Beatles has a minion!

Ringo Starr the Glowing Slime

Legacy Name: Beatles

The Field Keeto
Owner: Jordan

Age: 12 years, 3 months, 2 weeks

Born: March 11th, 2010

Adopted: 12 years, 3 months, 4 days ago

Adopted: March 24th, 2010


  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 10
  • Defense: 15
  • Speed: 10
  • Health: 10
  • HP: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Books Read: 0
  • Food Eaten: 0
  • Job: Unemployed

"The more I see the less I know for sure..."
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To Be A Glade Terracoon (Hopefully)

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Beatles' Attributes
Name: John Winston Lennon
Nickname: Johnny
Age/DOB(Human/antro ref): 24/October 9th (Virgo)
Hometown: Liverpool,England
Eyes: Brown
Hair colour (human/anthro ref): Brown
Height/Weight(human/anthro ref): 5'11"/159Lbs
Sexual prefernce: Heterosexual
Race (human/anthro): Normal Human/Raccoon
Relationship status: Married
Medical/Physical Disorder(s): None
Similar appearance (Human ref):

:heart: His Likes :heart:
~The Colour Green
~His guitars
~Peace and harmony
~Vegan Foods

:unheart: His Dislikes:unheart:
~Violence and War
~Metal Music
~Being in the limelight too much
~People who burned his albums for the simple mistake of saying “We’re bigger than Jesus” (It was all a horrible misunderstanding I swear!)

Background info:
[i][b]"Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear"[/b][/i]

Art For John

Art by me

Art by others

[b]John's Theme[/b]
[i]"Imagine" by John Lennon[/i]

Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

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