Ludwig has a minion!

Leo the Purrito

Legacy Name: Ausweiden

The Bloodred Kumos
Owner: Millie

Age: 10 years, 7 months, 2 weeks

Born: March 1st, 2010

Adopted: 1 year, 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: August 1st, 2019

Pet Spotlight Winner
September 4th, 2010


  • Level: 63
  • Strength: 155
  • Defense: 156
  • Speed: 155
  • Health: 155
  • HP: 155/155
  • Intelligence: 420
  • Books Read: 420
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Kidnapper on Retainer

Ludwig Vogel

* Asin's (not by choice) "bestie" and bodyguard
* Has a medical degree but due to being unable to stand the smell of blood, looked for another job but ends up getting the worse option
* A very capable assassin and thorough with "dealing" with people but actually hates his job
* Due to high stress, he turned to cigarette smoking
* Secretly loves Asin's homecooking and is grateful to get served nice food (he's just too stubborn and angry to admit it)
* Adopted a stray cat who followed him on the way home after finishing a request one day. It was left unnamed until Asin gave it a name which he decided to go with it. (Luckily, he's a cat person, he's just bad at thinking up names.)

Focusing on stats and TC for the meantime...woohoo~
Will be a doggo soon. Keeping the color tho.

Luddy faces

Thank you so much Mesmer for giving me Ausweiden! ;v;
Aus art by tokiyu10 @Picrew
Portrait Art (x2) by Y_at @Picrew

Pet Treasure

Scalpel of Doom

Self-Defense Training Wraps

Steel-Handled Scalpel

Arsenic Poison Vial Kit

Ricin Poison Vial Kit

Hemlock Poison Vial Kit

Cyanide Poison Vial Kit

Belladonna Poison Vial Kit

Arsenic Poison Bottle Kit

Ricin Poison Bottle Kit

Hemlock Poison Bottle Kit

Cyanide Poison Bottle Kit

Belladonna Poison Bottle Kit

White Nitrile Gloves

Stained White Nitrile Gloves

Black-Handled Scalpel

Useless Rusty Knife

Suture Kit

Pet Friends