Rex has a minion!

Princess Lemon the Malex


The Storm Archan
Owner: Tar

Age: 9 years, 10 months, 1 week

Born: May 22nd, 2010

Adopted: 9 years, 10 months, 1 week ago

Adopted: May 22nd, 2010


  • Level: 1,224
  • Strength: 3,060
  • Defense: 3,061
  • Speed: 3,051
  • Health: 3,060
  • HP: 3,060/3,060
  • Intelligence: 2,668
  • Books Read: 2085
  • Food Eaten: 6572
  • Job: Director of SAI

Rex's achievements

  • Get a Job
  • Have a Storm Pet
  • SAI Worker
  • Treasure Collector -- 50 tier
  • A Witch
  • Alegarten Books
  • Annoying
  • Book Worm -- all tiers
  • Can't Stop Giving
  • Cookbooks Galore
  • Cozy For Winter
  • Dental Nightmare
  • Elementary, my dear!
  • Everything To Know About Zombies
  • Fairy Tales From Around The World
  • Girls
  • Gourdeous Galore
  • Great Outdoors From Inside
  • Hopelessly Romantic
  • Learn a Language
  • Oooo So Scary!
  • Pirate Knowledge
  • Pop-Up Adventures
  • Prepare for Alegarten
  • Pumpkin Arts and Crafts
  • Tells All
  • Undead Tour Guide
  • Yer a Wizard
  • Ale-Right
  • Bad Egg
  • Blame it on the Alcohol
  • Brainless
  • But What?
  • Chat-Tea
  • Cool as a Cucumber
  • Deep Fried Friday
  • Drink Up Me Hearties!
  • Drunk Connoisseur
  • Drunk in Love
  • Easy as Pie
  • Eating Your Feelings
  • Fancy Food
  • Foodie -- all tiers
  • Fresh Seafood
  • Full of Space
  • Hot Hot BB
  • How Do You Like Your Fish?
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Vegan
  • I'm not drunk, I swear!
  • I-Love-You So Much
  • In a Jam
  • Iron Stomach
  • Last Call
  • Leave your Body
  • Let Me Down Slow
  • Let there be Cake!
  • Life is a Beach
  • Load of Crap
  • Lost Count
  • Loves Wieners
  • Minion Foods
  • Naturist
  • Not Going to Give Up
  • Old Friend For Dinner
  • Part of a Balanced Breakfast
  • Pickled Pirate Foods
  • Pleasure to Meat You
  • Pretzels
  • Gourmand -- 5k tier
  • High Level -- 1k tier
  • Lots of Health -- 2.5k tier
  • Speedy -- 2.5k tier
  • Strong Defender -- 2.5k tier
  • Strong Pet -- 2.5k tier
  • Super Pet

Pet Treasure

Tumbled Jasper

Tumbled Chalcedony

Tumbled Fluorite

Tumbled Citrine




Cats Eye


Blessed Bit of Tourmaline

Raw Spinel

Raw Sapphire

Raw Opal

Raw Obsidian

Raw Diamond

Darkness Soul Stone

Cut Onyx Agate Geode

Cut Holly Blue Agate Geode

Cut Fire Agate Geode

Cut Crazy Lace Agate Geode

Cut Mossy Agate Geode

Celestite Geode Chunk

Calcite Geode Chunk

Cut Smoky Quartz Geode

Cut Rose Quartz Geode


Magnetic Stones


Amethyst Stone

Jade Bead



Mystical Ruby


Arid Pearl

Cream Pearl

Lilac Pearl

Field Pearl

Sun Pearl

Dusk Pearl

Twilight Pearl

Junko Entropy Bismuth Sample

Petrified Wood

Compressed Sand Stone







Abalone Shell

Wentletrap Shell

Tudicla Shell

Clam Shell

Spindle Shell

Triton Shell

Fox Shell

Spider Conch

Striped Mollusc Shell

Spotted Cowrie Shell

Clawsion Paw Shell

Scallop Shell

Venus Comb

Puka Shell Necklace

Mother of Pearl


Iron Ore

Silver Ore

Gold Ore


Colorful Gemstone

Chunk of Magic Crystal

Yellow Coda Caves Crystal

White Coda Caves Crystal

Red Coda Caves Crystal

Orange Coda Caves Crystal

Green Coda Caves Crystal

Dream Coda Caves Crystal

Blue Coda Caves Crystal

Black Coda Caves Crystal

Trove of Field Mahar Gems

Trove of Nuclear Mahar Gems

Trove of Mahar Gems

Trove of Marsh Mahar Gems

Trove of Lilac Mahar Gems

Trove of Dusk Mahar Gems

Trove of Twilight Mahar Gems

Trove of Cream Mahar Gems

Trove of Dawn Mahar Gems

Trove of Sun Mahar Gems

Trove of Arid Mahar Gems

Trove of Golden Mahar Gems

Pet Friends