Boscia has a minion!

Gemma the Bejeweled


The Angel Darkonite
Owner: Lesleigh

Age: 9 years, 4 months, 2 weeks

Born: April 29th, 2010

Adopted: 9 years, 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Adopted: April 29th, 2010


  • Level: 52
  • Strength: 52
  • Defense: 52
  • Speed: 52
  • Health: 52
  • HP: 52/52
  • Intelligence: 111
  • Books Read: 111
  • Food Eaten: 606
  • Job: Unemployed

Boscia was born on April 29, 2010. She is a foodie, diva, and lover of all fine things. Who could ever forget her columns for The Connoisseur Magazine? Not Boscia--that is for certain. Boscia dresses in all of the latest pet styles and she particularly fancies hats, feathers, tiaras, and long flowing gowns. Boscia is showered with gems, jewels, and fine food by those pets that worship her--or, are afraid of her. Hilarious enjoys burying her lovely things and watching her stomp around demanding MORE! Boscia had developed an, um, fondness for playing the vending machines. She enjoys putting fake things in to get fake things out. To support this fake habit, she has taken to writing a column for a completely fake fashion magazine.

In her spare time, Boscia conducts a pet symphony *woof* *howl* *meooow* and I hear that she likes to swing her conductors baton at those pets who get off-key or do not worship her quite enough. She has also recently acquired a fondness for duct tape. Note to Self: Check into THAT.

From Boscia: Oh dahlings; Lesleigh has me volunteering for the pet orchestra. Those pets would not know a note if it walked up and sniffed them--not that a note would be silly enough to attempt that feat. But oh, how they adore me, my dahlings.......It does keep me coming back you see. They desperately need my guidance and unique sense of all that is truly fine and fancy. What is that I hear? The velvet-cloaked dinner bell? Come along little Gemma, let us see what Chef has cooked up for our discerning palettes today.

Pet Treasure

Kiwi Summer Drink

Raw Diamond

Music Sheet


The Connoisseur Magazine

Burnished Acoustic Guitar

Cucumber Dragon

Maestro Brand Violin D String

Rose Tart

Cavalli Brand Bass A String

Gold Guitar Pick

Unorganized Sheets of Music

Music Sheet

Saggitarius Scratchcard

Sonora Violin



Slots Coin

Dancin Queen Sticker

Uncommon Musical Instruments

Antique Metronome

Strawberry Religieuse

Chocolate Souffle

Sin City Roll

Flamin Hot Guitar

Coconut Strawberry Milk Beach Drink

Basic Ukulele

Geiger Brand Cello D String

Hibiscus Spritzer

Wildflower Cake



Buttercream Rose Lavender Cake

Spectral Fruit Summer Drink

Pasta Maker

Fettuccine Alfredo

Fried Banana Chips


Bacon Cinnamon Roll

Decadent Strawberry Poundcake

Guitar Plushie

Rum Cake

Bongo Drums

Buttercream Rose Vanilla Cake

Unorganized Sheets of Music

Confessions of a Food Lover

Grand Piano

Too Chocolatey To Eat Cake Plushie

Deceptive Red Velvet Cupcake Beanbag

Cake Forever

Summer Melon Spritzer

Cake Matter

Big Slice of Sprinkle Cake

Deceptive Chocolate Mint Cupcake Beanbag

Triple Tier Cake Monster Doll

Marble Cake Crop Top

Deceptive Red Velvet Cupcake Beanbag

Strawberry Layers

Too Cute To Eat Cake Plushie

Gnocchi with Sage and Butter

Tropical Swirly

Subeautique Invitation

Grazia Violin

Fidele Violin Bow

Kiwi Summer Drink

Elegant Antique Coffee Set

Calvin Blackmoon Scratchcard

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Lolly

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bar

Delectable Plushie

Dark Chocolate Rose


Cabana Boy Doll Plushie

Hot Pink Long Feather

Glitter Sushi

Gold Spoon

Candied Rose Petal

Confetti Basket


Dazzling Bejeweled Tiara of Ultimate Malevolence


French Horn

The Connoisseur Magazine

Pomegranate Rose Icing Cake

Prima Viola

Burnished Acoustic Guitar

Staff of Good and Evil

Directors Chair

Chocolate Sweetheart Puff

Keiths Strawberry Birthday Cake

Magical Blue Duct Tape

Magical Duct Tape

Magical Gold Duct Tape

Magical Green Duct Tape

Mime Strip Of Duct Tape

Magical Red Duct Tape

Magical Love Duct Tape


2012 Singing Bird

Toffee-Filled Chocolate

Orange Drink Umbrella


Sweet Stuffed Cake Beanbag

Undead Heart Confetti Cupcake


Egg Tart

Cubed Beet and Feta Cheese Salad

Angelic Potion Plushie

Balsamic Onion and Tomato Bread Roll

Voodoo Petit Four

Enchanted Frozen Bubbly

Red Aces Cocktail Bubble

Masquerade Food Menu

Gin Rickey Cocktail Bubble

White Lady Cocktail Bubble

Angels on Horseback

Super Bellini

Pink Kitty Cat

Mimosa Punch

Subeautique Invitation

Balsamic Onion and Tomato Bread Roll

Antique Ashen Daybed

Walnut Topped White Chocolate

Pink Squirrel

Gin and Tonic

Drama Llama

Snooty Egg Cat

Miniature Vending Machine

Blue Tropical

Fabulous Pink Umbrella




Tiny Raspberry Cheesecake

Spicy Cheesy Panko Bite

Long Island Iced Tea

Deluxe Mini-Quiche

Conductors Baton

Sugar Plum Cocktail

Sugar Plum Cupcake

Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Sticks

2012 Chocolate Ball

Slots Coin

Lemon Drop

Wintachilla Coat

2012 Spirits Bottle

Luminaire Petit Four Beanbag

2012 Champagne

2012 Peppermint Pastry

2012 Coconut Drink

Bahama Mama

The Haze

Note To Self Sticky

Plum Sufganiyot

Iced White Chocolate

Triple Chocolate Cookie Cake

Cape of Feathers

Single Serving Baked Burgundy Pie

Glamorous Faux Fur Wrap

Soft Chocolate Mint

Cinnamon Fireside Teacake

Nontoxic Snowberry Pie

Glittery Blob Doll

Mini Dessert Croissant

Tiny Bacon Potato Skin

Pink Squirrel


Spicy Cheesy Panko Bite

Dot Dot Pastry


Gold Wrapped Chocolate 2011 Coin

Charmed Yellow 2011 Wine Glass

Purple Rosey Chapeau

Iron Highheel Boot

Tiny Gold Crown

Gold Rose Trinket

Cobweb Bonbon

Decadent Chocherawb Cupcake

Fourth Anniversary Four-Layer Cake

Fur Dos....and Donts.

Siren Song

Incomprehensible Opera


DIY Rock Star Kit

Cocoa-Cream Cupcake Belt

Blue Topaz Twenty-sided Die

Orange Lucky Cake

Sugary Sheeta Muffin

Cupcake with Extra Frosting

Red Microphone

Gourmet Double Chocolate Bagel

French Horn

Candy Shrimp


Fairy Tiara

Melon Sour


Musical Note

Random Dice

Red Death Feathered Tricorn Hat

Princess Hat

Pink Feathery Celebration Hat

Glamorous Pink Gown

Super Feathery Green Boa

Special Brownies

Glass of Bock Beer

Vending = Love

White Chocolate Jazzies

Glass of Smoked Beer

Unorganized Sheets of Music


Fake Telenine Fur

Chocolate Dipped Bacon

Treble Clef Latte


Ultimate Miracle Meal

Fancy Coffee Cake

Elegant Nouveau Babycino

Teetering Tiara Cake

Chocolate Bunny

Truffle Truffle


Fancy Sugar Cookie

Mini Fancy Cupcake

Fancy Bacon Wrap

Fancy Brownie

Fancy Olive Cracker

Fancy Shmancy Cheesecake

Fancy Potato Slice

Guardian of Diamonds

Pink Fancy Vesnali Hat

Subeta Sunrise

Angelic Bonbon

Elegant Lady Golden Belt

Floral Pie

Elegant Nouveau Mocha

Elegant Nouveau Latte

Elegant Nouveau Cappuccino

Million Point Handbag

Pet Friends