Garron Syco has a minion!

Mistress the Princess

Garron Syco
Legacy Name: Garron Syco

The Bloodred Dragarth
Owner: Sir

Age: 12 years, 5 months, 6 days

Born: January 31st, 2010

Adopted: 12 years, 5 months, 6 days ago

Adopted: January 31st, 2010


  • Level: 8
  • Strength: 19
  • Defense: 17
  • Speed: 17
  • Health: 18
  • HP: 18/18
  • Intelligence: 2
  • Books Read: 2
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

Pet Treasure

Nurse Bertha

Cherry Shot Shot

Lemon Shot Shot

Apple Shot Shot

Berry Shot Shot

Grape Shot Shot

Bag of Blood

Bag of Plasma

Suture Kit


Digital Thermometer

Tongue Depressor

First Aid Kit

Large First Aid Kit

Pink Bismuth Travel Pack

Acetaminophen Travel Pack

Ibuprofen Travel Pack

Regular Strength Pain Pills

Extra Strength Pain Pills

Dr. Lockhearts Amoricone

Aller-Away Double Pack

Hydrocortisone Cream

Antibiotic Ointment

Sticky Bandage

Butterfly Bandages

Blue Arm Cast

Tension Bandage (Face)

Tension Bandage (Hips)

Tension Bandage (Leg)

Tension Bandage (Ankle)

Hospital Bed

Tiny Virus

Cardiac Cycle

Index of Viruses

Random Drinking Game Rules

Liquor-Spiked Cocoa

Weathered Sailors Flask

Free Beer

Brewski Brand Brewski


Empty Beer Bottle

Empty Champagne Bottle

Skull Vodka Bottle



Beer Flavored Beer

Pilsener Glass

Glass of Wheat Beer

Shot of Whiskey

Sample Size Wheat Beer

Sample Size Stout

Glass of Smoked Beer

Mug of Dunkel Beer

Six Pack of Pilsner

Pet Friends

Gaylord Caduceus
"Shut up pretty boy... you think you're so perfect that you can judge the way I live my life? Well I will make sure your residency isn't so easy."

Lucas Fortune
"OK. You can stop's fine. See you next time."

Felicia Fortune
"You ought to keep a closer eye on your husband. It's like he's hexed or something."