Aisha has a minion!

Nerkmid the Stars


The Sweetheart Archan
Owner: Denzelle

Age: 10 years, 7 months, 4 weeks

Born: June 18th, 2009

Adopted: 4 years, 10 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: April 7th, 2015


  • Level: 35
  • Strength: 90
  • Defense: 85
  • Speed: 77
  • Health: 95
  • HP: 51/95
  • Intelligence: 188
  • Books Read: 173
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Mens Specialist

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Pet Treasure

Shining UFO

Maggot Pastry

Probably Bread

Green Paintbrush

Jack Cardale Paintbrush

Yellow Paintbrush

Calvin Blackmoon Paintbrush

Red Paintbrush

Black Paintbrush

Blue Paintbrush

Brown Paintbrush

Keith Paintbrush

Yellow Paintbrush

Puke Green Paintbrush

Purple Paintbrush

White Paintbrush

Nail Clipping Notdog

Questionable Apple Pie

Vintage Toy Rocket

Space Shuttle Model

To Serve Aliens

Bone Soup

Shark Stomach Surprise

Eyes and Chocolate Pudding Cup

Pus Custard Pastry Twist

Pus Iced Doughnut

Liver Chunky Cookie Stack

Mucus Milkshake

Grassy Freezicle

Rotten Shrimp Eggroll

Tooth Nasty Pasty

Black Mold Sauce with Fried Eyeballs

Fresh Mold Burger

Orange Paintbrush

Pet Friends