Eriu has a minion!

Clark Kent the Noira

Legacy Name: Eriu

The Custom Glacier Devonti
Owner: Iridescent

Age: 14 years, 11 months, 2 weeks

Born: June 1st, 2009

Adopted: 7 years, 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: August 29th, 2016

Pet Spotlight Winner
January 25th, 2019


  • Level: 28
  • Strength: 50
  • Defense: 34
  • Speed: 28
  • Health: 33
  • HP: 33/33
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Hobbies and Talents

*Knock knock*

“Who’s that?”

“No one, leave it.”

The two guys keep playing their game, controllers locked into hands, eyes riveted on the screen. Both of them are in their mid-twenties, clothes rumpled, pale, and to be honest they don’t smell the greatest. Empty wrappers and cans litter the coffee table that's been shoved to the side. A slim black cat jumps down from the sofa and begins to search for stray beef jerky sticks and wandering waffle fries. His owner, Eriu, always ate the best junk food when Meilo was over, otherwise it's all coffee, salad, and spring rolls.

Meilo was standing, so focused on the big screen in front of them, he forgot about sitting back down fifteen minutes ago. Eriu is on the couch, legs up on the cushions. His not-so-fresh hoodie is only half pulled up on his messy black hair. His relaxed pose belies the way he’s absolutely slaying the other team. The announcer signals -


They both go quiet except for the sound of buttons clicking furiously as the intensity increases.


Meilo lets out an involuntary screech and falls to his knees, eyes fixed on the screen. He’s wearing a pair of faded jeans and a plain cotton button down, an unwashed green beanie is smashed haphazardly over his brown hair. You can tell it’s been pulled down and thrown off one too many times. The stream of words and profanity coming out of both of them now almost drowns out the sounds of lasers and gunshots coming from the speakers.


The screen zooms out and the score is displayed.

“Alpha Triad WIN!”

Screams of victory fill the air as Meilo flips the middle finger at the screen and jabs the air with his fists. He then turns and does a bow to Eriu who reaches out and slaps in his direction, too far away to actually hit him, but he feels the point is there. The scorecards go up on the screen and they both check out their stats as they talk excitedly about the match. Eriu looks at his score, he was second place, only one kill off from Meilo who was celebrating loudly. Controller still in hand, jumping around, crazy smile on his face, Meilo was declaring his ultimate victory.


“Yeah, yeah, you got lucky,” Eriu said getting up from the couch and throwing his controller on the cushion.

“I’ve got talent.” Meilo said raising an eyebrow and puffing out his chest. He bent over to set his custom green-starred controller on the coffee table and huffed as he straightened back up. They both spent a few minutes slowly stretching out and cracking various joints.

"Dude I'm so out of shape," Meilo grunted between pops.

“Dude I know, me too. Rematch in ten. Gotta take a smoke break first. Get the shit ready? Then we’ll see who smokes who, hahaha. I'll be right back; I gotta check the door quick.”

Eriu ran his hand down his hoodie, smoothing out the wrinkles, and dusting off the crumbs. He grabbed a couple pieces of trash to throw away on his way out of the room, shooing Clark Kent from the mess. Like him, his cat was more than he seemed at first glance. He looked through the peephole. Nothing. No one was lurking around that he could tell. Opening the door he lpeered around. It was quiet out here. He had a noise cancellation spell magicked into his apartment so that he could remain as unnoticed as possible. It was a little trick courtesy of a mage he’d met recently about 30 years ago, very handy. Shit, Eriu thought, as an elderly woman with grey hair done up in a bun turned the corner. She must have come back when she heard the door open.

She was using a cane and walked slowly. Under her arm was a little wicker basket. Inside was what looked like an iPod mini, with a little green bow tied around it. Shit. Not now, he thought. He wanted to duck back in but politeness kept him at the door.

She spoke up in her native language when Eriu greeted her. He shut the door behind him. She said she was there to have the ancient seer bless her family. Eriu tried to say that it wasn’t him- she had the wrong place. But she leaned on her cane and stood there smiling up at him, eyes almost disappearing into her face she was so wrinkly. He couldn't disrespect her years with a lie. He sighed. What was he going to do about Meilo? This was going to suck.

He brought the old lady in and set her at the dining table then he took Meilo aside to explain what was going on. He thought about saying it was his grandma but Meilo knew he didn't have any family. Old ladies just didn’t show up out of nowhere. In the end he settled for the truth. It was just a side... hobby, after all. Lots of people did tarot stuff, used crystals, or believed in astrology. This was kind of the same thing? He pulled Meilo aside and tried to explain who the woman was and what was going on. Except now his best friend was staring at him like he was some kind of crazy.

“It’s totally not a big deal.”

“Right… Right.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have told you. God dammit.”

“Are you for real, bro? Is this a scam or are you gettin’ with these old ladies?”

“HELL NO. I’m telling you the truth, I swear. I’m just kinda… old… er… Than you think I am. I used to work with religious people so sometimes people ask me for blessings. I don’t make them give me anything, I tell them not too.”

“Is that why you always have so many Starbuck gift cards?” Meilo asked, smirking slightly.

Eriu blushed and scowled saying, “What?!? No!”

“No it’s fine. I get it. Jiggalo for electronics and cappuccino’s- nice.”

Eriu bit back a laugh and replied, “If you think shit’s strange now, it’s gonna get even weirder in a few minutes. You want to stick around for this? You can go.”

“No bro,”Meilo said, taking a seat in the chair, “I’m good.”

Well, it was too late now anyways. Eriu sighed and brought to mind a mantra, the lotus is a flower that grows in the mud. The deeper and thicker the mud the more beautiful the lotus blooms.

He was a prophet, blessed by the gods but not one of them, immortal, and connected with the magic of the world. He had worked for the old gods long ago but hadn’t seen one in ages. Probably dead or gone to other worlds. He wasn’t all powerful or a wish-granter; he was a seer. But he rarely used those powers anymore. He would do blessings, and maybe they carried more weight because of his nature, but maybe not. A lot of it still depended on the choices the people involved made. When recognized they usually assumed he was a holy man or a god himself. They’d leave him gifts and notes out of respect or perhaps it was their way of paying tribute to a remnant of the old gods. He tried to stay incognito as best as he could.

He asked the elderly woman, named Rosa, to sit at the small kitchen table. He explained to her what tarot cards were as he put them out. Really, they weren’t used in the traditional sense but they were a good way for him to focus his power. Most people were familiar with them and it made the situation feel less awkward. He reached out with his ability towards her in his other-sight, as he put his hand over the deck. He invited the spirit of ‘who she was’ to find his open hand. Little incandescent motes swirled out from her, bits of magic unique to the world and person they come from, invisible to everyone but him.

He encouraged the aura down to the cards. With one hand over them he turned his thoughts inward. He closed his eyes. The cards were like anchors, they gave him a base from which to see the future from. Not that he would tell her any kind of prediction, she would never know, rather he used his gift to see where to direct his blessings for her family.

In his mind he was in a space filled with an endless horizon of yellow-green sky above and jade water below. It was fathomless, still, and deep. He went from card to card, letting the meaning come to him, a lotus blossom unfolding from the mud. He saw the old woman’s family, her grown children, and grandchildren. He brought them into focus with her. Each one was a petal that showed him new insight. On the outside he sat, eyes closed, speaking softly but firmly. He reminded her that life was constantly moving and changing, much was still to come. His hands moved and bright purple glyphs flared as his fingertips traced the air in the traditional signs of blessing. He prayed for her and her family. When he was done he lit some incense and showed her out. She was very respectful and left grateful.

He set the note and the iPod on the kitchen counter. He would have done it for free; his nature was inevitable. The only reason he took it was because it upset her when he tried to give it back. Certain people could just tell what he was. Even if they didn’t really understand it. No matter where he’d lived, or how invisible he tried to be, someone always knew. Some still believed in the old ways, no matter how long ago they were.

Most of the time he was just a normal guy living a normal life. He coded websites, so all he needed was his laptop, and he could work anywhere. He didn’t have to go out much and he liked staying in. It hadn’t always been like this. Centuries ago “they” had all played a much larger part. He’d been in demand, working constantly, rubbing elbows with gods and goddesses, and embroiled in far too many battles. It had been a lush and chaotic existence. Things were different now but he was happy. He was able to be more than just his power. He finally got to do what he wanted and the technology was fantastic. All the amazing things mortals had imagined over the centuries and now they could finally see it in real life with the use of CGI and GIFs, and computer code. It was a beautiful thing to behold and experience.

When he walked back into the living room Meilo put down his drink and give him a strange look.

He cleared his throat and said, “Dude, I had no idea you could do that.”

Eriu didn’t say anything, he grabbed his joint off of the counter where he’d left it hours ago, and pointed toward the balcony.

He walked out and looked into the twilight sky and took a deep breath of the chill air. It was getting dark now but from here you could see the slope of the dry, rocky mountain. The plants up here were hardy, the trees were small, their branches curving out and twisting around, rather than up. Eriu liked sitting out here, it was peaceful. The apartments were built into the side of the sloping terrain and took advantage of different elevations. He was technically on the second story but it wasn’t far from the ground. He heard Meilo looking for his cigs and turned back around. He held out the joint and his lighter.


“Hell yeah,” Meilo answered taking it, “So, you know I’m ranked top 20 now, right?”

“We’ll see how long that lasts,” Eriu said, making a face at his friend, "So we're not gonna talk about all that?"

"You prayed for an old lady. It was boring as shit. How often do you do this church stuff?"

He smoked and passed it to Eriu who skipped over explaining that it wasn't the church kind of praying, "Not much. Maybe a few times a year. I don't mind."

"Machiavellian League is opening spots for next months Murder Mystery Tier. Too much thinking for me but I heard it's going to have cross-over characters from Mafia Maniacals. The video showed at least two from the last game."

With that the subject went back to gaming as they smoked and enjoyed the fresh air. He had the apartment airing out now, having unexpected guests over can make you realize how dirty your house has gotten. Clark Kent walked out, rubbing against their potted bamboo plant. Eriu held out his hand. They might not have been from this world but they loved it and it's people. It was their home. He scooped up Clark and held his purr machine. Everything had gone smoothly tonight and that's all he could have asked for. He didn't feel bad about lying to Meilo, it wasn't personal after all, and the less he knew the safer he was. And the less shit Eriu would get about the whole thing. He snuggled into Clark's fur before letting him drop down to the balcony.

"Pizza and game?" He asked, turning to Meilo who was standing up.

"Burritos?!" Meilo answered.

Life was what it was, you have to take things as they come. And he was sure as hell going to enjoy the present.

"Pizza burritos?!"

"Pizza burritos sprinkled with gummy worms."

"Oh my god. I'm going to gag. No. Gummy worms filled with burritos eating their own pizzas topped with pineapple."

"No one likes pineapple on pizza! Hell no."

The two walked back into the house arguing about dinner. Eriu's cat decided to stay outside. He sat on the patio railing and gazed out at his dusky mountain kingdom, his tail twitching back and forth. A tiny noise, like a wrapper crackling, could be heard. Tiny jagged lines of yellow electricity flashed in his eyes. Far off something howled and the moon was rising. A rustle in the bushes below caught his attention, his ears shot forward, eyes dilated, and his whiskers fanned out. A flash of golden light encircled his head for a moment before disappearing. Superman was on duty now. He chirped a goodbye to his human and took off.

Things were back to normal. For now.



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Prologue: A Request While From on High

The flowers were beautiful this time of year so Eriu decided to go down the dusty mountain for a hike. The sun was bright and the birds were chirping. The seer turned around and looked back; he couldn’t see the apartments from here which was fine by him. It was good for the soul to spend time in nature. He tried to get out and go for a walk or jog at least twice a week.

Suddenly the world seemed to twist and spin and he found himself losing his balance. He vision went blurry and colors swirled with black. His inner sight and magical senses screeched bloody murder and his skull felt like bursting. He grabbed his head in his hands, keeling over. Something touched him on the back and then he passed out.

He woke abruptly and looked around. He was propped against a grey stone wall, there was an open vista in front of him in a warm dusky twilight. A man stood near to him. No, not a man, an angel. Of all the gods, warriors, and prophets he had seen, he’d never seen an angel in his long life. He’d assumed they didn’t really exist. But with one right in front of him, apparently they did.

The angel had skin like blue marble and wore robes of white and silver. He explained that the sick feeling Eriu was experiencing was due to traveling. When he demanded to know where to, the angel explained that he’d been taken to another world. Bodies had difficulties with it sometimes. Eriu nodded and tried not to vomit. He had the distinct memory of being on four hooves just in the back of his mind. It'd been a teleportation spell. But to where was the question.

“Our world needs a prophet,” the angel said. He spoke softly and with great care. After a pause he continued, “We need your help.”

“Who are you and where am I?”

“I am Omen, a being from this world, a watcher of sorts. You are on Prash, you were born here from what I understand,” he paused and then asked, “You still come here, correct?”

“I haven’t been here in at least 200 years. I enjoy the use of my human body, thanks. But I’m not sure what that has to do with anything…”

The winged creature said, “We need you to tell us how to win an upcoming war. A war to end all wars, the war to decide the fate of the world.”

Eriu laughed out loud. The angel, not expecting that reaction, made a face.

“I don’t think you know what you’re asking,” Eriu said bluntly, “A world is a big place, too many possibilities and factors. It’s impossible. When I had visions like that in the past they ripped me apart! Only the gods had been able to hold me together and keep me alive to do it. And those gods are gone now.”

“I understand,” Omen said, frowning, “I would like you to understand as well, though. There are demons and ghosts roaming the land, sickness running rampant, and the people, your people, are in danger and they feel afraid.”

Eriu sighed, damn him and his guilt trip. The angel was so formal and stern, he wondered if there were more and if they were all so manipulative.

“Why are you asking me for help? There must be someone here that can do it. This was my world but it hasn’t been for hundreds of years. I don’t want to turn my back on it but I don’t think it’s even possible to do what you’re asking.”

“We do have prophets of our own but they are unable to see far enough ahead. They are so tied to the land and its people and so much is in flux, they are drowning in darkness. The enemy has employed powerful magic and evils to prevent us from stopping them. It was believed that one not of the same pattern as our world may be better able to see the whole. We found you. We could not find the other seers from your Olympian age but we tried. You could save millions of lives.”

It looked at him, intense and serious.

“I’ll need time to think about it. There is a chance it might work, or it might not. A reading of the kind you’re asking of me takes a lot of power and time. It’ll rip me apart to the point of death, and maybe take me, and nothing may come of it. I also have obligations in my own world,” he sighed and ran his fingers through his black hair, “I do understand how dire your circumstances are, and this was my world once as well, I do owe it something at least. Send me back and give me some time to think it over. And in the meantime you need to find yourself an old god. An old-old god, like from my time, I can’t do anything that powerful without one.”

The angel rubbed his chin slightly as he said, “Dire indeed. What I am asking of you is something that has never been asked before by one of us. Ever. That says something and you should know that. This is important. I shall look for your old god to help you. If I cannot find one you could try relying on one of our kind perhaps? I shall return you but I do implore you to help us in any way that you can. If you come back you can leave whenever you need, take whichever of your forms you desire. Think about it but please be quick. We might not have that much longer.”

Eriu nodded and agreed that he would give the matter serious thought. The angel gave him a small token that looked like a foreign game piece carved out of stone. It said he could use it to call the angel again just by breathing on it and thinking of him. The angel touched his shoulder and he was back in his own world. He looked around, he was alone on the sunny mountainside again.

What was he going to do? He’d spent too many centuries being entangled in other people’s wars and coveted by the powerful and knew how easily his gifts could be exploited. He enjoyed his freedom. But could he really turn his back on his birth planet? At least he’d maintained his human form, he had more magic as his birth form, but no hands. And he liked his hands. He clenched them in front of himself and then started walking again. Well, looks like he had some thinking to do on his walk.


Pet Treasure


Yellow Neon Sign

Super Squishy Turtle Doll

Positive Vibes Sticker

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Green Rad Wireless Controller

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Giant Lotus

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