Rosebud has a minion!

Fidelina (little faithful one) the Frettchen

Legacy Name: Rosebud

The Dawn Sheeta
Owner: Sierra

Age: 15 years, 8 months, 2 weeks

Born: August 25th, 2005

Adopted: 15 years, 8 months, 2 weeks ago (Legacy)

Adopted: August 25th, 2005 (Legacy)


  • Level: 12
  • Strength: 64
  • Defense: 11
  • Speed: 12
  • Health: 17
  • HP: 17/17
  • Intelligence: 69
  • Books Read: 68
  • Food Eaten: 1
  • Job: Pruner


I was adopted on 11/08/05 and I am the third pet in our family. I am very much a girly girl who has a great fondness for all rose related things.

I used to be a Lilac Malticorn with such pretty light lilac colored fur and a beautiful purple horn, however, on 9/9/2008 us Malticorns got a make-over that turned me a darker purple color... and my horn and hooves turned... GREEN! Wha?! ...oh no, No, NOOOOO... purple and green do NOT go together! -shakes head- It brought me much sadness, I hated it, but with some help from my mum...

"Your pet has changed into a Dawn Sheeta!"

Wooo... look at me with my lovely pink fur and shiny golden horns! I feel so BEAUTIFUL! :)
This is what I used to look like a loong time ago... minus the sparkles that is. ;)

Made by Frozen_faerie
- Rosebud`s Accomplishments -

February 25, 2006

That`s my girl!! :D

I won this Pirate Treasure Map for my Mum for having
a REALLY big Treasure Chest, so she gave it to me. :D

Pirate Treasure Map
- Rosebud`s Wishlist -

I`m trying to collect all rose items, but I also like Sheeta items too.

If you`d like to see what I am hoping to add to my treasure chest,
you can see my wishlist here.

- Rosebud`s Thank You`s! -

pinklilly - for allowing mum adopt me from her!
riourioiu - Massive Rose Throne
umne07138 - Pale Pink Giant Rose Corsage
SoliTariix - Enchanted Rose
sisoux69 - Dark Chocolate Rose
Beckersmom - Brilliant Gold Giant Rose Corsage
1RockinMom - Magical Keepsake Box (2 spaces), Magical Keepsake Box (3 spaces)
Miriam - Moms Corsage
My Mum, for the Ice Rose she gave me for Easter!
KadoTheCat - Magical Keepsake Box (1 space)
CainLust - Magical Keepsake Box (1 space)
Shiva - Deep Pink Rose Pin
x0Fer0x - A Dozen Ice Roses
xfaerie - White Rose Sticker, Red Rose Sticker, Pink Rose Sticker, Black Rose Sticker
Azshua - Rose Beanbag, Chocolate Satin Corsage Headband, Twilight Sheeta Beanbag, Rainyday Desert Rose Flowers, Dusk Sheeta Toe-Jam, Chibi Sheeta Plushie
Cookie_Cat - Rosehipp
GreenRowan - Butlers Rose
FlyingSquirrel - Mothers Day Black Rose, Dusk Sheeta Beanbag
pop_princess_1820 - Silver Satin Corsage Sash
Bastit - Rose and Pearls
cnut1 - Lilac Satin Corsage Headband
Anonymous - Rose Satin Corsage Headband
ashleymarie6947 - White Satin Corsage Headband
SkimbleAndMimsy - Icy Sheeta Gem Sword
Poiupoiu2 - Cream Sheeta Plushie
AeriaLure - Giselle Rosebud Hairflower
Vanity - Golden Sheeta Beanbag
Violin - Red Roses and Pearls, Sanguine Rose Ring, Gold Rose Ring, Elegant Rose Ring

And lots of ♥️ to my Auntie Irene (YellowDream). She spoils me so! ((hugs)) -
Magical Keepsake Box (2 spaces), White Massive Rose Throne, Pink Massive Rose Throne, Mothers Day Yellow Rose, Magical Keepsake Box (2 spaces), Mothers Day Pink Rose, Rose Incense, Rose Handbag, Happy Rag Doll, Rose Scented Candle, Rose Quartz Elegant Tiara, Pastel Teddy Bear, Glace, Odd Blue Kitty Plush, Green Roseband, Lavender Roseband, Blue Roseband, Pink Rose Mask, Pink Vanity Rose Brush, Chocolate Rose Bouquet, Red Vanity Rose Brush, Purple Vanity Rose Brush, Orange Vanity Rose Brush, Black Vanity Rose Brush, Turquoise Vanity Rose Brush, Magical Keepsake Box (2 spaces), Rose Hair Pins, Deep Pink Rose Bouquet, Yellow Roseband, Heart Pillow, Pink Stylish Wellies, Red Roseband, Jelly Beans, Pink Roseband, Bleeding Rose of Deepest Blackness, Shinwas Rose (from Spout), Birdy Love (for V-day!), Transparent Rose Halter, Elegant Rose Quartz Tiara, Black Satin Corsage Sash, Ivory Satin Corsage Headband, Wine Satin Corsage Headband, Lilac Satin Corsage Sash, White Satin Corsage Sash, Purple Satin Corsage Sash, Dawn Sheeta Beanbag, Dawn Sheeta Plushie, Calaca Groom Boutonniere, Sheeta Finger Puppet, Sheeta Figurine, Twilight Sheeta Plushie, Magical Keepsake Box (3 spaces), RoQ Candy Loish Plastic Jewelry, Magical Keepsake Box (1 spaces), Deluxe Sheeta Pie, Promo Sheeta Card, Magical Keepsake Box (3 spaces), Snugglebunny, Sheetas First Ornament, Black Vesnali Rose, Red Vesnali Rose, Cyan Vesnali Rose, Violet Vesnali Rose, Pink Vesnali Rose, Faded Yellow Rose, Faded Pink Rose, Faded Purple Rose, Faded Orange Rose, Rose Garden Ticket Stub, R Sticker, Magenta Clingy Monkey, Rose Scented Perfume, Rose Quartz Crystal Flower Bracelet, Oval Rose Quartz Ring, Rose Quartz Solitaire Ring, Rose Quartz Leaf-Tipped Earrings, Multi-Strand Rose Quartz Anklet, Single Strand Rose Quartz Necklace, Multi-Strand Gathered Rose Quartz Necklace, Rose Quartz Tiered Pearl Necklace, Magical Keepsake Box (1), Sheetas First Ornament!, Rose Volume Goop, Magical Keepsake Box (3 spaces), White Rose Hair Pin, Magical Keepsake Box (1), The Rosebud March Sheet Music, Rose Pocketed Scarf, Sheeta Calendar, Watermelon Rose Icing Cake, Grapefruit Rose Icing Cake, Blackberry Rose Icing Cake, Professor New Antique Rose Stockings, Purple Fresh Rose Bouquet, Luminaire Coconut Drink, Dusty Rose Bunting, Florid Silken Rose, Florid Slip-Ons, Florid Drape Top, Florid Glasses Case, Coral Tea Rose Necklace, Florid Silken Rose, Raspberry Rose Fizz, Rose Whipped Spread, Painted Rose Cake, Rotten Drool Hair Spray, Rotten Blood Hair Spray, Rotten Brain Hair Spray, Rotten Bone Hair Spray, Rotten Underground Hair Spray
- Rosebud`s Extended Treasure Chest -

These are items that mum has waiting to go into
my treasure chest when it has more room.

- none at this time -
This page was designed and coded by Sierra.
Those with sticky-paws will be dealt with accordingly!
Background by
Pink Flowers

Pet Treasure

Rose Filled Bucket

Packaged Pure Roses

Pierced Monarch Memorabilia

Bunneh and the Beast Loving Roses

Rose Macarons

Techie Unlucky Sleeve Tattoo Rose

Black Solitary Rose

Bunneh and the Beast Autumn Roses

Secret Bloom of a Hidden Veil

White Solitary Rose

Packaged Powder Roses


R Sticker

O Sticker

S Sticker

E Sticker

B Sticker

U Sticker

D Sticker

Waisted Pink Rose

Waisted Red Rose

Coolly Plucked Bouquet of Roses

White Solitary Rose

Bunneh and the Beast Roses

Passionate Rose Adornment

Discarded White Crafting Roses

Fabric Rose Wrapped

Relic Robin Roses

Radiant Robin Roses

Red Velvet Rose Adornment

White Rose Stash of a Tiny Thief

Red Rose Stash of a Tiny Thief

Rose Tart

Soft Rainbow Rose Embellishment

Black Rose Embellishment

Pink Rose Embellishment

White Rose Embellishment

Royal Robin Roses

Classic Bow Tied Bouquet of Blossoms

Romantic Silver Hair Spray

Beribboned Neptune Rose

Beribboned Mars Rose

Beribboned Saturn Rose

Regal Floating Rose Ornament

Savage Floating Rose Ornament

Energized Lunar Rose Wand

Blushing Lunar Rose Wand

Cold Floating Rose Ornament

Woeful Lunar Rose Wand

Mysterious Bloom of a Hidden Veil

Royal Tea Time

Candlelit Romantic Roses

Rotten Underground Hair Spray

Rotten Bone Hair Spray

Rotten Brain Hair Spray

Rotten Blood Hair Spray

Rotten Drool Hair Spray

Vanity Miss Headpiece

Nightmarish Black Jacket

Dainty Floral Beads

Spike Rose Ribbon

Gourd Witch Rose Small Skulls

Vibrantly Plucked Bouquet of Roses

Daisy Perennial Dress

Rose Side Swept Dancer Locks

Blonde Innocent Hair Kit

Black Innocent Hair Kit

Everlasting Red Roses

Crimson Solitary Rose

Rose Tumble of Ocean Hair

Classic Rose Ink

Pure Rose Garter

Amorous Blossoming Frame

Sentimental Blossoming Frame

Firefly Lit Romantic Roses

Rose Toxic Xotl Bubbly

Decorative Rose Cake

Innocently Plucked Bouquet of Roses

Freshly Plucked Bouquet of Roses

Romantically Plucked Bouquet of Roses

Ivory Tea Rose Necklace

White Rose Epaulette

Silver Key Corset

Beribboned Future Moon Rose

Beribboned Moon Rose

Amorously Plucked Bouquet of Roses

Painted Rose Cake

Florid Silken Rose

Rose Whipped Spread

Raspberry Rose Fizz

Blush Rose Chain

Red Rose Chain

Royal Rose Chain

Rainbow Rose Chain

White Rose Chain

Starry Rose Chain

Cage of the Drowned Dove

Coral Tea Rose Necklace

Treasured Spirit Rose Box

Ruby Lee Centerpiece

Sweet Cinnamon Adorned Curls

Beeutiful Pure Bouquet Epaulet

Beeutiful Ebony Bouquet Epaulet

Alexandrite Roses

Blue Galactic Crown of Stars

Florid Glasses Case

Florid Drape Top

Florid Silken Rose

Florid Slip-Ons

Dusty Rose Bunting

Midnight Vampire Locks

Moms Corsage

Pure Rose Adornment

Single White Rose Earring

Single Pink Rose Earring

Single Red Rose Earring

Bouquet of White Roses Bracelet

Bouquet of Pink Roses Bracelet

Bouquet of Red Roses Bracelet

Rose Colored Succulent Sticker

Screen Printed Rose Shirt

Golden Key Corset

Cute Hair Flowers

Survival Traditions

Pierced Roza Crown

Creamy Roza Crown

Delish Sincere Headpiece

Candied Rose

Romantic Silver Pomade

Ravenish Branches of Midnight

Sweetcake Branches of Dawn

Rose Branches of Dawn

Misty Branches of Morning

Branches of Dawn

Licorice Locks of Roses and Sweets

Luminaire Coconut Drink

Purple Fresh Rose Bouquet

Professor New Antique Rose Stockings

Ivory and Navy Bunched Fabric Roses

Rose Curls

Flirty Girl Eyeshadow

The Golden Chimes Ornament

Elegantly Packaged Rose Wisps

Lobster Key Corset

Doe Eyed Fawn of Charity Roses

Glowing Sinister Rose

Glowing Rose

Glowing Innocent Rose

Wistful Kitten Flowers

Platinum Strands Roses

Crimson Petals and Roses

Crimson Ruffle Roses

Funeral Sweetie Rose Choker

Ceremonious Candle

Rose Sunken Treasure Blossoms

Burgundy Sunken Treasure Blossoms

Yellow Rose Frosted Cupcake

Pink Rose Frosted Cupcake

Purple Rose Frosted Cupcake

White Rose Frosted Cupcake

Red Rose Frosted Cupcake

Peachy Rose Fascinator

Black Lace Rose

White Lace Rose

Rose Petal Phonograph

Sweet Rose Fascinator

Murderous Rose Ring

Frozen Rose Ring

Treasured Antique Rose Box

Treasured Blazing Rose Box

Treasured Albite Rose Box

Treasured Rustic Rose Box

Treasured Classic Rose Box

Treasured Moonstone Rose Box

Treasured Iceberg Rose Box

Treasured Emerald Rose Box

Treasured Spinel Rose Box

Treasured Mysterious Rose Box

Treasured Aurora Rose Box

Treasured Zoisite Rose Box

Treasured Jasper Rose Box

Treasured Precious Rose Box

Treasured Shrine Rose Box

Treasured Sangria Rose Box

Mysterious Woodland Flower Blossoms

Plush Bunny Dangly Rose

Sunset Rose Ring

On Fire Rose Ring

Island Waters Rose Ring

Opal Rose Ring

Galaxy Rose Ring

Victorian Rose Ring

Luminous Rose Ring

Divinity Rose Ring

Citrus Rose Ring

Blue Sky Rose Ring

Amethyst Rose Ring

Chantilly Rose Ring

Snowrose Garland

Memento Of An Enchanted Evening Gown

Endearing Friendship Lock of Roses and Pearls

Wintery Rose of Despair

Toxic Bird Skull

Adorned Bird Skull

Shoulder Ornament of the Valkyrie

Ankle Ornament of the Valkyrie

Ankle Ornament of the Dark Valkyrie

Professor New Antique Rose Vest

Feathered Accessory of the Dark Valkyrie

Romantic Coral Side Curls

Romantic Midnight Side Curls

Romantic Cream Side Curls

Romantic Iridescent Side Curls

Dangling Black Rose Earring

Dangling Red Rose Earring

Flamenco Flamingo Choker

Blackberry Rose Icing Cake

Pomegranate Rose Icing Cake

Grapefruit Rose Icing Cake

Watermelon Rose Icing Cake

Pink Rose Cake

Cunning Imprinted Gown of True Love

Black and Red Imprinted Rose of True Love

Black and Gold Imprinted Rose of True Love

Black and Silver Imprinted Rose of True Love

Intelligence Imprinted Gown of True Love

Red Imprinted Rose of True Love

Purple Imprinted Rose of True Love

Pink Imprinted Rose of True Love

Gold Imprinted Fabric Rose of True Love

Silver Imprinted Rose of True Love

Blue Imprinted Rose of True Love

Rose Pearl Belt

Rose of Darkness

Rose Pinned Gown of Friendship

Enchanted Rose Staff

Elegant Wine Embroidered Rose

Elegant Golden Embroidered Rose

Elegant Bridal Embroidered Rose

Elegant Embroidered Rose

All That Remains Bouquet

All That Remains Decayed Bouquet

Elegant Wilted Floral Crown

Elegant Teal Floral Crown

Elegant Lavender Floral Crown

Elegant Floral Crown

Elegant Frosted Floral Crown

Elegant Floral Spring Crown

Elegant Pure Floral Crown

Elegant Iced Floral Crown

Decayed Floral Crown

Elegant Autumn Floral Crown

Elegant Luminarie Floral Crown

Ruby Floral Crown

Morostide Floral Crown

Ruby Crown of Suffering

Rose Crown of Innocence

White Crown of Purity

Rose Tumble of Platinum Hair

Sultry Rose Tattoo

Seductive Rose Tattoo

Gourd Witch Rose Skull

Enduring Rose Memento

Black Rosea Band

Midnight Rosea Band

Golden Rosea Band

Classic Rosea Band

Rose Waltz Dance Card

Professor New Antique Rose Setting Spray

Dead Survival Small Pale Roses Cake

Giant Rose Cake

Midnight Rosea Drape

Emerald Rosea Drape

Pale Rosea Drape

Dead Rose Petals

Rose Salt Lamp

Mysterious Storybook Garden

Enchanted Storybook Garden

Magical Storybook Garden

Afternoon Rose Tea Fabric

Professor New Antique Rose Half-Hat

Red Rose Locket

Ruffles of the White Rose

Ruffled Red Rose Collar

Ruffles of the Red Rose

Ornate White Rose Necklace

Ornate Red Rose Necklace

Luminous Floral Ornament

Ornate Onyx Gilded Kitten Ears

Lovely Taffeta Wrapped Rose

Dark Dreams Fabric Rose

White Wedding Fabric Rose

Nostalgic Rose Bouquet

Classic Rose Bouquet

Cathartic Rose Bouquet

Lovely Rose Bouquet

Glorious Rose Bouquet

Joyful Kitten Flowers

Haunted Bloom of a Hidden Veil

Surprise Bloom of a Hidden Veil

Secret Bloom of a Hidden Veil

Perfect Bloom of a Hidden Veil

Timid Bloom of a Hidden Veil

Beloved Teal Rose

Beloved Red Rose

Beloved Royal Rose

Beloved Gothic Rose

Infinite Rose Bouquet

Dramatic Rose Bouquet

Rosy Stockings of Silence

Midnight Rosy Pony Locks

Adorable Rosy Pony Locks

Angelic Rosy Pony Locks

Delicate Rose Necklace

Onyx Rose Fabric Pin

Vase of Fresh Flowers

Adorned Spear

Toxic Spear

Bleeding Spear

Charred Spear

Rose Adorned Fascinator

Black Rose Pauldrons

White Rose Pauldrons

Lilac Pearled Roses

Lime Pearled Roses

Turquoise Pearled Roses

Amethyst Pearled Roses

Pearled Roses

Bloody Pearled Roses

Blackened Pearled Roses

Full of Cream Rose Fabric

Apparatus of the Pink Rose

Lacy Midnight Rose Collar

Gloomy Sanctuary Window

Luminous Sanctuary Window

Fragrant Lavender Rose

Enigmatic Blue Rose

Magical Black Rose

Blooming Antler

Withered Roses of Love

Delicate Amethyst Stained Glass Rose

Cloth Wrapped Rose of the Everlasting Love Gown

Survival Lone Red Rosebud

Rose Thorn Diadem

Pure Roselle Musical Box Dress

Rose-Patterned Stained Glass Panel

Survival Small Pale Roses

Forgotten Rose of the Teacup

Simple Rose-Wrapped Kimono

Creepy Tail of the Enchanted Rose

Circlet of Anguished Roses

Handcrafted Sorrow Gift

Handcrafted Nostalgic Gift

Handcrafted Petite Gift

Handcrafted Delicate Gift

Handcrafted Rose Gift

Handcrafted Vintage Gift

Kimono Scrap of the Dreaming Butterfly

Kimono Scrap of the Crimson Butterfly

Kimono Scrap of the Pink Butterfly

Kimono Scrap of the Albino Butterfly

One Sided Love Rose Strands

Bouquet of Black Roses

Bouquet of Midnight Roses

Bouquet of Sanguine Roses

Bouquet of Red Roses

Bouquet of Royal Roses

Bouquet of Pink Roses

Bouquet of Paesh Roses

Bouquet of Champagne Roses

Bouquet of Golden Roses

Bouquet of Withering Roses

Bouquet of Sea Salt Roses

Bouquet of Argent Roses

Bouquet of Ivory Roses

Bouquet of White Roses

Wounded Locks of the Celtic Lover

Pink Passion Fabric Rose

Resting Rose Sash

Rose Laced Tights

Gorgeous Rose Frame

Morostide Snow Globe Headpiece

Onyx Pearled Crown

Lovely Pearled Crown

Cosmic Rose Wedding Fabric

Royal Purple Rose Wedding Fabric

Royal Blue Rose Wedding Fabric

Captured Enchanted Rose

Elven Rose

Decaying Rose Pauldrons

Innocent Lace Fabric

Vintage Rose Perfume

Delicate Rose Fabric

Staff of the Rose Warrior

Angelic Floral Headpiece

Ancient Sword of Overgrown Magical Roses

Ancient Sword of Overgrown Roses

Black Violin Rose Frills

White Feathery Petal Dress

Blue Rose Sprout Dress

Olive Rose Sprout Dress

Black Rose Sprout Dress

White Rose Sprout Dress

Pink Rose Sprout Dress

Delicate Hand Sewn Rose

Delicate Hand Sewn Tinted Rose

Delicate Hand Sewn White Rose

Handmade Victorian Headwreath

Handmade Bittersweet Headwreath

Handmade Antique Headwreath

Handmade Sweet Headwreath

Rose Bound Locks of Beauty

Crimson Rose Garden Variety Heels

Roses of Innocence

Black Cross and Roses Necklace

Rose Pocketed Scarf

High Waisted Rose Sparkle Skirt

Roses Of Amaranthine Love

Frosted Rose Twist

Passionate Rose Twist

Toxic Rose Twist

Caramelized Romantic Locks

Moonlit Romantic Locks

Very Romantic Locks

Sweet Romantic Locks

Crown of the Cootie Queen

Rose and Chains Hairclip

Verdi Luminous Roses

Thorny White Roses

Memento of True Love

Pink Tea Rose Necklace

White Tea Rose Necklace

Lavender Tea Rose Necklace

Silk Coal Shoe Flowers

Silk Rose Shoe Flowers

Delicate Sandy Rose Locks

Rose Winged Gem Mask

Thorns of the Autumn Rose

Delicate Stained Glass Rose

Carefully Plucked Belt of Success

Carefully Plucked Belt of Clarity

Carefully Plucked Belt of Knowledge

Carefully Plucked Belt of Sorrow

Carefully Plucked Belt of Passion

Carefully Plucked Belt of Sweetness

Carefully Plucked Belt of Shyness

Carefully Plucked Belt of Purity

Full of Blush Rose Fabric

The Rosebud March Sheet Music

Innocent Rose Ruffles

Sweet Pearl Adorned Bun

Elegant Pearl Adorned Bun

Roselace Garnet Eyepatch

Lovely Stitched Rose Corset

Bloody Rose Blossoms

Snowy Rose Blossoms

Blushing Rose Blossoms

Single Blush Rose

Single Sinister Rose

Sweet Rose Anklet

Pure Rose Anklet

Pure Rose with Pearls Headpiece

Blush Rose with Pearls Headpiece

Ruby Rose with Pearls Headpiece

Onyx Rose with Pearls Headpiece

Scarlet Taffeta Wrapped Rose

Blessed Headdress of Purity

Cursed Headdress of Corruption

Licorice Locks of Roses and Sweets

Petite Rose Whipped Strands

Morostide Roses and Pearls

Beloved Keepsake Roses

Romantic Keepsake Roses

Sorrow Keepsake Roses

Majestic Rose Frills

Apricot Rose Frills

Sunshine Rose Frills

Choco Rose Frills

Frosty Rose Frills

Pink Rose Epaulette

Teal Rose Epaulette

Soft Garden Fairy Strands

Rose Garden Fairy Strands

Sweet Cupid Rose Collar

Brooding Cupid Rose Collar

Lovely Rose Earring

Somber Rose Earring

Majestic Rose Earring

Angelic Rose Earring

Shimmery Rose Ring

Aurora Rose Ring

Corruptedly Naive Rose Ring

Vintage Rose Ring

Tainted Rose Ring

Chocolate Rose Ring

Gold Rose Ring

Autumn Rose Ring

Yellow Rose Ring

Tan Rose Ring

Dead Rose Ring

Periwinkle Rose Ring

Navy Rose Ring

Cosmic Rose Ring

Elegant Rose Ring

Emerald Rose Ring

Teal Rose Ring

Aqua Rose Ring

Mint Rose Ring

Sanguine Rose Ring

Majestic Rose Ring

Fuchsia Rose Ring

Pink Rose Ring

Peach Rose Ring

Lemonade Rose Ring

Angelic Rose Ring

Pure Rose Ring

Black Roses and Pearls

Aqua Roses and Pearls

Fresh Roses and Pearls

Mint Roses and Pearls

Red Roses and Pearls

Pink Roses and Pearls

Blush Roses and Pearls

Cream Roses and Pearls

White Roses and Pearls

Leftover Rose Chiffon and Sequins

Stolen Fabric and Roses

Mauve Rose Trinket Box

The Book of the Rose Fairy

Rose Adorned Pure Frillop

Rose Adorned Pink Frillop

Rose Adorned Tainted Frillop

Picked Pink Rose

Corsage Head Adornment

Buttercream Rose Coffee Cake

Buttercream Rose Green Teacake

Buttercream Rose Vanilla Cake

Buttercream Rose Lavender Cake

Sunset Paradise Hairpiece

Frilly Rose Scented Shorts

Autumn Leaf Bouquet

Petite Rose Sash

Petite Rose Bolero

Contessa Amethyst Rose Locks

Contessa Starlight Rose Locks

Contessa Obsidian Rose Locks

Contessa Mahogany Rose Locks

Contessa Fawn Rose Locks

Contessa Aurous Rose Locks

Seductive Lolita One Piece

Antique Rose Cut

Fallen Pieces of Adornment

Old English Roses Hair Spray

Innocent Reminiscent Roses

Piquant Reminiscent Roses

Caustic Reminiscent Roses

Verdi New Bloom Rose Cameo

Ornamental White Rose and White Pearls

Ornamental Mint Rose and White Pearls

Ornamental Pink Rose and White Pearls

Ornamental Red Rose and Black Pearls

Ornamental Black Rose and White Pearls

Pristine Cherub Feathers

Elegant Ribboned Rose Bundle

Gilded Ribboned Rose Bundle

Sea Maiden Ribboned Rose Bundle

Romantic Ribboned Rose Bundle

Sweetheart Ribboned Rose Bundle

Innocent Ribboned Rose Bundle

Ivory Rose Lace Barrette

Ebony Rose Lace Barrette

Porcelain Rose Lace Barrette

Sapphire Rose Lace Barrette

Scarlet Handmade Gossamer Roses

Black Handmade Gossamer Roses

Mintea Rose Strands

Forgotten Brides Flower Crown

Forgotten Brides Dried Bouquet

Earth Bound Woodland Locks

Earth Bound Shadow Locks

Earth Bound Sea Mist Locks

Ivory Crown of Wild Roses

Rose and Chains Heeled Boots

Mysterious Rosewood Lantern

Romantic Rosewood Lantern

Sunset Rose Shield

Thorny Rose Dagger

Rose Scented Spring Mist

Ravishing Rose Eyeshadow

Romantic Rose Pillars

Vase of Pure White Roses

Starlight Rose Strewn Silk Gown

Midnight Rose Strewn Silk Gown

Twilight Rose Strewn Silk Gown

Pale Rose with Pearls

Classy Rose with Pearls

Wine Rose with Pearls

Intricate Rose With Pearls

Million Dollar Roses

Rosewater Champagne

Rose Floral Waistcoat

Rose Floral Shortdress

Scrunched Rose Fabric

White Survival Note Rose

Blue Survival Note Rose

Yellow Survival Note Rose

Pink Survival Note Rose

Red Survival Note Rose

Coolest Girl Locks

Picture Frame of Romance

Rose Wine

Mimi Moe Lockwell Rose Mask

Ravishing Bistre Rose Wisps

Ravishing Pastel Rose Wisps

Ravishing Timber Rose Wisps

Ravishing Amber Rose Wisps

Ravishing Cornsilk Rose Wisps

Ravishing Miasma Rose Wisps

Flower Pinned Red Locks

Flower Pinned Brown Locks

Flower Pinned Blonde Locks

Flower Pinned Teal Locks

Flower Pinned Black Locks

Handcrafted Silica Roses

Handcrafted Dust Roses

Handcrafted Golden Roses

Handcrafted Coral Roses

Handcrafted Sakura Roses

Handcrafted Pink Roses

Handcrafted Cerise Roses

Handcrafted Sangria Roses

Handcrafted Lichen Roses

Handcrafted Emerald Roses

Handcrafted Bondi Roses

Handcrafted Diamond Roses

Handcrafted Myosotis Roses

Handcrafted Sapphire Roses

Handcrafted Phthalo Roses

Handcrafted Byzantium Roses

Handcrafted Mortuary Roses

Scrap of Black Rose Fabric

Scrap of Sea Rose Fabric

Scrap of Emerald Rose Fabric

Scrap of Sapphire Rose Fabric

Scrap of Ruby Rose Fabric

Scrap of Red Rose Fabric

Scrap of Fire Rose Fabric

Withering Roses Bouquet

Pale Rose Ribboned Headpiece

Red Rose Ribboned Headpiece

Red Love Rose

Yellow Flame Rose

Blue Flame Rose

Black Flame Rose

White Flame Rose

Red Flame Rose

Bag of Rose Seeds

Shamanic Pauldron

Beast Rose Clasp

Rose Detail Sheer Belt

Seal Plushie

Rose Detail Sheer Top

Rose Detail Sheer Tights

Rose Embellished Sash

Elegant Lady Victorian Wig

Beauty Rose Clip

Delish Noel Headpiece

Delish Noel Brooch

Tree of Everlasting Love

Standard of the Rose

Chipper Rose Gift

Everlasting Love Ensemble

Everlasting Love Locks

Iced Everlasting Love Locks

Golden Everlasting Love Locks

Just Thin Enough Rose Wrap

Rose Necklace Gift Box

Sweetrose Mystery Present

Blooming Box of Lingerie

Frozen Rose Key

Sweetrose Mascara

Pink Rose Tattoo Sheet

Sweetrose Hairbrush

Green Frilled Choker

Gothic Aristocrat Jabot

Delicate Flower Band

Giselle Rosebud Engraved Necklaces

Rose Scented Jar of Bath Salts

Rose Heavy Winter Cloak

Sweetrose Glasses Case

Sweetrose Boots

Sweetrose Dress

Black Rose Brocade Dress

Rose Lace-Overlay Dress

Sweetrose Hair Elastics

Floral Rose Vial of Cologne

Sweetrose Lace Ribbons

Rose Quartz Double Anklets

Giselle Rosebud Ring

Rose Necklace Gift

Rose Jangle Bangle

Large Rose Quartz Cuff

Multi-Strand Gathered Rose Quartz Necklace

Rose Quartz Long Beaded Necklace

Rose Quartz Crystal Flower Bracelet

Rose Quartz Cabochon Ring

Rose Quartz Tiered Pearl Necklace

Single Strand Rose Quartz Necklace

Rose Quartz Toe Ring

Pearl and Rose Quartz Brooch Necklace

Oval Rose Quartz Ring

Rose Quartz Solitaire Ring

Rose Quartz Leaf-Tipped Earrings

Rose Quartz Plated Bracelet

Multi-Strand Rose Quartz Anklet

Rose Long Tiered Skirt

Rose Fireside Leaf Skirt

White Rose Hair Pin

White Rose Hair Pin

Steamlace White Rose Bow

Lilac Vintage Rose Hair Piece

Green Vintage Rose Hair Piece

Brown Vintage Rose Hair Piece

Black Vintage Rose Hair Piece

Cream Vintage Rose Hair Piece

Pink Vintage Rose Hair Piece

White Vintage Rose Hair Piece

Turquoise Vintage Rose Hair Piece

Red Vintage Rose Hair Piece

Peacock Rosey Chapeau

Black Rosey Chapeau

Blue Rosey Chapeau

Rust Rosey Chapeau

Olive Rosey Chapeau

White Rosey Chapeau

Gold Rosey Chapeau

Purple Rosey Chapeau

Indigo Rosey Chapeau

Emerald Rosey Chapeau

Cornflower Rose Garland Tank

Silver Rose Garland Tank

Yellow Rose Garland Tank

Neutral Rose Garland Tank

Charcoal Rose Garland Tank

Lavender Rose Garland Tank

Mint Rose Garland Tank

Purple Rose Garland Tank

Green Rose Garland Tank

White Rose Garland Tank

Cornflower Rose Garland Tank

Yellow Floral Sash

Lavender Floral Sash

Charcoal Floral Sash

White Floral Sash

Mint Floral Sash

Neutral Floral Sash

Cornflower Floral Sash

Purple Floral Sash

Green Floral Sash

Silver Floral Sash

Black Satin Corsage Sash

Ivory Satin Corsage Sash

Lilac Satin Corsage Sash

Chocolate Satin Corsage Sash

White Satin Corsage Sash

Silver Satin Corsage Sash

Rose Satin Corsage Sash

Purple Satin Corsage Sash

Wine Satin Corsage Headband

Silver Satin Corsage Headband

Lilac Satin Corsage Headband

Purple Satin Corsage Headband

Chocolate Satin Corsage Headband

Black Satin Corsage Headband

Rose Satin Corsage Headband

White Satin Corsage Headband

Ivory Satin Corsage Headband

Pink Rose Watering Can

White Rose Watering Can

Blue Rose Watering Can

Orange Rose Watering Can

Yellow Rose Watering Can

Faded Purple Rose

Faded Pink Rose

Faded Blue Rose

Faded Yellow Rose

Faded Orange Rose

Pink Vesnali Rose

Cyan Vesnali Rose

Violet Vesnali Rose

White Vesnali Rose

Cream Vesnali Rose

Black Vesnali Rose

Red Vesnali Rose

Indigo Vesnali Rose

White Massive Rose Throne

Yellow Massive Rose Throne

Massive Rose Throne

Pink Massive Rose Throne

Pink Roseband

Blue Roseband

Black Roseband

White Roseband

Green Roseband

Lavender Roseband

Orange Roseband

Yellow Roseband

Red Roseband

Milk Chocolate Rose

Dark Chocolate Rose

Pink Chocolate Rose

White Chocolate Rose

Mothers Day Yellow Rose

Mothers Day Pink Rose

Mothers Day Red Rose

Mothers Day Black Rose

Deep Red Giant Rose Corsage

Brilliant Gold Giant Rose Corsage

Red Giant Rose Corsage

Pale Pink Giant Rose Corsage

White Giant Rose Corsage

Blue Rose Sticker

White Rose Sticker

Red Rose Sticker

Pink Rose Sticker

Black Rose Sticker

Yellow Vanity Rose Brush

Green Vanity Rose Brush

Blue Vanity Rose Brush

Black Vanity Rose Brush

White Vanity Rose Brush

Turquoise Vanity Rose Brush

Red Vanity Rose Brush

Purple Vanity Rose Brush

Orange Vanity Rose Brush

Pink Vanity Rose Brush

Rose Garden Ticket Stub

Sweet Boylita Rose Corsage

Giselle Rosebud Hairflower

Brass Rose

Rose and Pearls

Gold Rose Trinket

Calavera Bride Withered Bouquet

Pink Rose Bouquet

Black Ribbon Tied Rose

Dried Red Rose


Chocolate Rose Bouquet

Rose Hair Pins

Spurned Zombie Love

Calaca Groom Boutonniere

Bleeding Rose of Deepest Blackness

Winter Rose

Shinwas Rose

Ice Rose

Deep Pink Rose Pin

Deep Pink Rose Bouquet

Gothic Lolita Rose

Handful of Red Rose Petals

Handful of Ivory Rose Petals

Calavera Bride Dusty Rose Headband

Calavera Bride Dusty Rose Collar

Butlers Rose

Deaths Kiss

Calavera Bride Single Red Rose

Romantic Rose

Enchanted Rose

Rose Handbag

Rose MaiShadow Kit

Claire Rose Scented Lipstick

Rose Volume Goop

Rose Petal Gym Deodorant

Rose Incense

Rose Scented Perfume

Rose Cologne

Strands of Rose Chevelure Wig

Rose Oversized Handbag

Candied Rose Petal

Rose Octombre Cake

Flood of Deadly Toxins Maze Trading Card

Roses 101

A Dozen Ice Roses

Gothic Lolita Headband

Elegant Rose Quartz Tiara

Elegant Rose Quartz Tiara

Ladies Rose Full-Face Mask

Pink Rose Mask

Rose Goblin Mask

Elegant Gothic Box

2009 Rose Pin

Love and Rose Shirt

Rose Denimz

Dual Tone Rose Jacket

Rose Egg and Nest Candle

Rose Perfume

Rose Scented Candle

Violet Flower Pressing

Love Bug Butterfly

Rose Nervous Chick Plushie

Rose HumbleBumble Plushie


Transparent Rose Halter

Keg of Rosbier

Ornate Rose Vase

Rainyday Desert Rose Flowers

Simple Rose Metallic Glass Tree Ornament

Rose Beanbag


RoQ Candy Loish Plastic Jewelry

Heart Pillow

Pink Stylish Wellies

Birdy Love

Jelly Beans


Happy Rag Doll Plushie

Pastel Teddy Bear Plushie

Odd Blue Kitty Plushie

Pirate Treasure Map


Dawn Sheeta Plushie

Cream Sheeta Plushie

Mystery Sheeta Plushie

Twilight Sheeta Plushie

Sun Sheeta Plushie

Arid Sheeta Plushie

Field Sheeta Plushie

Chibi Sheeta Plushie

Graveyard Sheeta Plushie

Sheeta Figurine

Cream Sheeta Beanbag

Golden Sheeta Beanbag

Dawn Sheeta Beanbag

Bloodred Sheeta Beanbag

Field Sheeta Beanbag

Twilight Sheeta Beanbag

Dusk Sheeta Beanbag

Sheeta Finger Puppet

Reborn Sheeta Action Figure

Sheetas First Ornament

Sheetas First Ornament

Sheeta Playset

Wind-Up Sheeta

Sheeta Hat

Fuzzy Sheeta Journal

Sheeta Carved Pumpkin

Crystal Sheeta Orb

Sheeta Calendar

Essence of Sheeta

Sheeta Sweetie Wand

Dusk Sheeta Toe-Jam

Icy Sheeta Gem Sword

Promo Sheeta Trading Card

Sheeta Head Shrubbery

Deluxe Sheeta Pie

Sheeta Moon Scepter

Pet Friends