Legacy Name: Daisuke Jigen

The Darkmatter Telenine
Owner: Cacti

Age: 12 years, 7 months, 6 days

Born: January 6th, 2010

Adopted: 12 years, 7 months, 6 days ago

Adopted: January 6th, 2010


  • Level: 184
  • Strength: 460
  • Defense: 460
  • Speed: 459
  • Health: 460
  • HP: 439/460
  • Intelligence: 329
  • Books Read: 323
  • Food Eaten: 13
  • Job: The Thief

Pet Treasure

Darkside Smolders Cigarettes

Common Six-Shooter

Hat of the Blues

Black Slacks

Black Shirtless Suit Jacket

Cowboys Plain Shirt

Plain Blue Button-Down

Plain Purple Button-Down

Plain Salmon Button-Down

Dressed to the Nines Purple Attire

Purple Striped Button-Down

Dressed to the Nines Blue Attire

Dark Green Tie and Pin

Beige Tie and Pin

Torrent Sail Spaghetti

Bovyne Steak


Fine Aged Bourbon Whiskey

Fine Aged Scotch Whisky

Cockroach Killer

Shot of Whiskey

Aged Scotch


Rusty Nail

Old Fashioned

Gut Wrencher

Whiskey Sour

The Smoker

Original Toxic Xotl Bubbly



Distilled Rum

Dry Gin



Empty Champagne Bottle

Delphi Beach Sparkling Wine

Peka Glade Champagne

Bottled Rose

Bottled Chardonnay

Bottled Riesling

Bottled Pinot Grigio

Bottled Merlot

Bottled Pinot Noir

Bottled Cabernet Sauvignon

Port Plunder Port Wine

Veta Lakes White Wine

Saherimos Sherry

Red Wine

Twist-N-Turn Shot

Lumberjack Coffee

Sneak Thief Pick Set

Sneak Thief Reliable Satchel

Suture Kit

First Aid Kit

Extra Strength Pain Pills

Bloodstain Removal

Black Comfortable Chair

Beige Comfortable Chair

Something Light Colored Sofa

Pool Lounge Beanbag

Blue Beach Chair

Sparkly Diamond Plushie

Raw Diamond

Crystal Identification

Classical CD

Country CD

Swimming in Money

How To: Safe Crackery

Stack of Cash Plushie

Spotting Fakes and Forgeries

Mismatched Playing Card Deck

Romero Shipwreck Lost Treasure

Set of Safe Keys

Takeout Menu

Lounge Drink Menu

Sea-Farin Activities: Crossword

Pet Friends