Legion Banner

Small Gold Mouse Trinket

Zombie Heart Plushie

SAI Morse Code Legend

Lava Arma Scroll

Lovetron 3000

Gelatin Glider Hat

Battler Issue 03

Poisonous Barrage Scroll

Bug Trapped in Amber

Fake Phoenix Quill

Item Hunters Crown

Subeta Cola Fairy Attitude Adjuster

Docile Rictus



Suave Smokin Fedora


Jim the Trainer Trading Card

Strawberry Zombie Kisses

Loose Rictus Teeth

Amphisbaena Ring

Broken Stone Wings

Winged Stone Book

Big Book of Rivenghe

Mystical Star Shuriken

Giselle Kinkylove Paddle


Dark Grimoire

Miniature Stone Guardian

Signed Calvin Blackmoon Biography

Naughty List

Morse Stamp Kit

10,000 sP Voucher

Coffee Slushie

Blackmoon Hand Blaster

Elegant Gunblade

Hearts Revenge Gunblade

Cogwork Key

Clockwork Heart

b4D MaxHIn3

Lovetron 3000


Repair Bot



Clockwork Bomber



Repair Bot

Ninja Flopit Figurine

Steam Book


Bottled School Girl Shriek

Android Assassin Motorcycle


Lagmonster Plushie

Gold Clockwork Grenade

Bronze Clockwork Grenade

Silver Clockwork Grenade

Iron Clockwork Grenade

Brass Clockwork Grenade

Thatcher Mordell Plushie

Happy Spear

Acidic Throwing Vial

Mutagenic Throwing Vial

Original Gamer Control

Dirty Matty Bobblehead

Tigrean Machete

Fierce Ice Blade

Battler Issue 02

Explosive Dark Matter Die

Sniping Bow of Doom and Demise

Present Bomb

Love Truck

Champion Scroll

Dissolver Scroll

Gate of Evil Scroll

Phantom Guile Scroll

Pet Friends