Barronese has a minion!

Chearly the Cheerilee

Legacy Name: Barronese

The Darkmatter Kumos
Owner: Szarwas

Age: 11 years, 7 months, 3 weeks

Born: May 31st, 2009

Adopted: 11 years, 7 months, 3 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: May 31st, 2009 (Legacy)


  • Level: 772
  • Strength: 1,930
  • Defense: 1,930
  • Speed: 1,924
  • Health: 1,931
  • HP: 1,920/1,931
  • Intelligence: 1,554
  • Books Read: 1533
  • Food Eaten: 5856
  • Job: Deputy Director

The Playful Darkmatter Pet
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Her story
She was born as a playful kumos. Just as adorable as any other kumos puppy, she played all day long. Her whole family were noble, they had everything. Not that Barronese ever cared about that at all... all she was doing is playing around, with anything and everybody. Her always cheerful spirit was so charming that she could brighten up just like everybody.
However, the so called luck had something else for her...
She was still young when her parents disappeared. The whole case was a mystery. No one seen or heard anything, no one had any clue what happened to them. She was taken out from her usual environment, and she was moved to Barron, her uncle.
However, Barron never really liked his playful niece. He never missed a moment to ruin Barronese's fun.
When Barronese played with balls, they all magically fell into a pin/rose bush/nail, and they were ruined. She tried playing with ropes, but soon they were tied up in knots, and the little kumos never managed to untie them. Her toys magically disappeared one after the other. Sometimes she managed to find small pieces of them...
Being so close to Barron made the once so happy kumos gloomy and dark. However, she promised herself she'll preserve a little piece of happiness in her heart. After she's grown up, she decided to become dark matter, to satisfy Barron - at least that was what he thought. But Barronese had something else in her mind: the little dark matters reminded her to her lost balls. When Barron was away from home, or didn't played attention, Barronese always played with her little dark matters. Kicked them, throw them away, fetched them... she had fun again!
Not so long after she decided to break up with her hated uncle, and started her own life. It wasn't that easy as she thought to be. She thought she'll feel much better after leaving her mean uncle - but she still wasn't feeling well. She was lonely, since her parents went missing. She wandered everywhere, looking for friends. During her wanderings she managed to meet Aslanius.
Aslanius was lying in a dark corner of Adopt R Us and stared into nothing. Barronese approached him slowly, and sit next to him. Her dark matters hide behind her, and peeked between her ears.
- Hey, what are you doing? - she asked.
Aslanius didn't even looked up and muttered:
- Mmhmhin'.
Barronese lied next to him and looked deep into his eyes:
- You want to play with me?
That was their first conversation. Aslanius was shocked that someone asked him to to something. He was abandoned long ago, and no one ever cared about him. But Barronese did, and he decided to follow her, no matter what.
Barronese soon learned the secrets of Aslanius. They both had sad memories - loneliness, ignorance, hate - they both know them. And yet, together they were happy again. Together they were one, the playful and the strong.
With Barronese's support Aslanius reached his goal, and got his wings.
Barronese's custom image was created by my dear friend, Vidramidra. Visit her profile!

Pet Treasure


Red Ball

Green Ball



Blacklight Antlephore Plushie


Pet Friends

I'm different from you, dear. I might be dark outside, but not inside. Don't you dare hurt Aslanius.

You can fly, just believe. I believe in you.