Ienzo has a minion!

Akita the Incendo

Legacy Name: Ienzo

The Custom Angelic Cadogre
Owner: Kitten

Age: 12 years, 3 months, 1 week

Born: August 24th, 2009

Adopted: 11 years, 3 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: August 26th, 2010

Pet Spotlight Winner
August 29th, 2013


  • Level: 444
  • Strength: 1,109
  • Defense: 1,102
  • Speed: 1,100
  • Health: 1,114
  • HP: 1,114/1,114
  • Intelligence: 554
  • Books Read: 546
  • Food Eaten: 5
  • Job: Private Shopper

Ienzo Destroyer of worlds

At the dawn of time the first of existence was born. These creatures were a race of dragons capable of anything imaginable. Many of the first dragons created galaxies, and their children created the suns. Their children's children created the stars, and finally their children made the worlds that occupy them. Another entity the mechagons created the creatures that inhabited each of the worlds.

The mechagons did their part at keeping each creature happy by growing crops for them to feed and supplying water for them to drink. They did everything they could to keep the population happy, While the dragons kept space, time and dimension. The Mechagons were a demigodly race to the Dragons. This is how things were from the dawn of eternity. For centuries the Dragons and Mechagons worked together to keep their lifes work perfect among all else. Though the Mechagons had a shorter life span than the Dragons, still they lived for eons.

One day a new creature was born. He was one of a kind and the only to ever exist. They called him nothing more and nothing less then Ienzo. It was uncertain how Ienzo came to be. But none of the Dragons ever questioned his existence and the Mechagons wouldn't dare challenge the dragons. For what seemed like centuries Ienzo remained smaller than any of the dragonoid creatures and it was decided that he was indeed different.

Ienzo was not looked down upon, however it was undecided what purpose he served. For an eternity he helped the dragons create their entities, however he was never able to do them himself. He also could not create creatures. One day when it was decided that Ienzo was at his peak of age, he was assigned to Milka, the dragon that created the Milky way galaxy, this was the home of earth. Earth was the only planet within this solar system to have any life forms. Ienzo questioned Milka and she asked Akita, the mechagon which created humanity and the animals in earth, why only one world had life.

Akita explained that the creatures took great amount of monitoring, they were a very interesting race, humanity. In the dawn of their creation that had learned how to battle the elements and create fire. They prepared their food rather than just consuming it. It was decided by the Dragons and the Mechagons that humanity was the first race of any galaxy or world.

Ienzo was fascinated by this new existence. He spent eons watching them evolve and develop. They were an amazing independent race. From their fires, they learned to build shelters. From there they built many other things and even learned how to harness electricity. They were an extremely smart race, they mapped out elements and even created space travel. Ienzo was obsessed with watching humanity. He wished to be with them.

One day Ienzo asked Milka if he could visit the humans. Milka explained that such a task was impossible, the dragons and mechagons could only watch over them like god. Being among them is such a task no dragon or mechagon has ever been able to achieve. Ienzo instantly went into deep sadness over this. So sad that he harnessed all his energy to turn himself into a reptilian creature on earth. Ienzo spent no longer than a week with the humans before he returned to Milka. This time frame which lasted no longer than a few moments for a dragon.

Within that week, Ienzo had aged the eternity that he had stayed a youngling. Milka was saddened by the loss of Ienzo's youth. Milka was anxious to know what happened during Ienzo's time on earth. Ienzo explained to her that the humans sucked the life out of him. The life forms below were a terrible existence, that from the dawn of time killed themselves more and more everyday. He told her that the humans knew nothing but greed; they'd harm and sometimes kill each other just to get a little bit ahead in life. They sought no redemption and felt no pity for their crimes.

After much time away from earth, Ienzo began to regain his youth. He again returned to the small unique dragonite he once was. When he fully returned to his previous form he asked a favor of Milka.
What do you wish for me to do Ienzo?
Destroy everything

And thus Ienzo became the Destroyer of Worlds.

Thank you Misery for allowing me to adopt
Overlay By Alto
Original Story/Character by Kitten
Profile Art by Ankoku
Profile by AlaskaArt in story by DiscoverSprite by Verridith

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