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Jill Valentine
Legacy Name: Jill Valentine

The Glacier Kumos
Owner: Wesker

Age: 12 years, 3 months, 4 weeks

Born: March 1st, 2010

Adopted: 10 years, 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Adopted: August 3rd, 2011

Pet Spotlight Winner
February 16th


  • Level: 414
  • Strength: 1,027
  • Defense: 1,027
  • Speed: 1,025
  • Health: 2,600
  • HP: 2,600/2,600
  • Intelligence: 1,282
  • Books Read: 1254
  • Food Eaten: 17
  • Job: Special Operative

The Determined one

“I can blow away zombies and monsters with the best of ‘em; show me a spider and I lose my freaking mind…”

Jill and Chris arrive at the Spencer Estate close to midnight. Thunder rolls overhead as Jill begins to pick the lock of the front door. Rain droplets tickle the back of Chris’s neck as he radios in their position to HQ. There’s an audible click as the door unlocks.

“We’re in.” Jill announces and the two push through the front door.

The foyer of the mansion is dimly lit, but even in the low lighting Jill can see it is an almost exact replica of the foyer of the mansion in Raccoon City. Chris walks over to a nearby door and attempts to open it, but it’s locked. Jill examines the lock. The mechanism is custom made and too intricate for her to pick. There’s a crest above the door handle and an empty cutout in the middle of the door where a matching emblem belongs. If they want to get into the rooms, they are going to have to find the emblems conveniently hidden somewhere in the mansion. “Kinda takes you back, doesn’t it?” She asks. Chris nods silently as they climb up the main stairway.

A flash of lightning illuminates the foyer and Jill can make out several bodies scattered around them on the second floor. She kneels down to check the body at the top of the stairs. After a careful assessment, she turns back to Chris who has been watching over her shoulder.

“One of Spencer’s body guards. The wounds are still fresh so whatever or whoever did this could still be nearby.”
“Alright, let’s be careful.” Chris replies, “Keep your guard up.”

Jill makes her way down one end of the second floor landing and opens a door to a narrow corridor. The corridor leads to a bedroom at the opposite end. There’s a diary on the bedside table. Chris picks up the small book and starts to read, searching for clues. Jill looks at a large painting on the wall opposite the bed. It’s a portrait of a finely dressed young man. He has a strong jaw and stern look on his face.

“Who do you think this is?” Jill asks Chris. “You don’t suppose this is Spencer when he was younger do you?”
Chris looks up from his reading to see what she’s talking about. “Oh you don’t know? That’s Mr. Resident Evil himself.”

Jill rolls her eyes.

They double back to the second floor landing and Jill tries the only door on the other side of the landing. This door opens freely into a balcony above a dining room that looks eerily familiar. Jill takes a minute to look down at the dining room below while Chris scans the area for anything that might be useful. A pool of blood, Barry worried about it being Chris; she can still visualize the scene as if it were really in front of her. It’s hard to believe that all happened 8 years ago in Raccoon City. Jill shakes herself free of the thought and they quickly move into the next room.

Spencer has spared no expense turning this mansion into a giant maze laden with traps. Eventually, the two find their way through the locked doors of the mansion and into Spencer’s study. There’s a safe in a small room locked behind an iron gate. Chris heads over to the computer terminal and enters the password they found. The heavy gate lifts automatically and Jill starts to walk inside the small room. No sooner does she step one foot inside does the gate mechanism start to close. Jill pushes Chris out of the way, stopping him from being crushed by the heavy gate but leaving her trapped inside the room.

“It’s a trap!” Jill exclaims through the bars as spikes suddenly start to descend from the ceiling. “There has to be a release mechanism somewhere to shut it off!”

Chris runs out of the study to see if he can find another way around. Jill looks around her cell and notices a barred window cutout. Through the cutout she can see the lever to disengage the trap, but it’s out of her reach. The only way to access it is through the padlocked door at the other end. Panic starts to set in as the spike slowly make their way closer to her head. She hears banging against the padlocked door.

“Chris!” She yells, “Back away from the door, I’m going to shoot the lock!”
Chris bursts through the door before the padlock even hits the floor and pulls the lever. The iron gate once again lifts and the spikes slowly raise back up into the ceiling. Jill collects the item from the safe just as Chris reunites with her in the study.

“You sure know how to keep a girl waiting.” Jill chuckles, but Chris can hear the apprehension in her voice.“I’m glad you’re alright.” Chris says gently, putting a hand on her shoulder. “You ready to keep going partner?”

As they make their way out of the study and into the next area, Chris and Jill are attacked by a grotesque hooded creature wielding a large rusty boat anchor. The humanoid monster is muscular and stands at seven feet tall. Swollen puss filled growths that resemble an abnormally large tumor covers the monster’s shoulder and back. Jill fires a round of bullets at the creature, but it barely flinches as it continues its pursuit in her direction. Chris manages to get behind the thing and starts his own assault from behind, but not before the creature lifts its heavy weapon and brings in crashing down on Jill’s position. Jill narrowly avoids the attack by rolling to the side, but the creature is already preparing its next attack. Chris throws a wild punch at its face, causing it to stagger. It’s Jill’s turn to get behind it. She notices an eyeball swiveling around like mad on the creature’s back. The creature howls in pain as Jill unloads her clip into the eyeball. Taking her cue, Chris also starts to shoot at the eyeball and this time the creature falls to its knees. Chris pulls out his knife and plunges it deep into the eye, killing the creature.

“A mansion built like a giant maze in the middle of the woods, puzzles to find keys to unlock doors, and monsters in the middle of the night. Sometimes it feels like we are in some sort of survival horror game.” Jill thinks out loud.

“Well if this is a video game,” Chris says as he wipes the blood off his knife and puts it back in his sheath. “Let’s hope neither of us is the killable NPC.”

Jill falls in step behind Chris up a narrow passageway that they hope will finally lead them to Spencer. More dead body guards litter the floor. It’s been a tiresome night and Jill’s feelings of foreboding are only growing stronger. The passageway leads to a set of large double doors. Cautiously, the pair positions themselves on either side of the door. Chris gives Jill a quick nod and the two of them simultaneously barge through the doors. Neither can believe the sight in front of them.

Jill immediately knows they are not prepared for this. Inside of the large library lies the body of Oswell E. Spencer, dead in a pool of his own blood. Standing above his body is none other than Albert Wesker. Lightning flashes in the large window behind his head, illuminating his menacing red eyes behind his signature sunglasses. He sneers at them from across the room.

“Wesker!” Chris growls.

Bullets rain out of both guns, but Wesker dodges every one with super human speed and precision. He’s on them in a flash. Wesker disarms Chris and delivers a series of blows to stun him before catching Jill by the throat. Jill is slammed up against one of the library’s wooden pillars as Wesker attempts to strangle the life out of her. She claws at Wesker’s hand furiously, but fails against his iron grip and struggles to remain conscious. Chris throws a punch at Wesker’s head. The punch misses its mark, but it’s enough for Wesker to let go of Jill. Wesker is distracted in hand-to-hand combat with Chris as Jill coughs and massages her bruised throat back into life. Chris is losing his ground against Wesker. Putting away her gun, Jill decides to switch tactics to close combat and rushes to Chris’s aid. She manages to land a few good hits on Wesker, but it isn’t enough. Wesker is temporarily stunned, but recovers faster than Jill can pull out her knife. He easily deflects her arm as she attempts to stab him through the chest and punches her with enough force to send her flying into one of the bookcases along the back wall. Jill crumples to the floor. Her vision momentarily blurs as she fights from blacking out. A warm sticky substance runs down her back. She struggles to catch her breath. In the back of her mind, she knows she must have a minor concussion, but none of that matters now. She needs to help Chris.

The sounds of the two men fighting is enough bring her out of her daze. Jill recovers just in time to see Chris being picked up off the floor by Wesker after being tossed across the room. Chris is in bad shape as Wesker holds him up near the library windows. He lets out a feeble grunt as Wesker prepares to deliver a fatal blow. If she doesn’t do something quick, Wesker is going to kill her partner, her partner who has always been there for her. The one person she could always trust and would do anything for, even give up her own life.

“No!” Jill screams. It’s a desperate sound that tears from her throat, like a distraught woman about to watch her lover die.

With a strength Jill didn’t even know she could muster through all the pain, she runs full sprint at Wesker. A feral cry of anguish leaves her lips as she closes the gap between them. Chris drops to the floor as Jill tackles Wesker and sends both of them crashing out of the library window. The last thing Jill hears is the wind roaring in her ears as she clings to the body of her enemy, falling, falling into the abyss. The world goes dark.

Profile Coding by Author |Profile & Story by Wesker
Resident Evil images courtesy of Capcom. Story inspired by characters from Capcom

Pet Treasure

Panzer Hydra Heavy Munitions Plushie

SAI Junior Agent Badge

Stun Gun

Silver Bullet

Gunmetal Bullet Shells

Laboratory Dog Whistle

Oddly Ornate Revolver

Police Rifle

Sawed Off Double Barrel Shotgun

Survivors Handgun with Holster

Rocket Launcher

Survivors Pump Action Shotgun

Common Six-Shooter

Ocean Fishing Knife

Sneak Thief Pick Set

Iron Lock Picks

Sneak Thief Reliable Satchel

P-8 Flamethrower

Basic Denim Cap

Bluberet Beret

Dapper Doctor Prince Mask

Rotten Containment Cage


Fennel Jelly Spider


Vintage Experiment 716 Plushie

Murder of Crows

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Great White Shark

Banana Plant

First Aid Kit

Zodiac Snake Spirit

Barrel o Fun

Mysterious Old Box

Cogwork Key

Midnight Old Key

Ultimate Sandwich

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