Joule has a minion!

Wraith the Phyra


The Common Experiment #886
Owner: Opundo

Age: 10 years, 9 months, 3 weeks

Born: September 16th, 2009

Adopted: 9 years, 2 months, 1 day ago

Adopted: May 7th, 2011


  • Level: 2
  • Strength: 11
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 0
  • Health: 13
  • HP: 13/13
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Beach Comber

Name: Joule
Species: Mermaid, part android.
Occupation: Self-proclaimed freelance vigilante protector of the god-so-primitive landlubbers
Hair: Blonde, medium length, worn loose or in two pigtails.
Eye color: Blue
Dress: Tight-fitting bodysuit brimming with technology; always wears her favorite orange goggles.


Joule broke the surface of the ocean, her long slender tail swaying gently to keep her afloat. She adjusted her equipments for atmospheric night vision and scanned her surroundings.

It was a beautiful night for recon work.

This time, she had caught some meteorological abnormality on her remote sensors, rain without clouds, lightning without ions. Her research revealed the incredible fact that the only significant correlation among these abnormalities were that they all enormously benefitted the owner of the castle she was now swimming toward.

As she coasted past the low barred windows of what must be some very damp dungeons, something caught her eyes and she drew closer, turning on the light on her goggles.

"A real looker, hmm...?" She zoomed in on the smudged but handsome face on the other side of the bars. "Wonder how you ended up here, you don't look like the bad guy.

The boy - or young man at the most - half opened his eyes at her voice, but apparently seeing nothing of interest, seemed to fall back into his slumber. There was an inappropriately cheerful tinkle of a bell as his head settled against the wall.

"Oi!" Joule raised her voice a little. "If you swear to me that you aren't in here for killing someone, I'll nip you out of here!

Nothing from the boy.

Then suddenly he convulsed violently.

"My powers...!" He murmured, disbelief in his voice. He looked-up, wide-eyed. "You have a fish's tail...and you spoke?.

Joule shrugged; "what, never seen a merma...?"

And the dungeons exploded with bright light.

The wind howled and the water around her was churning. She heard the screech of snapping iron and surprised yells from the guards; the whirling of winds, and all the while, a bell ringing and singing as if bewitched.

Darkness fell back down heavily as if it almost carried weight with it. After clearing the stars from her eyes, Joule found a gaping hole in the castle wall where there used to be a barred window and the boy, now free of his shackles, passed out cold on the ground.

At the sound of running footsteps and clattering weaponry, Joule had no choice but to heave the unconscious body into the water, slap an oxygen mask over his face, and dive deep deep down.

She sighed. Another botched recon.


The boy recovered quickly, much more quickly than Joule anticipated.

He seemed very odd to her. Somehow, despite his silence and his obvious unfamiliarity with technology, he had an aura about him that made her feel that he looked down upon her, that he was lowering himself by staying under her shiny titanium roof.

Joule worried about him, and one day when the alarm rang red and urgent to let her know about a fire that broke out in a nearby village, she decided to take him along rather than leaving him by himself in her underwater home.

The situation quickly went from back to worse. Joule was not the most mobile on her...terrain vehicle (she hated to call it a wheelchair), and she was further restrained by having to remain under invisibility shields.

Unseen, she gave her best to help the panicked villagers, dousing flames with anti-flammatories and clearing the surroundings of flammables.

As Joule worked, Rood simply stood hidden at a distance. When she had shoved a bucket at him and told him to fetch water, he had let it drop to the ground, shaking his head. She didn't have time to hound him with questions or argue before rushing to the villagers' aid.

Neither did she have time to carry the trapped baby to safety when a beam on fire fell, blocking her exit out of the little house.


Rain? Sleet in the heat of summer? All of Joule's sciences went out the window when she carried Rood through her door.

A deity? No wonder her instruments kept turning round and round in circles around the strange boy she rescued from a castle dungeon.

She had been almost angry at him for standing by as she hobbled to help in her...terrain vehicle. She was angry at him for hiding his identity, for keeping the truth to himself. Of course he was fine. He was fine all along. He didn't need care from her, a lowly mermaid, he and his godly powers that could decimate whole cities and drown mountains.

He did save her life.

And despite his godly powers and perfect health, Rood stayed under her lowly titanium roof.

Why did he stay? Was he a...friend?


The music cooed in the background as Joule worked.

She looked up as a sudden breeze disturbed the papers before her. Rood had summoned wind indoors to support himself. He did a graceful turn in midair and held out an inviting hand toward her.

Joule raised her eyebrows. Did he expect her to be a dance partner when she was as good as crippled in her chair? Then she smiled, popped in a pair of ear buds, and without answering his questioning cock of the head, wheeled her chair out of the room.

A moment later, Joule was on the other side of the glass wall, outside her underwater home, and free. In the water, she was free as a fish and cut gracefully through the water, her hair fanning out behind her.

So they danced. A god of rain and wind and a mermaid, separated by a glass wall. As Rood surrounded himself with summoned snowflakes, Joule twirled among a school of brightly colored minnows.

As the music cascaded to a crescendo, they came together, matching their palms through the glass. When their eyes met, Joule was sure there was a lingering sadness in the immortal's smile.


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