Suthern has a minion!

Mariah the Aria

Legacy Name: Suthern

The Glacier Jollin
Owner: Shae

Age: 10 years, 8 months, 4 weeks

Born: December 19th, 2009

Adopted: 10 years, 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Adopted: December 19th, 2009


  • Level: 38
  • Strength: 95
  • Defense: 95
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 49
  • HP: 47/49
  • Intelligence: 177
  • Books Read: 175
  • Food Eaten: 13
  • Job: Stylist

Pet Treasure

Snowy Village Sole Train

Navy Cap Toe Ballet Flats

Silver Cap Toe Ballet Flats

Black Cap Toe Ballet Flats

Gold Cap Toe Ballet Flats

Moss Basic Flats

Chocolate Basic Flats

Sienna Basic Flats

Dark Green Basic Flats

Gold Basic Flats

Neon Yellow Basic Flats

Neon Blue Basic Flats

Emerald Basic Flats

Pink Basic Flats

Baby Pink Basic Flats

Blue Basic Flats

Baby Blue Basic Flats

Citrine Basic Flats

Purple Basic Flats

Neon Orange Basic Flats

Black Comfy Slippers

Yellow Comfy Slippers

Purple Comfy Slippers

Black Mary Janes

Yellow Mary Janes

White Mary Janes

Blue Jelly Shoes

Black Jelly Shoes

Clear Jelly Shoes

Orange Jelly Shoes

Simplistic Pink Flats

Simplistic Brown Flats

Black Laced Combat Boots

Brown Unlaced Combat Boots

Taupe Unlaced Combat Boots

Black Steel-Toed Boots

Black Fluff Boots

Yellow Fluff Boots

Mint Side-Button Boots

Gold Side-Button Boots

Primrose Side-Button Boots

Red Running Shoes

Black Comfy Flipflops

Green Lace-Up Sandals

Burgundy Lace-Up Sandals

Yellow Lace-Up Sandals

Open Toed Chocolate Wedges

Open Toed Gray Wedges

Open Toed Golden Wedges

Arid Kanis Slippers

Arid Jackboots

Dusk Kerubi Slippers

Berry Slouchy Boots

Gray Sneakers

Blue Sneakers

Green Sneakers

Yellow Sneakers

Purple Sneakers

Orange Sneakers

Black Large Pirate Boots

Blue Ballet Slippers

Black Slip Ons

White Slip Ons

Gray Slip Ons

Red Slip Ons

Brown Slip Ons

Holly Jolly Knit Boots

Black High Tops

Black Hip High Tops

Red Strappy Summer Sandals

Cream Baby Oxfords

Yellow Baby Oxfords

Black Low Heels

Pink Low Heels

Plum Low Heels

Emerald Glitter Flats

Ruby Glitter Flats

Sapphire Glitter Flats

Amethyst Glitter Flats

Gold Mini Pumps

Arid Mini Pumps

Blue Leather Ankle Boots

Red Leather Ankle Boots

Black Leather Ankle Boots

Frog Wellies

Yellow Stylish Wellies

Green Stylish Wellies

Pink and Orange Floral Rain Boots

Black Snow Boots

Citrus Snow Boots

Black Old Fashioned Boots

Old Fashioned Boots

Green Old Fashioned Boots

Pink Old Fashioned Boots

Blue Old Fashioned Boots

Black Winter Boots

Snow White Winter Boots

Purple Winter Boots

Berry UGH! Boots

Black UGH! Boots

Black Knee High Clogs

Lavender Knee High Clogs

Mint Knee High Clogs

Green Witch Boots

Purple Witch Boots

Black Boots

Blue Dancing Shoes

Purple Dancing Shoes

Black Oxford Shoes

Black Haferlschuh

Black Giant Malicious Slippers

Arid Cloth Warador Footgear

Angelic Cloth Warador Footgear

Black Plastic Shoes

Orange Plastic Shoes

Green Slingback Wedges

Basic White Sandals

Basic Red Sandals

Basic Green Sandals

Basic Yellow Sandals

Basic Blue Sandals

Basic Orange Sandals

Black Daisy Sandals

Blue Daisy Sandals

Black Gladiator Sandals

Brown Gladiator Sandals

Green Gladiator Sandals

Navy Strappy Sandals

Gray Strappy Sandals

Sturdy Green Sandals

Dainty Yellow Sandals

Black Cowboy Boots

Pink Cowboy Boots

Winter Lace-Up Shoes

Dirty Practice Ballet Pointe Shoes

Nori Shoes

Burgundy Vinyl Ankle Boots

Pointy Golden Pumps

Pet Friends