Heskovizenako has a minion!

Minion the Kizzy

Legacy Name: Heskovizenako

The Common Priggle
Owner: butterfly1975

Age: 11 years, 3 months, 1 week

Born: June 13th, 2009

Adopted: 5 years, 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: October 3rd, 2014


  • Level: 11
  • Strength: 26
  • Defense: 24
  • Speed: 16
  • Health: 23
  • HP: 0/23
  • Intelligence: 14
  • Books Read: 14
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Underpaid Art Student Intern

Grooming Parlour

Candi BBDoll Gloss
Cherri BBDoll Gloss
Item not found: lolli bbdoll gloss
Admiral Blue Gilded Lipstick
Charcoal Gilded Lipstick
Cyclamen Gilded Lipstick
Tuscan Red Gilded Lipstick
Verdigris Gilded Lipstick

Cherry Lip Stain
Coral Lip Stain
Fire Lip Stain
Mocha Lip Stain
Plum Lip Stain
Rose Lip Stain

Item not found: bloody deluxe lipshine Item not found: blueberry deluxe lipshine Item not found: fuchsiaberry deluxe lipshine Item not found: grape deluxe lipshine Item not found: lemon deluxe lipshine Item not found: lime deluxe lipshine Item not found: raspberry deluxe lipshine Item not found: silver deluxe lipshine
Black Lipstick
Black Swirly Lipstick
Blue Lipstick
Candy Cane Lipstick
Dark Matter Lipstick
Gold Lipstick
Green Lipstick
Orange Lipstick
Pink Sparkly Lipstick
Red Lipstick
Toxic Lipstick

Blood Acid Lip Gloss
Blueberry Lip Gloss
Cherry Lip Gloss
Garlic Lip Gloss
Lemon Lip Gloss
Licorice Lip Gloss
Lip Gloss
Marshmallow Lip Gloss
Peanut Butter Lip Gloss
Peppermint Lip Gloss
Poop Lip Gloss
Salmon Lip Gloss
Tangy Orange Lip Gloss
Watermelon Lip Gloss


Item not found: delish autumn lipshine Item not found: delish bask lipgloss
Delish Freedom Lip Balm
Delish Inspire Trimmer
Item not found: delish limited edition lang lipbalm Item not found: delish limited edition syne lip stain
Delish Mocha Lipstick
Delish Naive Lip Pencil
Item not found: delish noel lipgloss Item not found: delish revel lipbalm Item not found: delish statement lipbalm
Delish Steam Gloss
Delish Summer Lipstick
Delish Tea Lip Gloss
Item not found: limited edition delish moros lipbalm
Limited Edition Delish New Lipstick
Limited Edition Delish Raven Lipstick
Viv Blustery Long Lasting Lipstick
Viv Muggy Cordless Beard Trimmer
Viv Overcast Lip Stain
Viv Snow Day Lip Stain
Viv Warm Front Electric Razor


Item not found: anechka sheepish lipgloss
Argo Purple Heart Lip Stain
Item not found: bow-e plumeria lipstain
Dapper So Virgil Lip Balm
Giselle As Good As Lipstick
Giselle Under My Frog Umbrella Lipstick
Giselle Underwater Gurl Lip Gloss
Junko Energized Art Print
Junko Enhanced Art Print
Lililace GoldenRags HotOrange Lipstick
Lililace Violet Chic Creamy Lipstick
Lyrical Kumos Lip Balm
MerryDay Tumbling Toffee Lipstick
Mimi Moe Shia Lip Shine
Mimi Moe Truffle Glitter Gloss
Misery Lotus Anti Compact
Misery Lotus Skankpop XII
Item not found: professor new krown lipgloss
Professor New Old-Skool Clippers
Rainyday Deep Blue Coral Lipstick
Rainyday Tropical Lipstick
RoQ Candy Ami Lipstick
RoQ Candy Loish Lipstick
RoQ Candy SubZero Chilly Lip Balm
RoQ Candy Turvey Lipstick
RoQ Candy Xtra Lip Gloss

Cash Shop

Amp It Up Potted Gloss
Black Phatty Potted Gloss
Chiller Potted Gloss
Coral Renegade Potted Gloss
Disco Heaven Potted Gloss
Drop Dead Red Potted Gloss
Glamazon Potted Gloss
Goldilocks Potted Gloss
Pink Poodle Potted Gloss
Item not found: sweetpea potted gloss
Item not found: so sweet bubblegum gloss
So Sweet Candy Gloss
So Sweet Candy Gloss
So Sweet Caramel Gloss
So Sweet Cinnamon Gloss
So Sweet Cream Gloss
So Sweet Grape Gloss
So Sweet Licorice Gloss
So Sweet Orange Gloss
So Sweet Red Velvet Gloss

Item not found: blueberry lipstain Item not found: cherry lipstain Item not found: chocolate lipstain Item not found: grape lipstain Item not found: lemon lipstain
Autumn Kiss DP Lipstick
Kiss Of Winter Lipstick
Beaky Glossy Feather
Rainbow Lolly Lip Gloss


Item not found: beauty lipstain
Black and White Clown Greasepaint
Brave Explorer Shaving Cream
Builder Grin
Centaurette Makeup
Chipper Clippers
Claire Rose Scented Lipstick
Colonial Lipstick Case
Drops of Drool
Egyptian Princess Lipstick
Elegant Lady Cigarette Holder
Enchanted Elegant Hand Mirror
Item not found: fairy lipgloss
Fancy Vintage Cigarette Holder
Fashion Police Lipstick
Flapper Oxblood Lipstick
Flashback Material Girl Lipstick
Floating Toothpaste
Forgotten Brides Sentimental Lipstick
Ganguro White Lipstick
Gayle Lip Gloss
Goodboy No-Chap Stick
Goodgirl Lipstick
Harlequin Lipstick
High Elf Delicate Lipstick Tube
Holy Warrior Sacred Potion
Iced Smile
Innocent Sovereign Lost Tin
Jungle Damsel Useful Berries
Kei Natural Lip Gloss
Kiss of Aphrodite
Knightess Thin Lipstick
Maids Lipstick
Mars Red Lipstick
Marvelous Damsel Lipstick
Mime Strip Of Duct Tape
Ragdoll Pretty Pout
Rosie Razzmatazz Lips
Scientist Lips Poster
Showbunny Double Lip Gloss
Simply Mad Grin
Stern Male Mouth
Item not found: sweet lolita cherry lipgloss
Tear Stained Linen Handkerchief
Woodcutters Rusty Razor
Underling Grin
Snowlace Strawberry Lip Gloss
Sweetykin Super Gloss


Item not found: airman lipbalm
Dancing Performance Lipstick
Gizmo Lipstick
Intricate Lipstick Case

Banshee Kiss
Banshee Screeching Wail

Black Pumpkin Gloss
Blue Pumpkin Gloss
Dark Red Pumpkin Gloss
Green Pumpkin Gloss
Orange Pumpkin Gloss
Purple Pumpkin Gloss
Red Pumpkin Gloss
Teal Pumpkin Gloss
Yellow Pumpkin Gloss
Strange Teeth

Coral Vesnali Spring Gloss
Gold Vesnali Spring Gloss
Lilac Vesnali Spring Gloss
Orange Vesnali Spring Gloss
Pink Vesnali Spring Gloss

Frost Bite
Frozen Breath of Fraustus
Half Frozen Lip Gloss
Item not found: melody lipgloss

Male Specific/Facial Hair

Brave Explorer Shaving Cream
Chipper Clippers
Delish Inspire Trimmer
Stern Male Mouth

In the Mouth

Art Student Chewed-Up Pencil
Lolly of Dolly
Novelty Thermometer
Omen Islands Chocolate Cigars
Omen Islands Finest Cigars
Rainbow Lolly
Strawberry-Dipped Biscuit Sticks
Striped Noisemaker
Survivors Last Cigar
Vanilla-Dipped Biscuit Sticks
Used Candy Cane
Tongue Piercing Jewelry


Classic Wax Lips
Gothic Wax Lips
Vampire Wax Lips

Blue Realistic Fangs
Green Realistic Fangs
Purple Realistic Fangs
Red Realistic Fangs

Yanked Tooth With Blue Flesh
Yanked Tooth with Green Flesh
Yanked Tooth With Pink Flesh
Yanked Tooth With Purple Flesh

Hanging Jaw Makeup
Happy Dentures
Sad Dentures
Long Supple Tooth
Pulled Gold Teeth
Recycle Beast Fake Teeth
Sharp Canines
Small Tusks
Tainted Mint
Rotten Lipstick

Pet Treasure

Pet Friends